At Action Karate, we know very well how tedious and boring gym workouts can be. You need to be able to challenge yourself mentally and physically and that’s exactly what our martial arts education offers to adults in our supportive Valrico community. When you enroll in our adult martial arts program, you become part of our community, where individuals from all walks of life, including those residing in Valrico, Brandon, FL, and Riverview, FL, come together to train and grow. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and untap your full potential with karate classes that test your physical and mental strength and encourage you to face life’s challenges in novel ways that you didn’t know were possible.

The real-world benefits of adult martial arts training

Martial arts goes beyond a mere physical workout that boosts your strength, health, and fitness levels. You can also enjoy a wide array of benefits that include:



No more boring workouts. Only a fun and enjoyable experience that helps you build muscle and lose body fat.


Self-defense skills

Learn the right techniques to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm in threatening situations.


Personal development

Enjoy enhanced self-confidence and a boost to your mental focus as you also take advantage of stress relief.



One-on-One Introductory Session

2 Group Classes

Free Uniform

* Money-back guarantee


At Action Karate, we recognize that people who come to our classes have different goals. Some do it for health reasons, others for self-defense, while there are those among you who want to be a part of the community. The good news is that we cater to all these goals and believe that it’s never too late to start martial arts. So, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned athlete, with us, you’ll discover a welcoming and inclusive environment that offers you the right blend of stress-relief accompanied by physical fitness and mental wellbeing.

We also cater to seniors and senior students, for whom the importance of martial arts cannot be underestimated. That’s because it acts as an excellent injury prevention method because of the importance of focus, connection to your body, and proper body form. What is more, we also cater to the needs of special needs students through our special needs martial arts curriculum. Whether you or a loved one have ADHD or autism, you can enjoy full confidence knowing that our instructors will focus both your physical and emotional development.

Olaf CastanonOlaf Castanon
18:02 13 Aug 23
Great teacher. 8 year old loves it. Lots of physical fitness and less contact/sparring. Fully recommend.
stephanie josephstephanie joseph
06:46 13 Aug 23
My daughter is a member of Action Karate . Mr. K and Mrs. G are AMAZING! They are incredibly kind and patient , they know how to connect with the children. They keep them engaged and excited about learning the next lesson/maneuver! It's incredible to watch the kids gain confidence every lesson! The instructors exemplify the values they teach. What drew us to Action Karate was the family-oriented vibe, as they truly care about both the students and families. Hanna has improved her focus, character, and confidence significantly since joining the Action Karate family, and I sincerely appreciate that. They really invest in the kids, helping them along the way to success while imparting useful life skills. As a proud parent of an Action Karate kid, I highly recommend!
Elise ButterfieldElise Butterfield
23:45 09 Aug 23
Melody GershkoffMelody Gershkoff
18:05 09 Aug 23
We love Action Karate! Tried it on a whim and my daughter is hooked. Highly recommend!
Brandie Moore's A asBrandie Moore's A as
17:59 09 Aug 23
My 5 year old struggles alot with his adhd and impulse control. We thought we would give this a try and see how he did. Right on the first day I knew it was the best choice. Mr. K and Mrs. G know exactly how to connect with these kids and how to let them have fun while working hard and staying focused. My older son is now a member as well. Just got their yellow belts and looking forward to working to the next one.
Kristi FarrKristi Farr
16:08 09 Aug 23
Joining Action Karate with Mr. & Mrs. K was like joining a family! I love that I have found something healthy my son and I can do together, in a positive atmosphere. I can’t speak highly enough about the dedication these two put into their “students” of all ages. My body is getting stronger every day and working out has never been so much fun!
Angie BillAngie Bill
15:53 09 Aug 23
Absolutely amazing! My Son Noah is absolutely obsessed with With Mr K! Noah looks forward to coming to class. They keep it fun and it’s given my Son complete confidence and learning respect. I trust them 100% great family . It’s super fun plus the educational experience as well.
Jen BiddingJen Bidding
20:10 16 Apr 23
My family had a great experience at Action Karate. Mr. Paul, Ms. Gina and Mr. Jack are positive and encouraging. In addition to teaching karate, they discuss things such as respect and discipline and how they can apply it to their daily lives. They host fun activities such as Glow in the Dark karate and encourage involvement in community projects such as food drives. I would highly recommend this studio. It's a great atmosphere for children and families!
A AceyA Acey
19:35 16 Apr 23
My son has been going to Action Karate. Mr. K and Mrs. G are AMAZING. Not only are they immersively knowledgeable in their practice, but they are wonderful when working with kids. I am constantly impressed by their ability to keep kids of all ages engaged, learning, and excited about karate.
Alena AlekseichenkoAlena Alekseichenko
12:03 14 Apr 23
My daughter loves Action Karate classes. Mr.K is amazing coach!
Stephanie DStephanie D
19:01 13 Apr 23
My daughter was a very shy 6 year old when she began her journey at Action Karate. Over the past four months I have watched her confidence grow with each session. In addition to karate techniques my daughter has learned life lessons and leadership skills. Paul and Gina are so patient and kind. I highly recommend Action Karate River Hills.
David SalmonDavid Salmon
18:47 13 Apr 23
Action Karate has given my son a forum to grow both physically and mentally to meet the challenges of everyday life. I really appreciate what his being a part of the Action Karate family has done for his character and self esteem.
denise tourtillottdenise tourtillott
17:15 13 Apr 23
Action Karate has given my 13 year old daughter so much self confidence. Mrs. G and Mr. K are wonderful with the kids. This was the best thing I did for my daughter.
Laura CampLaura Camp
19:05 22 Sep 22
WOW....Is all that I can say! If you are looking for a great place for your Son or Daughter to get active, excited about, and learn many skills that will help them Every Day. This is THE place! Paul and Gina (owners) will proudly invest their time into You and your children giving a sense of being a part of a proud Karate Family. My Son loves to attend and says that he would like to go EVERY day.
Jose HoyosJose Hoyos
16:06 20 Sep 22
Action Karate has been amazing for our kids. Since day one they love it and we have seen some positive changes in our kids. They love going and look forward to their lessons. 100% recommend! Thank you for all you do!

Ignite physical and mental transformation with Action Karate’s martial arts classes

At Action Karate’s martial arts classes, our instructors focus on both mental and physical wellbeing. With a single activity, you can positively impact different areas of your life. You can also meet new amazing people from Valrico, FL, Brandon, FL, and the surrounding area. Enjoy a holistic range of benefits that include:

Physical benefits

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle gain
  • Body awareness
  • Coordination

Mental and emotional benefits

  • Discipline 
  • Focus
  • Perseverance
  • Confidence and self worth
  • Cognitive function

Social benefits

  • Social interactions
  • Sense of community and belonging
  • Build new friendships
  • Mentorship by our amazing instructors
  • Join our social events and activities

Take control of your physical and emotional well-being today!

Meet our skilled instructors: Karate and martial arts experts

One thing you can count on when you enroll for Action Karate’s martial arts classes is our skilled, welcoming, and experienced instructors. With them, you will always feel comfortable asking questions and getting expert guidance on forms and proper technique while ensuring safety. In addition to this, they are always working on tailoring instruction to individual needs. With our martial arts classes and skilled instructors at your side, you’ll experience the full range of benefits of martial arts training as they focus on creating a holistic training experience. In fact, martial arts goes beyond a sport. It’s about promoting feelings of calmness and inner peace. Our instructors, who are always promoting progress, focus more on martial arts as a culture and a lifestyle and instead of just teaching moves and kicks. That’s why with a combination of physical strength and fitness combined with mindfulness you’ll feel empowered to handle any challenge life throws your way.

adult karate class with students holding karate props

Contact us by calling or visiting our Valrico karate center today

Are you ready to enroll in our adults martial arts program? Don’t worry. Even if you aren’t sure yet, we can help you make the right decision. With our special offer of three classes for only $49, which includes a free uniform, one introductory and two group classes, you’ll never look back as you start your journey to martial arts mastery. All you have to do is sign up for the class schedule and reach out to us. Action Karate River Hills Plaza is waiting for you! Whether you need more information about our martial arts program or you’re ready to get started, we’re just a phone call away. Get in touch today!

Where can you find us?

"Action Karate River Hills Plaza, proudly located in Valrico, FL at 4365 Lynx Paw Trail, Valrico, Fl. 33596, empowers adults and children from Valrico, Brandon, and Riverview to discover their inner strength and achieve their fitness goals through dynamic karate classes."

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