The habits you instill in your child from a young age will remain with them for life. Why not equip them with all the skills they need to succeed, adapt, and overcome challenges with a fun, engaging, high-energy, and positive indoor activity? Action Karate’s karate school in Royersford, PA caters to children from 3 to 6, 6 to 14, 14 and upwards, as well as caters to the needs of special needs students through a combination of individualized training options, group classes, assisted group glasses, private lessons, and leadership opportunities.

Through martial arts classes in Royersford, PA, you can give your child the best gift you possibly can as their social-emotional learning skills will be developed alongside abilities such as coordination, balance, flexibility, and more. Fostering leadership skills and self-discipline in each of our students, we also help them destress, reenergize, retain focus, and deal with challenging situations inside and outside the classroom.

How to Find Us

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70 Buckwalter Rd Suite 113, Royersford, PA, 19468, USA



One-on-One Introductory Session

2 Group Classes

Free Uniform

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Sculpt your body, get fit and healthy, and enjoy excellent stress relief


Adult Martial Arts Classes

Dynamic, positive, and action-packed karate classes for adults that will help you re-energize and de-stress while sculpting your body.


Kids Martial Arts Classes

Give your child the gift of perseverance, leadership skills, grit, and determination while at the same time helping them achieve their health and fitness goals.


Ninja Sharks Ages 3 to 6 Classes

Let your young kids thrive in a positive and friendly environment where they will learn balance, flexibility, coordination, and so much more.

Special needs martial class

Special Needs Martial Arts Classes

Students of varying abilities are welcome to join our special needs martial arts classes where we help you discover your true potential.


Birthday Party Classes

Looking for a different way to celebrate a birthday? Topped by our samurai sword cake cutting ceremony, our karate birthday pirates are not to be missed.


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Got a question or a query? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Our friendly team is ready and more than happy to help.

Check What Our Members Are Saying

Tabitha SuttonTabitha Sutton
19:24 30 Apr 24
Action Karate Royersford is Amazing! My son is about to turn 5 and has joined about 2.5 months ago! He has learned so much and did his first Tournament this past weekend which the instructors helped him prepare for it. He has so much confidence because of being apart of this Karate family!
Stephanie KelleyStephanie Kelley
10:58 24 Apr 24
My 11 year son has been apart of the AKR family for a year and a half and it has been a great experience. Not only do they teach kicking, self-defense, cross-jabs, and all the cool karate moves, but they teach valuable life lessons like discipline and respect. Every chance I get with my son, I remind him about the things he’s learning in karate and relate them to real life and it really clicks for him.Miss Shannon, Miss Devon, and all the instructors have a true passion for this business and the students they teach and I’m grateful for them. They work with your personal schedule, even when you think you need to give up, they are encouraging and understanding beyond measure. Thank you so much to the AKR family for all that you do!
Kristin HasselmanKristin Hasselman
17:52 18 Apr 24
Action Karate has been really great for my son. He often struggles to focus and can be very sensitive to criticism. The instructors are very patient and respectful of the students and create a safe environment for them to make mistakes. The classes focus on both martial arts skills as well as self-control, persistence and overcoming challenges. In the seven months we have been attending the school my son has grown more confident, has developed a higher tolerance for frustration, and developed more self control. Miss Shannon worked with me to help hold him to the behavioral expectations both inside and outside of class. I strongly recommend this program for all children interested in Martial Arts.
Diana BasileDiana Basile
23:39 09 Apr 24
My daughter transferred here from another AK school she had attended for several years when we moved. She was nervous and shy. Ms. Shannon, her team, and the other students welcomed Emma and made her feel like she’d been there for years. It’s such a positive environment and has built such confidence in my daughter. There’s many class times offered for flexibility and busy families. So happy to have joined Royersford!
Sonya BorgesSonya Borges
16:26 09 Apr 24
I have nothing less than an amazing experience with action karate! I would give them 10 stars if I could. My son has severe autism/with a communication disorder and his instructor/owner has gone above and beyond to give him as much personalized instruction as he needs to learn! He has made so much progress with the support and consideration to his needs it’s incredible! They will always be my first choice. They make you feel like family and teach so many good skills and ethics. I cannot wait to have all of my children learn from the Action Karate family. They are the absolute best!!!!!
Paul ConnorPaul Connor
15:15 09 Apr 24
Action Karate has been great for my 9 year old daughter. The instructors take their time to work with her despite her overwhelming shyness, and they have coaxed her into practicing with other students and have given her confidence in her abilities. Ms. Devin and Ms. Shannon are always available to help and super responsive, and also very flexible with the class schedules!
Danielle MarshallDanielle Marshall
14:03 26 Mar 24
I don’t have the words to truly express my gratitude for the instructors at Action Karate Royersford, yet All the instructors have shown and helped my daughter become more confident in herself and her abilities in less than 2 months of participating. As a minority my daughter expresses her gratitude and appreciation for the support and friendships she is fostering in this environment. She feels safe, seen, and supported in every class. She attends 5 out of 6 classes a week. So the proof is in the pudding. Thank you Action Karate Instructors for all of your dedication and hard work with the children. Your work and passion does not go unnoticed.
Bryan HultzBryan Hultz
14:55 12 Mar 24
Our family loves action karate Royersford! Our kids have gained so much confidence and strength taking class here. All of the instructors are so kind and great with the kids. Our daughter was so shy and quiet when she started here and now she is so confident and truly becoming a leader! Would highly recommend classes here for any age!
Josh TaylorJosh Taylor
22:41 26 Jan 24
My son loves Action Karate and his belt. He's become much more confident since he began taking classes.
William sewellWilliam sewell
15:59 06 Dec 23
We started 1 week ago. There entire staff is friendly, helpful and EXTREMELY super supportive. Miss Devin, Miss Shannon and Mr. Jeremy have just been very kind to our duaghter and have made us feel very welcomed.
Tariq BostonTariq Boston
18:33 08 Nov 23
The instructors are amazing and really go above and beyond to make a personal connection with each student. It is a wonder family friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend
Dan RadiceDan Radice
18:14 08 Nov 23
A more dedicated staff would be hard to find! Ms. Devin and Ms. Shannon truly love their students and their patience and expertise is inspiring.
Crystal VagnoniCrystal Vagnoni
14:55 07 Nov 23
Please be aware that when you sign up your child for karate and if they can’t go anymore, even if it was due to dire circumstances which they knew about when you signed up, you will be charged entire month of payment no matter what! They will scam you out of $200 plus. Be very cautious! Think twice before signing your kid up and losing out on money
Gabriela MoyaGabriela Moya
21:32 19 Sep 23
Ms. Shannon and Ms. Devon are wonderful instructors that inspire and motivate their students. Our little one loves learning from them every week. He enjoys learning karate as well as working on confidence, strength and discipline with them and his classmates.
Jen AJen A
02:57 12 Sep 23
Action Karate Royersford is everything you could hope for and SO MUCH MORE! Ms. Shannon and Ms Devin are one of a kind. Their passion, skillset, and dedication for martial arts, ability to teach all skillset levels, and love for their students and families make them an incredible dynamic duo. The all-inclusive supportive environment is beyond inspirational and within minutes you feel right at home.A few of the parenting benefits include: flexible schedule - making it helpful when juggling multiple activities, communication that is clear, timely, and consistent - always keeping you up to date, and leadership development offered at such a young age which is remarkable.Your personal growth including discipline, confidence, respect, courage, self defense, full body work-out, core strengthening, and leadership are only a FEW of the life changing skills and values you develop on your journey. Skills that you can apply to any aspect of your life, not just martial arts.As a woman and full-time working Mother of two kids its been one of the best decisions our family made to enroll in this school. Not only are we in awe with our children's personal growth mentally, physically, and emotionally, but also with the incredible bond they have with their instructors. I have been so impressed and inspired by this school that I too have joined and began taking adult classes and love it!To say we are grateful for Action Karate Royersford, Ms. Devin, and Ms. Shannon, is a severe understatement. These women are the epitome of powerhouse leadership and we are honored to be mentored by them on our journey to black belt (and beyond).The Action Karate community is a huge family, one that I assure you would enjoy being a part of! If you're on the fence, stop in, say hi, and give it a try - you will NOT be disappointed!
Brittany GolasBrittany Golas
19:51 10 Sep 23
We have been coming for 6 months and the change in attitude is amazing! She attends many classes with all age ranges and loves all of it. I would recommend this location to everyone we know!
Stephanie SmithStephanie Smith
00:26 22 Aug 23
“The instructors and the adults are great mentors. They actually care about me.” (14 yr old special needs)
William HapenovichWilliam Hapenovich
19:25 18 Aug 23
My 5 year old daughter has been going here for about a year now and we absolutely love it! Ms. Devyn and Ms. Shannon truly care about each and every one of the kids and strive to help them be their best. It's amazing to see the strides my daughter has made in such a short time!
Jessica MaherJessica Maher
22:17 16 Aug 23
I am not sure if I can truly express in words how amazing this place is! Our son saw the Action Shark next door to his swimming lessons and was immediately intrigued! I reached out and they were quick to respond to schedule us for our first private lesson. It was just supposed to be for my son, but my daughter tagged along….they both LOVED it and we signed them both up! Fast forward a few months, the kids have learned so much, their confidence has increased, they want to go literally every day, and my husband and I have both joined as well and are loving the adult classes. The family and the community spirit is so fun! The instructors are amazing and completely dedicated to the school! We LOVE Action Karate!!!
Lauren OstrowskiLauren Ostrowski
13:24 18 Jun 23
Action Karate Royersford has dedicated instructors who find the balance between teaching in the structured learning curriculum and adapting so all students cannot only participate, but also learn, grow, and thrive!
Christopher ReppertChristopher Reppert
21:52 12 Nov 22
Hands down my favorite place to learn a new style of martial arts. I have had some prior experience and wow 👌. You feel relaxed and just a positive energy walking in. I feel like I have learned quite a bit in my short time being there so far. And that's due to the instructors giving the time to help each individual in class improve on form and technique. It's also a excellent place to bring the whole family to train and learn the art. I hope I continue to improve and obtain a bucketlist goal of getting my blackbelt through Action Karate!!!
Brittany NicoleBrittany Nicole
19:43 08 Sep 22
From day one when my daughter walked into Action Karate she fell in love with it. She started off her training just Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Now she only misses one class a week and Wednesday does 2 classes in one day. She became part of the black belt leadership, she loves volunteering to help with any and everything possible when it comes to her Action Karate family. She came a very long way in the short amount of time she has been their. Even the difference in her all around attitude has changed for the better and I couldn’t thank Ms. Shannon and Ms. Devin for all they do at Action karate. Now my second daughter who trains at action karate has a few learning and developmental delays and Ms. Shannon and Ms. Devin worked with her one on one when needed they are patient with her and treat her no different then any other student training. I wouldn’t choose any other school for my girls to train in. Action Karate is our home away from home and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Sarah RucinskiSarah Rucinski
13:12 23 May 22
Great experience with Action Karate Collegeville for my 7 yr old. Ms. Devin & Ms. Shannon took extra time with my son who was nervous getting started. It's been great seeing him grow more confident with each class. This is a great place for all kids, and glad to have them in our community!!
Ashley MitchomAshley Mitchom
00:22 22 May 22
I have seen such a difference in my son since he started karate classes with Action Karate Collegeville. My shy, never look you in the eye kid is starting to speak up and even volunteer to lead in class. He’s come so far in such a few short months. He is building confidence, gaining valuable skills, and most importantly having fun! He’s been having such a wonderful time that his little brother decided he needed to join him and take classes too! The teachers are beyond wonderful. They are warm, motivating, skilled, and really get down to the kids level. You can tell that they are really passionate about what they do and it truly shows in the way their students grow!
Becky KellenbergerBecky Kellenberger
18:44 30 Dec 21
Action Karate Collegeville is amazing!! We were originally at a different AK location, but when we saw a new one was opening closer to us in Collegeville, we transferred right away. Ms. Shannon and Ms. Devin are incredible instructors/women/black belts/leaders/and entrepreneurs!! Our 6 year old daughter and 9 year old son have been thriving in the classes, and we've since enrolled them in the blackbelt leadership program. My husband and I even enrolled ourselves in the adult program, which can be challenging but rewarding, because the family that kicks together, sticks together!!
Ashley DaywaltAshley Daywalt
15:27 29 Dec 21
I highly recommend Action Karate Collegeville. Ms. Shannon and Ms. Devin are great instructors and mentors. They take time after and before practice to check in on the kids. They welcome you with open arms. My kids are learning so much from karate and they love going. It really helps the kids with self control!


At our classes, you will be able to learn traditional karate and its techniques, which include some fitness-based exercises.
Although each of our locations offers a different schedule, you can join us for your training sessions six days a week during our flexible time slots. This means we can accommodate your time schedule as and when you need it.
When you join us for your first karate training session, you should simply wear loose and comfortable clothing that you can move around in. What’s more is that once you join, you will receive a uniform that is included in the $49 introductory special.
Our karate classes are perfect for all individuals of varying skill levels and who fall into practically any age group. We have students from as young as three and as old as 103, making this one of the most versatile ways to help you achieve your health and fitness goals as well as learning important life skills that will benefit you immensely in all areas of your life.

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Boost social-emotional learning through Action Karate’s karate in Royersford, PA

adult karate class with students holding karate props

Adults who are interested in self-defense classes in Royersford, PA are also welcome and encouraged to join the Action Karate school for karate and martial arts. If you’re someone who has always wanted to equip yourself with the right mix of training, strength, fitness, and health while sculpting your body for greater tension relief and feeling great about yourself, Action Karate is the perfect karate school in Royersford, PA for you.

At the Action Karate school in Royersford, we serve students from Collegeville, Trappe, Spring City, and Phoenixville. We invite you to join our classes and extensive program that will give you a full body workout and a new outlook on life and the challenges you face on a daily basis. Get stronger and healthier with Action Karate.


Martial arts near Collegeville, PA that help you get stronger, fitter, and healthier

The Action Karate Royersford instructors who teach martial arts near Collegeville, PA are extremely well-trained to offer you and your child the ultimate karate experience. With nearly three decades in teaching martial arts, they are a warm and friendly team that stand out for creating a caring, safe, and positive environment where you and your child can thrive. Whether you choose adult beginner classes or enroll your child in Action Karate’s karate program, all students will benefit from feeling stronger, fitter, and healthier.

The martial arts classes near Collegeville, PA are the perfect combination of traditional techniques and modern knowledge for well-rounded and balanced children and adults. No matter what type of stress you’re dealing with on a daily basis, we are certain that after each session at Action Karate Royersford, you’ll feel destressed, refocused, reenergized, and ready to face whatever challenges life has in store for you.

Apart from lessons in karate near Collegeville, PA, Action Karate Royersford also offers martial arts birthday parties that are uniquely fun and take all the stress of preparations and planning out of your hands. Parents can sit back, relax, and enjoy the high-energy and fun atmosphere while we take care of every minor detail. Children will be taught real martial arts drills and have a fun time, especially when it comes to the phenomenally exciting samurai sword cake-cutting ceremony, which is something few offer.

Get in touch with us today for more information or to sign up. Action Karate’s martial arts near Collegeville, PA is not to be missed for its engaging, stimulating, and fun-filled atmosphere that every child, adult, and special needs student will thrive in as they push their bodies to their full potential.