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Whether you’ve been in a threatening physical situation before or you’d like to prevent one from happening, learning essential life-saving skills can give you the confidence and strength you need. That’s where we at Action Karate shine with our martial arts classes. With personalized instruction for adults, you can become a part of the thriving and welcoming Blue Bell, PA community, where you will not only be surrounded by like-minded people but also learn the “secrets” to a better life. Yes, with us, you’ll get a full mind-body workout. We follow a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being that enables you to thrive in any environment and overcome life’s challenges in a re-energized way that leaves you feeling confident and empowered.

The transformative influence of adult martial arts

When you choose Action Karate’s martial arts program for adults, you’ll be engaging in a range of activities that give you the physical and mental boost you need to thrive. Here’s what you can enjoy when you enroll for our classes:


Defense skills practice

With us, you will learn essential skills of hand-to-hand combat. But this will be done in a holistic way that is accompanied by self-belief strengthening.


Physical fitness classes

Our fat-burning sessions go beyond physical fitness. They help foster that critical mind-body connection that enables you to feel good about yourself.


Personal development

We know that karate goes beyond the physical. It’s also about mental well-being. That’s why we offer mindfulness workshops and anxiety reduction programs.



One-on-One Introductory Session

2 Group Classes

Free Uniform

* Money-back guarantee

Personalized martial arts coaching in Plymouth

At Action Karate, we have extensive experience in understanding each of our students’ needs. We know that everyone has different motivations for joining. Some may seek better health, others may be looking for life-saving skills, and there are also those that are looking to join a community of like-minded people. With us, each of these goals and more are completely covered with martial arts classes that offer you new possibilities that go beyond mere strength training and which take you to overall healthy well-being.

Our classes are full of people of all skill levels, from beginners to the more advanced. We also cater to a broad range of age groups, ranging from children to seniors. What is more, our classes are perfectly designed to cater to people with special needs, who can greatly benefit from practicing martial arts with Action Karate.

Action Karate Horsham
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Rochelle LippolisRochelle Lippolis
12:40 15 May 24
Very excited to have Action Karate in Horsham. The instructors at Action are able to teach discipline and self confidence in such a fun way! And with positive encouragement, everyone gets a great experience.
Ashlee RyanAshlee Ryan
00:57 15 May 24
Action Karate is very lucky to have such caring and passionate instructors like Mr M and Ms Sara. They are amazing instructors for little ones as young as 3 all the way up to adults. Can’t go wrong training here!
Taura OdorTaura Odor
14:12 14 May 24
Action Karate is AMAZING! Their instructors are so caring & they give all of their students the attention they deserve. I would recommend Action not just for karate but for confidence, focus & discipline too. Our family loves their classes!
Action Karate OnlineAction Karate Online
13:15 14 May 24
Best martial arts classes for kids near Horsham!
Devin AvellinoDevin Avellino
13:14 14 May 24
Action Karate Horsham is amazing, the instructors are kind and caring. They go out of their way to make sure kids of all ages and adults to are confident and comfortable. This is the best decision you can make for your family.

The path to a stronger you - body and mind

When you choose martial arts with us at Action Karate, you will embark on a journey to a stronger you — both physically and mentally. Enjoy well-being and a range of advantages with us. Among these include:

Physical benefits:

  • Boost flexibility
  • Enhance muscularity
  • Improve kinesthetic sense

Psychological advantages

  • Foster self-discipline
  • Sharpen focus
  • Increase confidence
  • Build self-confidence

Community benefits

  • Forge new connections
  • Cultivate social abilities
  • Enjoyable social gatherings
  • Explore friendship

Take control of your physical and emotional well-being today!

Count on our experienced martial arts coaches to help guide you

One thing you can always count on with us at Action Karate is that our martial arts team consists of some of the best martial arts instructors out there. These individuals are kind, friendly, caring, and welcoming, and they go beyond training you the techniques of karate. They create a safe and welcoming environment where you will thrive, whether as part of personalized instruction or as part of a combat training group. Our instructors also focus on providing education and leadership. In fact, they go beyond teachers – they’re advisors that you can always turn to when you need a helping hand.
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Become a part of our Plymouth martial arts family

Your search for a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being is over. Yes, at Action Karate, you can finally find the perfect community where you’ll experience strength, confidence, a healthier outlook, and a whole lot more. Whether you would like to find out more about our adult combat arts class or you’re looking for more information about our self-defense session schedule, simply get in touch with our warm and friendly team and we’ll help guide you to the perfect balance and solution for your needs. Choose Action Karate as the best choice for martial arts in Blue Bell, PA today. Take the first step on your journey to physical fitness, strength, self-mastery, confidence, and so much more.

Where can you find us?

Action Karate Plymouth, conveniently located at 1980 Butler Pike, Conshohocken, PA 19428, empowers adults of all experience levels to transform their lives through martial arts, building confidence, strength, and inner peace in a supportive and welcoming community. Join us today and unleash your potential!

How to Find Us

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