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122 N Main St, North Wales, PA, USA

Achieve your fitness goals with karate in North Wales, PA

Action Karate’s karate school in North Wales, PA is the perfect place to come to unwind and reenergize after a long day of school or work. Perfect for both children and adults, at beginner and advanced levels, it’s the best way to get fit and feel good about yourself as you learn traditional karate techniques combined with modern knowledge.

The classes for karate near Lansdale, PA are the perfect way to get immediate results and feel good about yourself after every session and they help you achieve your long-term health, strength, and fitness goals.

They are also perfect for children who are in a prime developmental stage. Parents looking to help their children gain greater confidence, coordination, strength, balance and flexibility will find this and so much more at Action Karate’s karate school in North Wales, PA.

Each class is designed to bring out the best in you. Everyone comes out feeling great and enters and leaves the school with a smile. Give yourself and your child the gifts of self-defense, strength, leadership, focus, discipline and so much more to thrive in an increasingly stressful environment.

Apart from the karate classes for adults and children, we also help with planning and organizing children’s karate birthday parties. This is a unique and memorable opportunity that takes everything off your plate while parents and children have a great time. Your child and their guests will be taught real and actionable karate drills while you can sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Confidence-boosting martial arts in North Wales, PA

Action Karate’s martial arts classes in North Wales, PA are ideal for children, adults, and the whole family. They’re also perfect for people with special needs. If you have always wondered about karate for special needs, self-defense for autism, or anything in between, Action Karate’s caring and comprehensive program has you covered.

The trained, warm, and friendly instructors are perfectly equipped to take care of your loved one’s needs while helping them achieve greater grit and perseverance while smiling all the way. Special needs students will be encouraged and helped to reach their full potential to help them overcome challenges and thrive at home, in the classroom, and in life.

Action Karate North Wales’ martial arts near Montgomeryville, PA are created to suit your needs. Whether you need individual, one-on-one lessons or group lessons, we offer a wide range of options with you and your loved one front and center of everything we do.

Whether you are looking to help build skills, strength, or both, Action Karate’s self-defense classes near Montgomeryville, PA are the perfect choice. Our presence spans throughout the state of Pennsylvania and you can find serving North Wales, PA, Lansdale, PA, Montgomeryville, PA, Kulpsville, PA, and the surrounding areas.

The martial arts classes in North Wales, PA are one of the best ways to help boost confidence and they are designed to take place in a high-energy, positive, safe, and caring environment. Reach out to us to book your first session with us. Our friendly team is ready to help you in any way we can!


Check What Our Members Are Saying

Matt HammelMatt Hammel
21:33 07 Jun 23
Our daughter started Action Karate when she was three years old and three years later she has grown into such an amazing person with Action Karate’s help. They teach confidence which helped transformed her from being shy to helping with classes and leading kata. She has benefitted so much from being at AK with the amazing staff who are super welcoming and willing to help. If you, your child/ren or anyone else you know is interested in starting Karate, this is the best place to get into it!
Jason TorranceJason Torrance
23:50 05 May 23
Action Karate North Wales has been a great experience for my daughter. They teach focus and help people of all ages lean how to accomplish a goal. They do a wonderful job teaching as well as creating a family environment. I am proud that I send my daughter to this school
Anurag PandeyAnurag Pandey
01:53 05 Nov 22
Kashish's Action Karate Journey:I started learning martial arts when I was 5 years old. I learnt Taekwondo for almost a year and had tons of fun doing that. Unfortunately we had to move to a different house and I had to quit since we were too far from that martial arts school. I was on my orange belt at that time and loved my Taekwondo dress and all instructors over there. I miss them a lot.Once we got settled into our new house we found that there was a karate camp at nearby YMCA. My parents enrolled me into that and I found it different from Taekwondo but it was still new and exciting. Then COVID struck and we were all locked at home going to virtual school. That is when my parents found Action Karate online classes. My first class was an online trial class with Ms. Felicia and it brought back all the good old memories from my previous schools. My younger brother and I started learning Karate online. We enjoyed taking online classes, it was so much fun. My dog Bruno would also join us while training, that was funny but all my instructors loved him.Even though it was interesting, at times I found it very hard to follow along and concentrate on the class. It was hard to keep my focus and I felt like quitting. That’s when I was motivated by my parents and instructors to join black belt leadership and I got my red Gi top.Soon in person classes started and we got a chance to meet all of our cool instructors. I was already a blue belt when I first came in for an outdoor class at Action Karate. It was even more exciting to join other students and learn karate as a group. We continued doing a mix of in person and online classes.I told my friend about Action karate and she also joined karate classes with us. This motivated me to attend more classes every week. I felt so proud when I got a yellow star for perfect attendance. I also participated in my first tournament this year. It was super scary and I was extremely nervous. I didn’t think I’d do well but I got a bronze medal and that gave me confidence. I couldn’t get any trophy but the judges told me that I missed third place trophy by very few points. I have promised myself that I will participate in next years’ tournament and give my best.Learning martial arts has not been easy and I felt like quitting many times. But this journey has taught me the importance of perseverance. I recently got elected as a student council leader and I am pretty sure much of my confidence and leadership skills are a result of my Action Karate journey. I hope to be an instructor for junior black belt class once I clear my black belt test next month.
Lisa LoewenLisa Loewen
11:39 29 Jul 22
AK North Wales is not only a place to learn karate, develop confidence & discipline, and make friends, but a place where those friends become family. They are an amazing and active part of the North Wales community and have been an integral part of supporting those in need, encouraging each & every team member, & raising up a new generation of leaders. It's just such a stellar group of people and a great place to be.
Gloria KimGloria Kim
20:16 21 May 22
We love Action Karate North Wales!!! Mr. Nichols and Ms. Felicia are fantastic with the students and parents. Everyone at the school provides so much support and encouragement to each other. My kids have been taking martial arts here since they were 5 yrs old. One is now 13 and the other is 11, and they have gained so much confidence and discipline. We take classes together as a family and have all obtained our black belts. We can't recommend it enough!
Kristin Kane FordKristin Kane Ford
17:23 21 May 22
Amazing community for our family! We are so grateful we found our AKNW family.In 2021, local Demo Teams came out to do a private outdoor demonstration for our son Kellan who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. They made him an honorary team captain and gave him his very own nunchucks. He was so proud, and so were we.An experience we will never forget!
Donna LavecchiaDonna Lavecchia
17:15 21 May 22
Action Karate North Wales is an amazing school. They care about their students and I have seen my grandson and daughter grow into confident people, teaching, learning and caring.