Action Karate is the karate school you want to go to in order to boost your fitness and energy levels. The karate classes in Quakertown, PA are perfect for adults, children, and special needs students irrespective of age or ability levels.

Action Karate Quakertown has taught thousands of students across Pennsylvania and we take great pride in our ability to teach real self-defense techniques that also offer a great way to boost fitness levels with a whole-body, core-strengthening workout in a fun and safe environment.

Adults can avail of our classes and have a great time working out and destressing in a high-energy environment that is enjoyable all the way through. The classes are also an excellent way to build your confidence and give you back your power.

How to Find Us

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tuesday9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
wednesday9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
thursday9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
friday9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
saturday9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
561 S West End Blvd, Quakertown, PA, 18951, USA



One-on-One Introductory Session

2 Group Classes

Free Uniform

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Sculpt your body, get fit and healthy, and enjoy excellent stress relief


Adult Martial Arts Classes

Dynamic, positive, and action-packed karate classes for adults that will help you re-energize and de-stress while sculpting your body.


Kids Martial Arts Classes

Give your child the gift of perseverance, leadership skills, grit, and determination while at the same time helping them achieve their health and fitness goals.


Ninja Sharks Ages 3 to 6 Classes

Let your young kids thrive in a positive and friendly environment where they will learn balance, flexibility, coordination, and so much more.

Special needs martial class

Special Needs Martial Arts Classes

Students of varying abilities are welcome to join our special needs martial arts classes where we help you discover your true potential.


Birthday Party Classes

Looking for a different way to celebrate a birthday? Topped by our samurai sword cake cutting ceremony, our karate birthday pirates are not to be missed.


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Check What Our Members Are Saying

01:47 27 Jan 24
21:32 30 Oct 23
Great place for kids or any age.Awesome instructors and classes.
Jamie Lyn Selby JackleJamie Lyn Selby Jackle
23:41 22 Sep 23
Lisa RiceLisa Rice
00:28 13 Sep 23
collin kellycollin kelly
23:13 15 Jun 23
Owner is a very nice guy. Seems to really know how to communicate with kids.
Chris ErwinChris Erwin
09:38 19 Jul 22
Noland ScottNoland Scott
10:21 02 Jun 22
This particular studio is absolutely great!! They are wonderful with the children. They are well structured and you can tell they care for the children. Everyone has a great time.
Lisa WennemerLisa Wennemer
18:06 21 May 22
We decided to give karate a chance with our daughter for confidence, strength building, and motivation. It started good but there were times that she did not to go so we pushed her. Now years later she is 13 and is a leader and teaches classes. We could not be happier on the way that she has grown with this family. I would recommend to start them early then wait. Than you action karate in Quakertown!
Allison BailleyAllison Bailley
17:23 21 May 22
We have been with Action Karate Quakertown for a little over a year and love it. My son has been a challenge for them with some behavior issues and they’re always ready to meet him where he is and getting his on track. He now loves karate and looks forward to the accomplishment of earning his new belts. Mr. Brodie is the kindest instructor as well and my son clearly looks up to him — a great role model!
Leslie PuidaLeslie Puida
16:56 21 May 22
Action Karate has an amazing curriculum for both children and adults. The program inspires self confidence and teaches students the joy of setting and accomplishing your goals. There is a sense of camaraderie that grows as you progress through the program. Student learn to be their very best in a safe and supportive environment. This is an experience for the whole family and I highly recommend it!
Rebecca BuhmanRebecca Buhman
16:53 21 May 22
My 7 yr old started in January. We love it! All of the instructors we've interacted with are patient and take the time to get to know each student. My daughter is thriving and we've seen improvements at school as well. I'm glad we found Action Karate Quakertown.
Mark RedwineMark Redwine
16:38 21 May 22
If you are looking for a place to learn karate from instructors that are amazing, care about their students, and make it fun.....Action Karate Quakertown is the place you have been looking for! My son started here a little over a year ago and has learned so much more than karate. He has gained self confidence, is a better student, helps out more around the house, all the while gaining more strength, balance, and endurance. To say that attending Action Karate has changed his life in all ways, is putting it mildly. You won't regret your decision to come here.....it's life changing!
19:49 04 Oct 19
So my amazing journey with Action Karate started in the summer of 2017. My then 6yr old won a free 2 week special to try it. We attended, had fun, and was going to leave it at that. With the dedication and compassion of the instructors they worked with us, encouraged us to stay a part of martial arts family. We couldn’t be happier with our choice.I personally have grown in many ways. I have grown mentally, physically, emotionally ... and have fell in love with martial arts In Action Karate.My son and I attend classes every week. In the beginning we only did the minimum classes required. There were several times I wanted to quit, thinking I couldn’t do this. But with the encouragement of the instructors along with fellow adult students, I persevered through it. This journey helped me strengthen my focus, my memory , and my physical strength. Another thing i overcame was confidence. Confidence in myself, confidence to be better and confidence to help others join the journey . I recently received my Jr Blackbelt teaching certificate. I enjoy working with others, kids and adults alike.The best part of this journey is taking it with my son. Watching him grow and love the martial arts. I recommend this for anyone thinking about doing it for their children, themselves or as a family. It helps them with focus, behavior , respect and so much more. I can’t wait to continue my journey even after my blackbelt and continue to help others grow and love it as much as I do.... I choose to be a Blackbelt ... Because with the never quit , never give up attitude they instill in you... you won’t !! Thank you Action Karate for changing my life!!


At our classes, you will be able to learn traditional karate and its techniques, which include some fitness-based exercises.
Although each of our locations offers a different schedule, you can join us for your training sessions six days a week during our flexible time slots. This means we can accommodate your time schedule as and when you need it.
When you join us for your first karate training session, you should simply wear loose and comfortable clothing that you can move around in. What’s more is that once you join, you will receive a uniform that is included in the $49 introductory special.
Our karate classes are perfect for all individuals of varying skill levels and who fall into practically any age group. We have students from as young as three and as old as 103, making this one of the most versatile ways to help you achieve your health and fitness goals as well as learning important life skills that will benefit you immensely in all areas of your life.

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Karate classes in Quakertown, PA that boost fitness and energy levels

adult karate class with students holding karate props

The martial arts near Trumbauersville, PA for children are also an exciting and fun way to pick up self-discipline, boost leadership skills, increase cooperation and coordination, boost flexibility and balance and so much more. The excellent approach and atmosphere used and created by our well-trained instructors creates an exciting environment where everyone smiles and has a great time and where friends are made.

When you choose Action Karate’s karate classes in Quakertown, PA you are choosing health, fitness, strength, and confidence – whether for you or for your child. But our special needs students are not to be left behind. Offering individual tailor-made classes or group classes Quakertownwhere they will be with peers their own age, you can rest assured that every student will be challenged to surpass their own expectations of themselves and tap into their full potential.


Destress and reenergize with Action Karate’s martial arts in Quakertown, PA

If you are looking for a new and fun way to destress and reenergize, then Action Karate’s martial arts in Quakertown, PA is the right choice for you. The Action Karate karate school near Richlandtown, PA is the ideal school where you can finally get your energy levels back and feel refocused and reenergized once again, ready to tackle everything that life throws your way.

Children in particular will absolutely love Action Karate’s classes at the martial arts school near Richlandtown, PA because this is a fun new way of making friends and learning important skills that will stay with them for life. With Action Karate’s karate classes near Shelly, PA, children will learn essential life skills that will help to shape them into responsible, balanced, healthy, and strong individuals.

And if you are looking for something that’s extraordinary and exciting at the same time, you don’t want to miss the opportunity for martial arts in Quakertown, PA where Action Karate also offers karate birthday parties. These unique events are unforgettable once–in-a-lifetime experiences that no child or guest should ever miss out on. At Action Karate Quakertown, we take all the hassle out of planning and organizing, leaving the parents to enjoy the festivities just as much as their children, who will be taught real martial arts drills in a fun environment. Our birthday parties are high-value and budget-friendly, offering parents greater peace of mind. And don’t forget that you will all also be able to enjoy the incredible samurai sword cake-cutting ceremony.

Action Karate Quakertown can be found in Quakertown, PA 18951 and we also serve the areas of Trumbauersville, PA 18970, Richlandtown, PA 18955, and Shelly PA 18951Reach out to us today to book your spot and take the first step towards regaining your health, fitness, and confidence.