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thursday9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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109 Allison Rd, Oreland, PA, USA

Challenging yet fun and strength-building karate classes in Oreland, PA

Action Karate’s karate classes in Oreland, PA are carefully designed to suit everyone’s ability levels and help you strengthen your body as you work out to get fit and have a great time all together. Perfect for adults who are looking for a more challenging full-body workout to help them achieve their physical, health, and fitness goals, at Action Karate’s martial arts school near Flourtown, PA, you will experience a completely new and different approach to getting in shape and maximizing your full potential.

Ideal for people who lead busy lives and deal with a lot of stress, Action Karate’s karate classes in Oreland, PA are excellent for those who want to destress, reenergize, and get their focus back. After each class, you’ll feel exhilarated, refreshed, and stronger and more capable than you ever have.

But the Action Karate Oreland martial arts classes are also great for children. The classes start for students that are as young as 3 years of age and continue upward to any age and fitness level. These are challenging but exceptionally fun and strength-building classes that will help equip every child with all the skills and tools necessary to help them become independent, strong, and balanced individuals.

Every class is designed to help every student reach their goals all while fulfilling their true potential. It’s a great way of learning how to deal with challenging situations, an incredible way to destress - whether from circumstances at home, in life, or in the classroom - and to help shape the future leaders of tomorrow.

Get fit and have a great time at Action Karate’s martial arts school in Oreland, PA

Action Karate Oreland offers you and your child the perfect outlet to channel your energy in more productive ways. But apart from children’s and adults karate classes near Flourtown, PA, Action Karate also caters to students with special needs. Offering martial arts for autism, karate for special needs, and lessons for people with social anxiety or other developmental challenges, you can sign your loved one up for an individual, one-on-one, private, or group class to help them thrive.

Every student will feel stronger and more capable as their confidence levels grow and they feel more self-assured. They’ll get fitter and healthier and enjoy every class as they walk out with a smile on their face every time. The classes for special needs are carefully crafted and are taught by well-trained instructors with extensive experience and who are friendly, warm, and kind. It’s a safe and fun environment for students of all abilities and we welcome you to join your first class as you’ll never look back.

At Action Karate’s martial arts school in Oreland, PA, karate birthday parties are also on offer to parents who want to give their child a fun and memorable experience. No more planning and organizing. Leave the details to our friendly team and they’ll take care of it all. It’s a high-value, budget-friendly option that will see your child and their guests have an amazing time learning real karate drills and techniques. And of course, there is the incredible samurai sword cake-cutting ceremony that’s not to be missed either.

If you are looking for karate near Ardsley, PA, the Action Karate martial arts near Ardsley, PA is the perfect place to go and discover your true potential. Whether for children, adults, or special needs students, Action Karate’s martial arts school in Oreland, PA not only serves Oreland, PA 19075, but also Flourtown, PA 19031 and Ardsley, PA 19038. Get in touch with us today to take the first step on your journey to fun, health, fitness, and strength.


Check What Our Members Are Saying

Stacey MardtStacey Mardt
01:55 04 May 23
What can I say. This is an amazing experience we have had. So far, my son has blossomed into a gentleman and loves going here. Usually we see a drop out, or no enthusiasm when we say we are going to go to "X" when I tell him it is AK night, nothing is better than to see him light up and smile. I can't thank Mrs. Genevieve & Mr. Sude, for our journey so far. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Joseph CollinsJoseph Collins
01:51 12 Apr 23
Our son is a Ninja Shark and goes 3-4 days a week. He absolutely loves it. The Sude’s are the best. They have a lot of patience and are excellent teachers, I couldn’t ask for better karate teachers. We love being part of the Action Karate Oreland family and plan on being there in the years to come!
Mayra Ramos-CookMayra Ramos-Cook
15:52 29 Sep 22
Mrs. Genevieve and Mr. Sude from Action Karate provided a wonderful demonstration for our second grade students. Following the presentation, they took the time to meet with each individual second grade class. The presentation was age appropriate, enjoyable and interactive. It was a pleasure to have Action Karate Oreland visit our school.
Mara DimmackMara Dimmack
21:12 20 Sep 22
Back in the 90s my parents signed me up for Action Karate when it was still in its early stages in Warrington. Now 20 (ish) years later, my daughters are part of the shark gang 🦈🥋 They love going every week mostly because Ms. Genevieve and Mr. Sude's energy and patience is truly something to be admired! I highly recommend Action Karate (Oreland) if you want an energetic, confidence boosting, exercise for your child or yourself!
Elizabeth GiulianoElizabeth Giuliano
14:46 12 Sep 22
I am so happy with Action Karate Oreland. Mr. Sude and Ms. Genevieve are so positive and encouraging to all of their students. As an adult who is returning to karate after many years, I appreciate how patient and motivating both instructors are. Classes always have a clear, consistent format with lots of variety. I highly recommend Action Karate Oreland!
Michael MMichael M
12:08 21 Apr 22
I am so excited for Genevive and Michael Sude. Their passion for the Martial Arts both training and teaching is going to empower the Oreland area with amazing classes filled with empowering life lessons.