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1731-33 S 6th St, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Fun, engaging, fitness-based karate classes in South Philadelphia, PA for adults

If you are looking for martial arts for adults because you’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance, or you want an outlet to help you get motivated, take your first step with karate classes in South Philadelphia, PA. The classes are positive and provide a total body workout. Gain confidence in your self-defense skills, and get much more than a typical gym session can provide.

Advance your way from beginners to higher levels, regardless of your athletic ability. Martial arts students range from elite athletes to moms seeking self-care to older adults improving balance and experiencing fewer health complications. Martial arts instructors teach each student based on their age, experience and individual goals. What is important is that you start the journey and your friends and family will see the difference along the way.

Action Karate adult martial arts classes will boost your fitness and energy levels. Karate will help you let go of stress and tension as you have an awesome, supportive class in the lessons for adults. These karate classes in Philadelphia, PA are led by experienced professionals with nearly 30 years of experience helping people just like you deal with anxiety, improve your strength, and boost your confidence.

The best all-in-one solution to overcome the daily challenges of stress at work, at home, and in life are karate classes in South Philadelphia, PA. Martial arts gives you the physical strength and the confidence needed to achieve every task on your to-do list. This will improve your outlook on life, give you the energy you need to move forward, and overall, provide you with a sense of accomplishment and success. Book your first session with us today!

Empowering martial arts in South Philadelphia, PA for children

Martial arts training is proven by medical professionals and various therapists to help children of all ages to overcome fears, deal with bullying, and channel their physical and emotional energy in more positive ways. We achieve this by instilling self-discipline and confidence in them. Action Karate martial arts classes in South Philadelphia, PA are uniquely designed to help children reach their full potential.

With Action Karate, your children will have a blast. Book a karate birthday party or a martial arts birthday party with us - a completely unforgettable experience that includes martial arts drills, ninja training and a samurai sword cake-cutting ceremony.
In addition, we cater to children’s special needs. Students with autism, ADD, ADHD or social anxiety often thrive in the accommodating and encouraging martial arts environment.
In our South Philadelphia martial arts schools, we serve the areas of South Philadelphia including: Dickinson Narrows, Passyunk Square, East Passyunk Crossing, Lower Moyamensing, Whitman, and Newbold. This karate community includes your neighbors and friends in South Philly. Martial arts programming each week includes classes for pre-school, elementary school students, middle schoolers, teenagers, kids with special needs, birthday parties and special events.

Have fun and learn something new at the same time. Help your children develop confidence and those valuable qualities of respect and grit. They will learn about sharing, cooperation, focus and discipline. Help them get fit and make valuable friendships. These are skills and tools they need to feel like they fit in and can pursue their goals. The steps you take to help your children today will help them throughout their lives. This is the best gift and investment you can make in your child’s future. Get in touch with us for martial arts in South Philadelphia, PA today.


Check What Our Members Are Saying

Steven WadeSteven Wade
01:31 25 Jun 23
Action Karate South Philly is an extravagant experience for sure. When I first started, I knew it would be a well worth journey going at my own pace with a deep hidden passion for martial arts and the challenge I will faced on the way. Didn't crossed my mind until I was asked to be an assitance instructor is the amazing challenge and privileged honor to fulfill.I met so many great group of decent excellent people who are awesome in their own right! From our two head instructors Mr. Ryan and Mr. Fernandez, my fellow instructors like Ms. Keili, Ms. Kelly, Ms Desiree, Ms. Allison etc, along with the many students that entered the mat showing vast self improvement and the joy on their faces during class.Meeting and knowing over 100 names from AK South Philly can be a challenge, but in a fun way. You tend to care and learn many interesting fun things about them when engaging. Definitely a privilege to be part of Action Karate South Philly as it helped me in many ways I will be always grateful for and stick to a line of "If asked, I will serve!"Definitely find the choice and interest when it comes to Martial Arts. It CAN change lives for everyone who need that positive change! I've seen it many times and I'm one of them. Action Karate rocks!
Stephanie GamboneStephanie Gambone
16:43 07 Jun 23
Our eight-year old daughter has been attending Action Karate South Philadelphia for more than two years and she LOVES it. The curriculum is high quality and the instructors are fantastic. In addition to learning the art of karate, the students develop valuable life skills, including focus and discipline.
Lena ThoeunLena Thoeun
12:04 06 Jun 23
Thanks to Action karate South Philly, my son Demeatri has overcame many challenges that he strive and fought for to finally earning his Jr. Black belt. The teachers are amazing and they are always pushing there students above and beyond. Thank you for all you do.
Zachary LesserZachary Lesser
20:12 05 Jun 23
This has been such a great experience for our son, who started at age 9 and is now 11. He describes it as "great, intense, and fun." He's made new friends and has really worked hard, gotten stronger and more confident. We love seeing his pride when his commitment pays off in a new belt or a competition trophy.
Chris JonesChris Jones
17:39 03 Feb 23
We enrolled our son in Action Karate almost a year ago. Their approach and team are fantastic. It's been great for our son in terms of exercise, fitness, focus and more. Also, their team has an amazing ability to connect with each student and motivate them as needed. Most impressively - they seem to remember every kid's name during class - and I have no clue how they do that :) 5/5 stars.
Patricia EcksteinPatricia Eckstein
13:34 20 Sep 22
We love Action! The instructors are wonderful with the kids- engaging, encouraging & supportive. The classes are paced well so the students don’t get bored & they learn so many life skills. We’re happy to be a part of the Action karate family.
Kelly PalangeKelly Palange
22:34 15 Sep 22
I signed my son up almost 3 years ago and this place has felt like home ever since. Everyone is friendly and inviting and have been since day one. My son and I both train at Action and while the techniques are great there are so many other things that are being taught, such as, focus, confidence and goal setting. I highly recommend it for kids but also for adults as well.
Jason NicolaisJason Nicolais
16:58 14 Sep 22
I can’t say enough about the team at Action Karate South Philly led by Mr. Ryan and Mr. Fernandes. We have been there for over three years, and our son Mateo (who just earned his black belt🥋!! ) loves 💓 the program and always is excited to go to class. I also decided to join and have been a student now for 3 months!Mr. Ryan Mr. Fernandes treat everyone with kindness and respect, while bringing out the best in each and every student, From 4 years old to the adults♥♥We have probably been students for over three years now and hope to continue for many more!👍👍👍I highly recommend Action Karate South Philly to anyone who’s looking to be challenged, while having a fun journey learning karate!The Nicolais FamJason, Tanya, Mateo and Alana
Keili GomezKeili Gomez
19:01 11 Feb 22
I started when I was 12 as a white belt, and now I'm 14 and a red belt. And I'm making my way to earn my black belt in June! Going to karate made me change my ways, and now I'm strong and more confident after a lot of hard times in life. I highly recommend Action Karate South Philly!!!