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700 Cooper Rd, Voorhees Township, NJ, USA

Fun-filled and exciting karate classes in Voorhees, NJ for everyone

At Action Karate, we completely understand your need to destress and find that balance in life again. And you can now achieve this through our karate classes in Voorhees, NJ. Designed for adults, children, students with special needs, and everyone in between - we cater to all students aged three to 103. In our welcoming and fun-filled environment, every student will find their happy place and enjoy an exciting atmosphere where balance, flexibility, and strength are developed.

The Action Karate karate academy in Voorhees, NJ provides exciting indoor activities for students of all ages and ability levels to help you navigate through the challenges of life. In fact, when you sign up for Action Karate’s karate lessons in Voorhees, NJ, you’ll not only find friendly and highly trained instructors but a welcoming environment that’s perfect for everyone. Children from as young as three years old will be able to learn about self-discipline and master the fine art of balance and flexibility while their coordination is improved. Adult students, on the other hand, will be enriched through a powerful method of destressing and reenergizing so that they can face whatever challenges life throws their way.

In addition to this, we offer karate classes in Voorhees, NJ for students with special needs - whether they are in wheelchairs, suffer from asthma, have Down’s syndrome or cerebral palsy, social anxiety and a whole range of other conditions. With Action Karate, you’ll find a home and an outlet where you can express yourself while mastering the art of karate that results in great self discipline and which is excellent for character development and strength building.

Energy-boosting martial arts in Voorhees, NJ for de-stressing and strength-building

When you are looking for Voorhees kids activities in NJ, Action Karate has the answer! With our martial arts for kids in Voorhees, NJ, your children will develop a broad range of skills that will help them master the challenges presented by life, at school, at home, or in social settings. We strive to ensure that every student gets the most out of the karate classes we offer as we focus on strength building, balance, flexibility, coordination, and so much more. Your child will be unstoppable in meeting life’s challenges because they’ll gain discipline and confidence to handle any situation.

In addition to our martial arts in Voorhees, NJ, for children, we also cater to adult students and students with special needs. And on top of this, with Action Karate, you can also enjoy memorable and fun-filled birthday parties that we help parents organize for their children. Parents won’t have to worry about finding napkins or cleaning up spills. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy and soak up every moment of fun at your child’s karate birthday party. Of course, the Action Karate birthday parties are led by experienced instructors who will teach all the guests real karate drills that will make for an exciting and fun experience. But that’s not all. With our samurai-sword cake-cutting ceremony, your child will be the star of the party and have an unforgettable birthday celebration. Give them something special and memorable for their birthday by choosing Action Karate for your child’s birthday party.

Signing up for Action Karate’s mixed martial arts in Voorhees, NJ has never been easier! And with our school also serving the adjacent areas of Kresson, NJ 08053, Echelon, NJ 08043, and Glendale, NJ 08043, martial arts in Voorhees, NJ has never been closer or more accessible to you!


Check What Our Members Are Saying

Stefanie DarnleyStefanie Darnley
17:22 16 Jul 23
I was not very familiar with martial arts, but the teachers at action karate came to my daughter’s preschool and she loved the experience and asked to try it. From the very beginning, Miss Lisa and Mr Manny have been so patient, kind, and supportive. Not only are they wonderful teachers, but it’s very obvious that they are also fantastic people who truly care. My daughter can be rather unsure of herself when in unfamiliar situations, but she leaves karate every time telling me how proud that she is of herself for going out of her comfort zone. Action Karate has really helped my daughter hone in on her grit, listening skills, and ability to follow rules and I am so grateful that we gave it a chance!
Annie SiegelAnnie Siegel
20:09 06 Jul 23
Miss Lisa and Mr. Manny came to Early Childhood camp today! They are AMAZING with the little ones and the kiddos learned SO SO much from their program! I highly recommend Action Karate Voorhees !!