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2:30 PM - 9:00 PM
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saturday9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
4365 Lynx Paw Trail, Valrico, FL, USA

Fun-filled and strength-building karate in Valrico, FL

Stimulate and engage all your senses with the fun-filled and strength building karate classes in Valrico, FL. Action Karate River Hills Plaza offers karate classes near Riverview, FL for children, adults, special needs students, and can even help you host your very own karate birthday party!

Children of all ages are welcome to attend Action Karate River Hills Plaza karate classes in Valrico, FL. This is where they will learn about leadership, self-discipline, and grit all while developing their physical and core strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and a whole lot more.

For adults, the martial arts classes are an excellent way of relieving stress, helping you destress, reenergize, and get your focus back. The perfect indoor activity that is an impressive alternative to gyms, with us you can enjoy a combination of jiu jitsu, boxing, and kickboxing all rolled into one. This is the perfect way to sculpt your body, get in shape, and improve your health and fitness levels.

Special needs children and adults are also very welcome to attend the Action Karate River Hills Plaza classes, whether in an individual or group setting. We offer one-on-one sessions with trained, warm, and caring instructors who have been imparting their knowledge and skills for nearly 30 years.

As for the karate birthday parties, ours are completely unique and an out-of-the-box experience. This is where your child and their friends will be taught real and applicable martial arts drills all while having fun in a high-energy environment. It all culminates in the incredible samurai sword cake-cutting ceremony that will leave a lasting and memorable impression on your child, their guests, and the parents.

Immerse yourself in highly enjoyable martial arts in Valrico, FL

Parents who are looking to give their children the best gift in life and equip them with all the skills to help them overcome challenges in life, in the classroom, and at home will find the perfect solution in the Action Karate River Hills Plaza martial arts classes in Valrico, FL. Offering karate classes to children of all ages, we believe that not only is it a truly enjoyable experience that will leave your child smiling all the way. It’s also a great way of honing personal skills such as leadership, self-discipline, and grit alongside building physical strength, balance, flexibility and coordination.

The karate classes near Bloomingdale, FL are also perfect for adults no matter their age or ability levels. With Action Karate River Hills Plaza, you can finally achieve your health and fitness goals while learning the key principles and techniques to effective self-defense. This is an excellent way to help you destress, refocus, and reenergize for all the tasks on your to-do list.

But that’s not all. We also offer martial arts for special needs for both children and adults. Whether it’s a social anxiety disorder or the student is wheelchair bound, we cater to everyone’s needs with special care, attention, and warmth. At Action Karate River Hills Plaza, we want your child to be challenged to exceed their own expectations and we help them do just that.

The martial arts classes near Bloomingdale, FL are as much about fun as they are about stimulating you and helping you achieve your goals. We ensure that everyone leaves each class smiling. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to book your martial arts classes in Valrico, FL as we serve the areas of Bloomingdale, FL, Riverview, FL, Brandon FL, and Fish Hawk.


Check What Our Members Are Saying

Jen BiddingJen Bidding
20:10 16 Apr 23
My family had a great experience at Action Karate. Mr. Paul, Ms. Gina and Mr. Jack are positive and encouraging. In addition to teaching karate, they discuss things such as respect and discipline and how they can apply it to their daily lives. They host fun activities such as Glow in the Dark karate and encourage involvement in community projects such as food drives. I would highly recommend this studio. It's a great atmosphere for children and families!
A AceyA Acey
19:35 16 Apr 23
My son has been going to Action Karate. Mr. K and Mrs. G are AMAZING. Not only are they immersively knowledgeable in their practice, but they are wonderful when working with kids. I am constantly impressed by their ability to keep kids of all ages engaged, learning, and excited about karate.
Alena AlekseichenkoAlena Alekseichenko
12:03 14 Apr 23
My daughter loves Action Karate classes. Mr.K is amazing coach!
Stephanie DStephanie D
19:01 13 Apr 23
My daughter was a very shy 6 year old when she began her journey at Action Karate. Over the past four months I have watched her confidence grow with each session. In addition to karate techniques my daughter has learned life lessons and leadership skills. Paul and Gina are so patient and kind. I highly recommend Action Karate River Hills.
David SalmonDavid Salmon
18:47 13 Apr 23
Action Karate has given my son a forum to grow both physically and mentally to meet the challenges of everyday life. I really appreciate what his being a part of the Action Karate family has done for his character and self esteem.
denise tourtillottdenise tourtillott
17:15 13 Apr 23
Action Karate has given my 13 year old daughter so much self confidence. Mrs. G and Mr. K are wonderful with the kids. This was the best thing I did for my daughter.
Laura CampLaura Camp
19:05 22 Sep 22
WOW....Is all that I can say! If you are looking for a great place for your Son or Daughter to get active, excited about, and learn many skills that will help them Every Day. This is THE place! Paul and Gina (owners) will proudly invest their time into You and your children giving a sense of being a part of a proud Karate Family. My Son loves to attend and says that he would like to go EVERY day.
Jose HoyosJose Hoyos
16:06 20 Sep 22
Action Karate has been amazing for our kids. Since day one they love it and we have seen some positive changes in our kids. They love going and look forward to their lessons. 100% recommend! Thank you for all you do!