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Character-building and defining karate in Newtown, PA

We all want to have healthy bodies, to be fit and strong, and to be able to seamlessly deal with the stresses of life. Luckily, with Action Karate’s karate in Newtown, PA, this is now possible. Action Karate’s martial arts program is perfect for preschoolers, school-aged children, adults, and special needs students. It doesn’t matter what your age or ability level is, we have tailor-made programs for everyone.

The karate near George School, PA is suitable for preschoolers aged three upwards. At the classes, your child will be taught and will further develop their balance, flexibility, and coordination. They’ll also be taught skills such as self-discipline, communication, and cooperation, which are essential at every stage of life.

Helping to mold future leaders, the children’s karate in Newtown, PA is character-building and defining where your child will not only be taught self-defense skills and martial arts techniques but also gain greater levels of confidence, and they will be better able and equipped to handle the stresses of life and school.

As for adults, Action Karate Newtown’s martial arts program is perfect for you if you would like a fun, high-energy full-body workout outside a gym setting. The classes will leave you feeling invigorated, relieved of tension, destressed, and reenergized. Make Action Karate your new happy place where you can regain your focus and strength and improve your health and fitness levels.

All that you have to do is get in touch with us and enroll today. Action Karate Newtown’s team of black belt instructors is friendly and caring and they create a fun and safe environment where everyone can thrive.

Get stronger and fitter with Action Karate’s martial arts in Newtown, PA

Action Karate’s martial arts in Newtown, PA are also perfectly suited for children and adults with special needs. The classes can be taught in individual or group settings, depending on your needs and preferences. Teaching martial arts skills and techniques that help boost confidence and physical strength and fitness levels, the karate classes are an outstanding indoor activity that is performed in a safe environment. Each instructor is well-trained and has years of experience in teaching traditional techniques combined with modern knowledge. In fact, many doctors, therapists, and educators believe in the power of martial arts in helping students of varying abilities reach their full potential.

Apart from teaching special needs karate near Woodside, PA, Action Karate also offers incredibly fun martial arts birthday parties where your child and their friends can enjoy real drills in martial arts near George School, PA and have a great time in a safe environment. The karate birthday parties are a memorable experience for everyone involved not least of which is the samurai sword cake-cutting ceremony which is impressive and awe-inspiring. As a high-value and budget-friendly option, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Get in touch with us and enroll today for your first class in martial arts in Newtown, PA. Action Karate not only serves Newtown, PA 18940, but the adjacent areas of George School, PA 19047, and Woodside, PA 19067. Our warm and friendly team is ready to help you and we look forward to welcoming you as you take the first step towards health, fitness, strength, and confidence.


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cheri Tabitcheri Tabit
17:58 12 Oct 22
My son came to action Karate during the pandemic lock down from another Karate establishment. We were very unhappy with the disorganization from the place we left and we’re looking for something different for my son‘s martial arts training.Action karate was the answer for us. They have a very organized system of earning belts and learning lessons. Each student is self paced and the goals are very clear for all learners.The Staff at action Karate has a lot of energy and inspires each student to succeed. While they are teaching lessons on self-control and discipline, they are not unkind or yelling at kids like the place we left did. We have recommended action Karate to a few friends and they have also been happy. My son is currently on his junior black belt journey and Is looking forward to achieving his big goal.
Elise CainElise Cain
15:32 20 Sep 22
Karate has given my son soo much more confidence in our short 2 months. He was sooo confident for kindergarten and not afraid of anything. Before karate, he would have been very different (scared, shy). Your program teaches amazing skills to these kids and I am recommending it to everyone I know. I look at kids and say in my head “oh that kid needs karate!” You and your team of instructors are the best educators and role models I’ve seen for his age. I am extremely grateful to have found you.
Julia BonnerJulia Bonner
18:01 23 May 22
My 8 year old boy has been training at Action Karate for several years and it has been an incredible experience. He learns about courage, respect, discipline, determination, resilience, focus, grit and so much more. The teachers are fabulous and they really care about the children. It has become apart of his lifestyle that he loves and will grow in this art. Action Karate Newtown is a special, warm and close knit family. We recommend Action Karate Newtown hands down without hesitation.
Harman & Kanika BajwaHarman & Kanika Bajwa
17:02 21 May 22
We have three black belts in our house from Action Karate Newtown … it is the perfect studio to start as a young kid . The teachers and the environment is really good . You learn a lot more than just karate here . We are a very happy action karate Newtown family !
Jackie BreaultJackie Breault
16:19 26 Oct 21
This place has been such a blessing to my children. Having children with special needs we had tried multiple places that claimed to be able to handle it, however never had any success. I was left with frustration and disappointment. I was reluctant at first to try another karate gym, however I'm so thankful I did. The whole experience has been so wonderful, the classes are well structured and taught appropriately. The staff has been beyond amazing in all they do to help my children gain success from the program and build confidence in themselves. I could not be happier to see my children feel so valued and cared for. I would highly without a doubt recommend this gym to anyone,especially those with children with special needs.
22:16 08 Sep 21
My son started attending class there at age 4. He he now been there for the past 5 years and will be testing for his junior black belt. The instructors there are very professional and gear all of the lessons for the appropriate age group. And they always make it fun!! When they are little, they teach basic motor skills as well as listening and following directions. They also build confidence because they encourage students to lead the class. If you are considering karate, highly recommend giving them a try.