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With our adult martial arts classes in Parkwood, you’re in for a treat. Our classes are designed with you and your needs in mind. Martial arts are not just a way to learn self-defense and discover ways to protect yourself from physical harm. They’re also an entry to destressing, helping you deal with whatever challenges life throws your way. A combination of physical and mental exertion, Action Karate is your safe space to completely unwind and re-energize as you’ll be equipped with all the tools you need to handle life’s stresses.


Learning martial arts goes beyond learning self-defense. It’s a journey of respect, connection, and personal growth.


Get Physically Fit

Joining Action Karate’s adult martial art classes is a thrilling and fun way to get physically fit and strong. You’ll work beyond your core to strengthen every muscle group, instilling complete confidence in both yourself and your capabilities.


Promotes Respect

Martial arts fosters a deep respect for oneself, one’s opponents, and the environment. It emphasizes humility, self-control, and the importance of treating others with dignity.


Build Stronger Relationships

The emphasis on respect and discipline in martial arts extends beyond the class setting, promoting stronger relationships with people from the martial arts community and those outside of it.



One-on-One Introductory Session

2 Group Classes

Free Uniform

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Martial arts is not only a physical workout -it’s a holistic activity and lifestyle that improves mental well-being. With Action Karate, you can foster and develop:

  • Mental discipline
  • Spiritual development
  • Self-improvement
  • Self-control

All this by following life-improving principles that will help you excel in every area of your life. Respect for yourself, for others (such as instructors and opponents), and for the environment as a whole is one of the most-important lessons martial arts teaches.

By following this principle our students build deeper relationships with themselves and the people in their life. Along this personal journey, you can find that starting adult martial arts classes:

  • Promotes respect
  • Builds stronger relationships
  • Creates a sense of fulfillment

At Action Karate’s Parkwood location, you’ll enjoy a whole variety of benefits through a rewarding activity that’s both physically and mentally beneficial. What makes our adult martial art classes stand out is the combination of intense, whole-body workout and a fun activity that leaves you feeling good about yourself.

Action Karate
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Isabella IliscoIsabella Ilisco
13:05 03 May 24
My name is Isabella Ilisco and I am a student at Action Karate Parkwood. I have been at Action Karate since I was 10 years old. I have earned my jr. Black belt and am currently working towards earning my first degree. When I first started karate, I was really shy. I kept to myself and was quiet. Ever since then, I’ve grown in to the person I am today. I am more confident and outgoing. I am talkative and less shy. I also am stronger and challenge myself more than ever to be the best version of myself. I love helping my instructors teach kids at Action Karate, and hope to become an instructor myself soon. I have learned how to persevere through tough times, defend myself in certain situations, and just life skills that are incredibly useful to me.
Nicki HuttonNicki Hutton
01:29 02 May 24
My name is Collin. I started my black belt journey in 2021 as a ninja doing outdoor classes because of Covid. I moved into white to red classes then to black belt leadership. I did two hit teams to move up in my belts. I also have done three tournaments on my journey. My instructors have been a lot of help. I can't wait to get my junior black belt and keep going.
Rob RosenRob Rosen
23:31 01 May 24
Wonderful place for my 4 year old son. Ms Kat is excellent!!
Patrick GorhamPatrick Gorham
22:29 01 May 24
Action karate Parkwood has been unbelievably beneficial to my son.He has been going to the Parkwood location for over 3 years.Since his first week we have seen consistant improvement in his attitude and determination.Mr Litton, Mrs Cat and the entire staff have treated us like family since day one!I highly recommend Action Karate Parkwood to anyone who is interested in watching there child grow and flourish in realy family environment.
23:11 28 Apr 24
My name is Stephen S, and I started my black belt journey in 2020. I was 4 years old. Training has been hard and I have grown so much. In the last 4 years I have moved from the ninja class to white to red, I joined black belt leadership, and also joined demo team. I have learned many new things and even completed my first HIT team this winter. My instructors are always there to help me along the way and we also have a lot of fun. I hope to become a great instructor one day so that I can help other kids like me with their black belt journey.
Krystal LespinasseKrystal Lespinasse
16:27 27 Mar 24
I registered my kids for karate for them to gain confidence, discipline and learn defensive tactics. I since then joined and enjoy doing this with my children as a family. The instructors are amazing and very good at what at they do. They have events and fun things to do for the families in addition to the karate curriculum. I would highly recommend! #AKP
Richard VangineRichard Vangine
16:07 26 Mar 24
From the moment I stepped into Action Karate Parkwood and met Ms. Kat & Mr. Litton, we knew we'd found something special. This isn't just a place for martial arts training; it's a community that empowers, educates, and embraces **every** individual's journey.For my daughter, it's been an incredible journey of growth and self-discovery. The instructors are not only skilled martial artists but also exceptional mentors. They've taught her the importance of discipline, respect, and perseverance, in private lessons that extend far beyond the dojo. Her confidence has soared, and it's a joy to see her suit up and practice what she has learned.As for myself, joining Action Karate Parkwood has been a game-changer. I initially joined to support my daughter, but it's turned into a personal transformation. The classes are dynamic, challenging, and incredibly rewarding. I've seen significant weight loss, and my endurance levels are the best they've ever been. More importantly, I've found a supportive community that motivates me to push my limits and strive for continuous improvement.Action Karate Parkwood isn't just about learning martial arts; it's about embarking on a journey of self-improvement and family bonding. We are grateful to be a part of this amazing community and look forward to many more years of learning and growing together.ASAH!!
Jeff KrummertJeff Krummert
15:35 20 Mar 24
The instructors are fantastic.I appreciate their dedication.Well organized, highly recommended.
Aaron PlaysAaron Plays
20:04 20 Oct 23
Thanks to my dad Phil Brown
17:14 08 Apr 23
Instructors are amazing, they are patient and caring. They build relationships with their students to help them feel comfortable and confident during lessons.
Danielle WynneDanielle Wynne
00:44 07 Apr 23
My family and I attend Action Karate Parkwood. We absolutely love it and the instructors are awesome. I highly recommend Action Karate!
Robert Wynne Jr.Robert Wynne Jr.
00:13 07 Apr 23
Excellent family atmosphere, challenging training for people of all ages and most of all, fun! A+++
Vanessa RatkaVanessa Ratka
22:56 05 Apr 23
We've been a member of AKP for about 2 months now and it has been the greatest experience ever for my kids. They have shown tremendous improvement since we began. I have 2 kids in the ninja class and 1 in the adult class. They all have made me proud with their dedication, focus and skills. We love our AKP family ♥️
Brian DipentimaBrian Dipentima
20:28 05 Apr 23
My son is very happy and enjoys Action Karate Parkwood. I am happy with the improvements he has made. I am very happy we got him involved in karate.
Nyeemah WrightNyeemah Wright
15:31 16 Nov 22
We love Action Karate we started with private lessons for my 4 year old who has autism and now have 3 students enrolled from our family because of how amazing they are. I have seen so much growth in him and I want to give a huge shout out to Mr. Brandon he has been sooo amazing with my little guy we appreciate him so much we love our “ninja shark” family as my 4 year old would say. I would recommend them to anyone very inclusive, they meet you where you are and help you grow!
My son won 3 free classes at his school and it was the best thing. The Instructors were excellent with my son who is EXTREMELY shy! He is now so excited to start Karate here he can barely contain himself. They are respectful, caring, professional and it shows that they are there because they care about children and people in general. Hands down best Karate dojo I've been to in a very long time. Just excellent!!
stephanie martinsstephanie martins
16:18 18 Sep 22
We joined action karate a little over two years ago and since then my son's confidence has grown so much.I have seen such a big difference in him thanks to all the instructors time and effort they have put in to teach him. We have also enjoyed the varies activities they have for the kids throughout the year. Highly recommend action karate!
Patricia McLaughlinPatricia McLaughlin
22:26 15 Sep 22
Action karate has been a top notch experience from day one minute one. Instructors are all super helpful, inviting, informative and knowledgeable. All great with kids keeping them engaged and on task. We have only been a member a short time but definitely feel like my daughter as well as us as parents are now part of the action karate family hopefully for a long time to come.
Lauren Gaughan CarrLauren Gaughan Carr
22:56 13 Sep 22
We joined Action Karate just about a year ago. In that time our son has grown in confidence and self control. He has been disciplined in listening to the instructors, responds appropriately in situations at school and socially. We also have enjoyed the extra things like summer camp, board breaking, belt promotion events, and warrior nights. They answer questions any time we have them. All of the instructors (both adults and students) have been amazing, professional, and really get to know the students and families. Highly recommend Action Karate Parkwood !


Action Karate’s martial arts classes in Parkwood are perfect for every adult, irrespective of age, gender, or skill levels. We cater to everyone; from novices to those that are more advanced. And every class will leave you feeling empowered, stronger, fitter, and more confident. Just a few of the reasons to get started with Action Karate’s adult martial arts classes today include:


  • Increased self-discipline
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Increased resilience
  • Developed leadership skills
  • Greater levels of self-confidence

Emotional Well-being

  • Enhanced emotional regulation
  • Socialization and communication
  • Improved stress management

Healthier Lifestyle

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Reduced risk of chronic disease
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Excellent weight management

Take control of your physical and emotional well-being today!


Although some people may think that martial arts is an aggressive sport, it’s more about assessing potentially dangerous situations and learning how to avoid or de-escalate them before needing to physically defend yourself. Learning how to assess potentially dangerous situations can ultimately teach you the ability to defend yourself and your family from harm.

Regardless of age, gender, or physical abilities, you will work on developing a sense of control that bolsters your feelings of safety and confidence. All this means you can enjoy a greater sense of security in your daily life as you’ll know that your protection lies in your own capable hands.

adult karate class with students holding karate props


Action Karate’s Parkwood instructors are, first and foremost great individuals. They are committed to encouraging students and fostering a positive learning environment. Our instructors are all highly experienced and passionate about the martial arts. A huge part of their profession is to motivate and offer personal attention and guidance. Additionally, they all work on creating a safe and inclusive learning environment, in which every single student feels comfortable. Now what are you waiting for? Book your first class with us today! Our instructors can’t wait to welcome you to the word or martial arts.

Where can you find us

Our self-defense school is located in Northeast Philadelphia. Most of our students come from Parwood, Andalusia, Eddington, and Cornwell Heights but we welcome everyone in the Philadelphia region to come and join us. If you live away from Philadelphia County, then check our full list of locations throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

How to Find Us

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