Raise your hand if you’re ready to enroll your child in the Action Karate martial arts classes. We completely understand that starting something new can be scary. That’s why we make sure that all our new students have the full support and attention from our certified martial arts instructors to ensure they feel like a part of the team. Watch as they start increasing their confidence day by day. At Action Karate Manayunk, Philadelphia we always encourage parents to not only stay for a class but actually watch it. So much magic happens on the mat every night, we don’t want you to miss a minute of it. As parents, we know you will be proud of your child no matter what. What’s special is watching them be proud of themselves. Your search for martial arts near me is over. Welcome to a world where your child’s full potential can be unleashed!

Change lives with Action Karate’s kids’ martial arts classes in Manayunk, Philadelphia

One thing we guarantee at Action Karate is that our kids’ martial arts lessons are so much more than punches and kicks. There’s a whole world of benefits your child will experience when they enroll in our karate lessons.


Develop strong, healthy boundaries:

Boundaries are so essential to helping kids thrive and we are experts at setting and respecting them.


Kids become goal-setting experts:

We weave goal-setting into every class helping every child discover what they’re capable of.


Building confidence and keeping kids engaged:

Your child’s levels of confidence and discipline through training will be absolutely profound.



One-on-One Introductory Session

2 Group Classes

Free Uniform

* Money-back guarantee

Kids who train in martial arts have a higher success rate in school!

Why? Discipline, focus, goal setting, and drive. Our “Little Champs” martial arts program gives your child the self-control and the ability to handle threatening situations while building a strong foundation of self-confidence. This will help enable your child to develop a calmer and more socially active life.

Each martial art class at Action Karate Manayunk, Philadelphia consists of physical exercises, self-defense techniques, and educational games. Our method will develop your child’s coordination, agility, and flexibility in a fun and safe environment.

Action Karate Manayunk
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Emaly REmaly R
23:16 09 May 24
It's amazing, respectable,incredible karate facility I have ever been in !
Carol BarthaCarol Bartha
22:21 07 May 24
My 8 year old granddaughter loves it!!! She likes how the instructors are kind and patient. They clearly enjoy their job. Big thumbs up 👍
Mandy SampsonMandy Sampson
21:07 02 May 24
This is a review by my daughter: I started karate when I was 5 years old. One of the reasons I started karate was because when I started karate, COVID-19 was here and I could take lessons on the computer and didn’t have to go anywhere. But now I go in person two times a week. I have been doing karate for three and half years and am working towards my junior black belt.I used to be really shy, but karate has helped me get more comfortable around people. My first Tournament was super scary, and I didn’t think I could go up in front of the judges, but now at Tournaments I feel less nervous. Getting my junior black belt will be my next step of getting to my goal of becoming an instructor someday
Gavin BurrisGavin Burris
15:54 23 Apr 24
A great workout and positive motivation. Good for kids and adults alike.
Marquis FosterMarquis Foster
18:09 16 Apr 24
My son has been going to Action Karate for over 2yrs and I love the growth and good to see all the things he had learned over the time he is now comfortable doing. He's also not as shy as he was when he first began class and now he convinced his older sister to join Action now her journey begins lol So I highly recommend to parents to enroll they're kids and give it a try!
Joyce HallJoyce Hall
13:42 26 Mar 24
My son absolutely loves Action Karate! He looks forward to it every week. Each instructor is very encouraging and hands on with the kids. Each kid is getting attention being as though there are multiple instructors on the mat with the children. Best decision we made was to return back to action karate manyunk
Amy WaserszteinAmy Wasersztein
12:58 19 Mar 24
We are so happy with our experience at Action Karate Manayunk! Our 5 yo son really struggled initially to pay attention / join in each class and the instructors have rallied around him to figure out how to help him best. He absolutely loves it and asks if he can go almost daily! We love how there are several instructors each class so he gets lots of individual coaching and they also seem to understand his unique needs. The instructors (and other parents) have also been so encouraging and supportive for me through watching my son struggle initially. We have tried MANY group sports/activities and this is the first one he has really enjoyed and felt proud of himself!
Jasmine JohnsonJasmine Johnson
20:37 12 Mar 24
I love the program! My kids enjoy going every week! My children are having fun while learning self-defense and effective ways to help them develop focus and concentration skills.I, myself, have just enrolled in the program and it’s amazing! It’s a great work out and so much more. Staffing/leaders/coaches are awesome people
tasha harvintasha harvin
11:47 21 Feb 24
My daughter loves Action Karate. She is so excited to be training for her black belt. Before karate Lei was shy and stayed to herself. I now get to watch her bloom and step out of her shell and interact with the other kids in class. She is also this new person outside of karate, I want to thank everyone at Roxborough Action karate for showing my baby how to reach within herself and pull her confidence out!
Julia CannonJulia Cannon
17:35 20 Feb 24
My 3 year old son has flourished socially, built confidence, and drastically improved his ability to focus since he started taking classes at Action Karate Manayunk just 3 months ago. The staff is excellent at navigating the different temperaments that each child may have and helping them learn to control their reactions. The staff is always attentive, present l, professional and kind. Bringing my son to Action Karate Manayunk is one of the best decisions I made for him!
Hannah KHannah K
15:32 20 Feb 24
Action Karate Manyunk is a welcoming, friendly place for our family to learn focus, self confidence and respect. The instructors are knowledgeable and make classes interesting. We joined to learn self defense and to stay fit. We are beginning our journey as a family and hope to grow and improve with Action Karate.
M-Jackson 215M-Jackson 215
23:22 13 Feb 24
Action Karate has given me a place to bond with my boys over some much needed physical activity ( on my part 😂)
Kristin DeverKristin Dever
01:11 04 Feb 24
My 4 year old son started taking classes two weeks ago and it has been great! He has learned so much already! We’re new to karate so he has a lot to learn, but the instructor support has been AMAZING! He usually has someone specifically working with him during classes so he can build his confidence and skills and the instructors are always all very positive. My son can be shy and shut down easily in classes with multiple kids, but that never happens here. He loves it and can’t wait to go every week! We’re so happy we started taking him here!
Daniel LeeDaniel Lee
14:25 13 Jan 24
sami johnsonsami johnson
21:13 06 Jan 24
My son is currently taking classes here. I like how the teacher interact with him and how they built a bond with him. He is getting better with each class. The teacher are awesome. The picture I attached was from the holiday class they had.
Cynthia SalernoCynthia Salerno
23:26 27 Dec 23
I highly recommend this karate class in Manayunk ! They have taught my 5 year old grandson confidence, structure, focus and strength. I couldn’t be more happier about Action Karate!
Naté JohnsonNaté Johnson
21:49 19 Dec 23
My son is 6 years old and has been training at this location since the age of 3. Since day one both Ms. Taura and Mr. C has been extremely welcoming and made us feel like family. Their patience, kindness and encouragement towards my son and I is unmatched and I am forever thankful for these instructors. One of the best karate schools!!!
Jas AmesJas Ames
01:51 07 Dec 23
I love action karate Mr. C helps my son stay on track.
shamika westcottshamika westcott
01:35 07 Dec 23
Savan SymoneSavan Symone
00:17 07 Dec 23
Action Karate in Manayunk is the best place I could have found for my 5yo son. The location is convenient for us, the staff is great and super patient, and they offer ways to involve the parents with their child or children like assistant coaching. They offer workout classes during the holidays for the parents as well as holiday gatherings for everyone. Would definitely recommend if you’re looking to enroll your child into karate. You will not be disappointed.
Brandi ThomasBrandi Thomas
13:07 21 Nov 23
I would just like to share how wonderful the staff is. We recently celebrated my youngest birthday party with them and let me just say WOW! The staff was very well organized with the whole thing and were absolutely incredible with the children and they were ranging from 3-12 years old. They had even the shy kids running around having a blast! The Manayunk staff did such an amazing job and I was able to sit back and actually enjoy the party with my daughter instead of hosting it! They also had an awesome cake cutting ceremony that my 8 year old was absolutely thrilled with! 10 out of 10 definitely recommend for not only karate class but birthday parties as well!
Ashley HallAshley Hall
01:35 10 Nov 23
We love the atmosphere and energy of Action Karate Manayunk! I love how each of the instructors know each of the students. They encourage them and give then motivation. They have both in class and online options, and allow for make ups too if needed. We are so happy we found a place our son loves!
willena parkswillena parks
02:00 02 Nov 23
The best karate class in the city definitely recommend for kids
Dieja knoxDieja knox
17:51 30 Oct 23
My daughter has been taking classes here for a few months now and I can say, it looks like we made a great choice! Scheduling classes are a breeze and it really helps that they have multiple options for those parents with tight schedules.Class sizes vary but it seems to always be an appropriate student to teacher ratio.The staff here have been amazing so far.She does not have a favorite teacher because they are "ALL AWESOME".The communication and encouragement during every session is impressive. The lessons she has received have been beneficial and I really enjoy it as we continue to watch her commitment to learning and reaching her next goal.
Scott SwigerScott Swiger
13:54 28 Oct 23
We started with Action Karate Manayunk during the pandemic as an activity to get out of the house - 3.5 years later my son (age 13) is about to test for his black belt. The instructors and other students and families there have been amazingly supportive throughout our journey. More so, I've seen my son grow not just in capabilities, but in character. He has learned leadership and coaching skills that will greatly benefit him in life. I would highly recommend AK Manayunk to anyone considering martial arts for themselves or their kids.
20:36 25 Oct 23
I go here and it’s pretty good workouts ig
Miranda BenedettoMiranda Benedetto
23:37 24 Oct 23
My daughter Penelope had an overall amazing time at Action Karate Manayunk.She started her journey so that she could spend more time with her friends, but she ended up pushing herself to become better.There were times when she wanted to quit when she hated going.The instructors were kind, understanding, and always able to answer any questions or give encouragement.They reminded her that things wouldn't always be easy, but with practice, grit, and more practice, she would break through.She did.She enjoyed her time with Action Karate Manayunk.
Monique van NiekerkMonique van Niekerk
20:39 28 Sep 23
Fantastic teachers, great facilities and wonderful teaching where all the children can train together and teach each other. A feeling if empowerment and personal drive can be seen which is great for reinforcing the self confidence.
Osha ThomasOsha Thomas
20:00 27 Sep 23
Disgusted. This place is fine until you want to drop the classes. Today (9/20) I received a letter from a debt collector for $2,664 from action karate. I told Action Karate in February that I was canceling my membership after a small injury to my finger. It was uncomfortable to participate with my finger constantly in pain. They didn’t care at all so I canceled the classes for me and my niece. After multiple conversations and text regarding my cancellation. I was told that they would stop the payments and they didn’t. $600 a month for classes I stopped attending so I had to change my card information to stop the charges. Now In September, I am receiving a letter for a debt collection. This is insane. Be aware!Reply to Mr. C (9/27): Hi, I did meet Face to Face with Ms. Taura about canceling the classes in February. I didn't miss any meeting that was scheduled. In that meeting, she asked if I would consider a cheaper membership option where I would only come in 2 times a week. I told her, I would think about it but I still wanted to cancel my membership. That next week, I still was charged $300 plus $60 for some blade device (I was fine with the $60 as I already took the weapon home) which I then called and spoke to her over the phone about. This is not an issue of miscommunication. I said multiple times that I needed to cancel my membership. I don't have an issue with action karate as an establishment and I understand the "commitment" aspect but I was very clear that I wanted to cancel both memberships to Miss. Taura in person, over the phone and text. I do appreciate you offering to pay to remove my debt from the agency. I will be in contact if needed. Best regards.
Tori NewberryTori Newberry
19:06 26 Sep 23
Action Karate is an amazing school. They are really helpful , so patience , very encouraging & motivating. I would highly recommend enrolling!
Heath JonesHeath Jones
10:26 14 Jun 23
Action Karate has been a wonderful experience for the entire family. Well run, well organized, well maintained and clean facility. The instructors are great, and show a genuine interest in all the children on their journey through life and karate. We look forward to attending classes each week,learning new skills, and getting a good workout. Action Karate provides many payment/class options that fit our schedule and budget. I would highly recommend Action Karate to any family looking to reinforce life skills, personal responsibility, respect, self discipline, and above all fun!
15:38 09 Jun 23
Jett is 8 years old and I started researching Action Karate one because his Mother who is no longer with us wanted Jett to be apart of Action Karate but I wasn’t sure which one I should join as there are so many sites in the city. I was looking for a facility that would help Jett build his confidence, respect,discipline self esteem, and active listening. Action Karate Manayunk has provided all these thinds and more from day one.Jett has only been at Action Karate Manayunk less then six months and Jett has competed in competition and has had a belt change and I’m super grateful to Action Karate Manayunk I can honestly say hands that Jett looks forward to class and all that Action karate Manayunk has to offer him.
Millie BrownMillie Brown
00:03 24 May 23
As a single mother of two I started to feel like my oldest needed more structure then what he was getting at home, I seen the as for first free class on Facebook for Action Karate and took the offer. First class was awesome an my son really enjoyed it! Very affordable pricing when it came down to signing him up everyone was very sweet an very understanding. The challenge for awhile was getting him there on time but with the help of his instructors and myself reminding him how important the classes are an he is striving and getting so good at the techniques I totally recommend and glad I made this decision 😊🤞🏽
Taina MartinezTaina Martinez
23:05 22 May 23
We love action karate so much my kid started off as a shy timid girl. now she is more energetic, Open to try new things and love making new friends at action karate. The coaches are friendly, Helpful and keep your kid motivated to do their best. The best part is the way they Motivate kids to do their best and inspire them to become their better selfs. By never given up and during their very best.
Emma CardinaleEmma Cardinale
22:02 09 Apr 23
I cannot speak highly enough of the kids karate class. My child was very nervous about starting karate, but the instructors were so patient and supportive that they quickly put my child at ease. Over time, my child's confidence grew, and I could see a positive change in their attitude towards challenges both on and off the mat.The instructors are all highly skilled and experienced in working with kids, and they create a safe, positive, and fun environment that encourages kids to try their best and push themselves to new heights. I am so grateful for the impact that this class has had on my child's confidence and self-esteem, and I would highly recommend it to any parent looking for a supportive and empowering activity for their child. Thank you Action Karate!
Michelle AnglinMichelle Anglin
16:22 16 Feb 23
My son and I really like Action Karate! Being new to the area, it has helped my son make friends and have a sense of belonging to something. I enjoy it because the staff is really kind and uplifting, they have many family activities and it’s a diverse group of people. All around good vibes for mind, body and spirit!!
Jessica DoyleJessica Doyle
22:13 28 Nov 22
Both my children have attended Action Karate Manayunk and have loved it; especially my daughter. They were able to work with her and her drive to succeed. She's been taking karate here for 3 years and is about to get her junior black belt at the age of 8. I can't recommend this center enough for their flexibility and willingness to teach your children grit and perseverance. These are critical skills she will definitely use all her life.
Sara ShannonSara Shannon
20:51 21 Nov 22
Action Karate Manayunk is so supportive of a diverse range of students, age and abilities. They also include special needs teenagers and young adults in the adult class, which is wonderful, but spend extra time getting to know those students and making sure they’re getting what they need. As a caregiver, they stay in touch with me about progress, and check in to see how we’re doing. So supportive and kind! Can’t say enough good things.
Jonathan EatonJonathan Eaton
14:26 15 Oct 22
My son, who is autistic, had been asking to join a karate class. We got a recommendation to Action Karate in Manayunk and couldn’t be more pleased. They understand his issues and are able to have him successfully join the class, providing him with enough personalized instruction that does not take away from others in the class. We have noticed a positive change in his stamina and discipline. We live 45 minutes away and are more than willing to do the drive. The staff and the program are that good!
Ayana BrownAyana Brown
21:59 23 Apr 22
My son has been a karate student at this school since September 2019 and I can say nothing but great things about Action Karate Manayunk! He has felt welcomed since day one. My son's confidence and listening skills have greatly improved over the years. He looks forward to attending classes and seeing his friends. He has been so committed to black belt excellence that he is now in training to earn his junior black belt!
Stef VeraStef Vera
01:32 31 Jan 22
We started with Action Karate after winning 2 free weeks of classes and my 7 year old has been hooked ever since! He is excited to attend all his classes and he gets a great workout while learning essential self defense skills as well as character skills to help him not only develop in class but in home and at school as well! The staff is attentive and passionate about what they do! I was even inspired to take the free January parent classes! The quick pace and mix of martial arts and calisthenics provided a wonderful workout and has increased my strength and confidence in the short month alone! I recommend Action Karate to anyone and am so grateful they are part of our community!

A quick look at our martial arts programs

Ready to send your child on an amazing journey of discovering their full potential while thriving at home, in life, and in the classroom? We offer classes for different age groups and these include:

Preschool martial arts:
Ages 3-5:

  • Increases cognitive function through memorization, move sequencing, and problem-solving
  • Develops balance, agility, and coordination
  • Our ninjas (age 3-6) test in three categories: fitness, self-control and proper form

Martial arts for children:
Ages 6-12

  • Encourages socialization 
  • Teamwork and partnered training
  • Improves gross motor skills by blocking, punching, and kicking

Ages 13+:

  • Focus
  • Self-confidence
  • Discipline
  • A fun after-school activity
  • Leadership and mentorship
  • Physical conditioning

Take control of your physical and emotional well-being today!

Count on our certified martial arts instructors to help every step of the way

Action Karate’s certified martial arts instructors are more than teachers – they’re mentors. They’re the perfect role model for your child and they’re capable of more than just holding the attention of preschoolers, your Action Karate instructors are there for you! We fully recognize that earning a new belt isn’t just about learning karate. It’s about a holistic approach to a balanced life. And as part of this, we also recognize that building good habits is crucial to reaching our goals. At the end of each karate class, your child’s instructor will ask the class if they’ve sweat, learned, and had fun. We believe that all three are equally important! With us, kids have an amazing time learning and enjoying the entire process. What is more, after we achieve a goal, our next steps are to celebrate and then set a new goal.

Why choose our martial arts kids program in Manayunk, Philadelphia?

Your search for karate close to me is over! At Action Karate Manayunk, Philadelphia, we not only serve North Philadelphia. We also offer you ease and convenience knowing that your child will be enrolled in an after-school activity that enables them to thrive in every environment. Our experienced instructors create a safe and welcoming environment and give your child the personalized attention they need to discover their full potential. That’s why our program goes beyond physical training to cover aspects such as confidence, discipline, goal-setting, and a range of others that will help shape your child into a healthy and confident adult. Look no further than Action Karate when you’re searching for martial arts near me. Enroll your child in our classes today and enjoy the full range of benefits!

Where can you find us?

Action Karate Manayunk, conveniently located at 4799 1/2 Silverwood St, Philadelphia, PA 19128, is more than just martial arts – it's about empowering your child to thrive! We offer fun and engaging karate classes specifically designed for kids of all ages and abilities, serving Manayunk, Roxborough, and Wissahickon.

How to Find Us

monday9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
tuesday9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
wednesday9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
thursday9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
friday9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
saturday9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
4799 1/2 Silverwood St, Philadelphia, PA, 19128, USA