If you’re looking for out-of-the-box ideas to improve your physical fitness levels, Action Karate’s stress-relieving martial arts for adults are perfect for you. That’s because martial arts give you the ability to explore a holistic solution to both your physical and mental challenges. With improved focus and determination, Action Karate’s confidence-building martial arts for adults are exactly what you need for the perfect life balance. The adult self-defense classes are also perfect for helping you assess potentially dangerous situations and overcome them with the right mental frame of mind and physical dexterity.

What makes martial arts for adults so special?

Through our adult martial arts classes, you can take advantage of a broad range of benefits, including:


Increased self-esteem and confidence

A healthier body leads to a healthier mind. It’s true that with your renewed physical strength and fitness, you’ll feel better about yourself and gain more confidence.


Improved social connections

Our classes are held in a friendly environment, conducive to creating special friendships with your peers in a welcoming community.


Personal growth and lifelong learning

Martial arts are not just a great physical workout. They’re also a route to self-discipline and self-mastery, bringing together the physical and mental elements in a holistic way.



One-on-One Introductory Session

2 Group Classes

Free Uniform

* Money-back guarantee


Action Karate’s adult martial arts classes are the all-in-one solution to helping you destress and regain your great energy levels, helping you feel great about yourself both physically and mentally. Enjoy benefits that include:

  • Sense of empowerment and inner strength
  • Healthy lifestyle habits and discipline
  • A fun and engaging activity

ith a sense of empowerment and inner strength, greater levels of self-confidence, improved personal growth, and more—martial arts are an incredibly fun journey to embark on that help you uncover your full potential.

Action Karate
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Dillon SupersDillon Supers
00:10 02 Apr 24
Amber SchafferAmber Schaffer
15:40 08 Nov 23
My daughter really enjoys coming to classes at action karate nazareth. The instructors work well with her and teach her all the fundamentals needed for her martial arts!
Megan HendricksMegan Hendricks
19:43 04 Nov 23
Cassandra HanniCassandra Hanni
00:25 28 Sep 23
Amazing teacher ! Love the program, really great for all ages. The teachers work really hard to help make sure all the students understand what they are doing.
Julie ArenaJulie Arena
01:47 27 Sep 23
We have seen so much growth in our son (karate skills and in his character) since he began at age 3. The instructors take to heart getting to know each child and connecting with them. They meet students at whatever level they are at and help them progress. My son treasures each of them and walks taller because of the confidence and strength they have helped him find. Couldn’t recommend them more highly.
Linda McAdamLinda McAdam
22:12 26 Sep 23
Our kids started classes earlier this year and they love it! The instructors are friendly and really take the time to work with our kids when they need the extra help. There are lots of fun special days each month and the kids look forward to each of those. It’s a super family friendly atmosphere and we’re happy we’ve chosen to be a part of the Nazareth AK family 😊
Ghostrider RacingGhostrider Racing
21:36 26 Sep 23
Great family atmosphere! Great programs to get kids interested in martial arts.
Alex CartagenaAlex Cartagena
22:46 27 Mar 23
Dorothy SchrammDorothy Schramm
16:25 18 Feb 23
Update: this first post was 5 years ago. Now at age (well, not young) I decided to try karate myself. Still love this place. They are SO supportive and everyone, employees and classmates, are so nice. In the few months since I joined, I've lost a little weight, lost even more inches, learned new defense techniques, gotten stronger, and am having SO MUCH FUN.ORIGINAL POST: This place has been a blessing for my son and I. It has a wonderful after-school program but more importantly the care and concern shown to my son has boosted his confidence and given him a drive to succeed. He loves the karate classes and always speaks well of all the instructors. Love this place!
Christina KielChristina Kiel
15:36 24 Jan 23
Our daughter has been going to AK since she was 4 (she's now almost 7). Within 3 weeks we could see her focus, discipline and confidence go through the roof. She has grown so much thanks to the programs that AK offers and we are forever grateful for that. Staff is so kind and communicative, and there are always fun events going on. Whether you are 4, 40, or 102, Action Karate will help you meet whatever your goals have.
Stephanie TiềnStephanie Tiền
13:09 20 Sep 22
Action Karate has been such a positive impact to our family. Our 8 year old son has been attending for less than a year and he has excelled in his skills so much. He has a blast and is slowly becoming the best karate kid he can be right in front of my eyes. It’s amazing. They give the kids so much room to grow and have fun. We really love being apart of the AK family. 10/10 recommended!!
Kira KerrKira Kerr
17:02 19 Sep 22
Both of my children have been involved with Action Karate Nazareth since they were 5 years old and over the years I have seen a huge positive change in their character and self-confidence. My son was very shy and guarded and has grown into a confident and social young man who values respect. He holds homself to his own high standards. He has progressed and earned his junior black belt with the help of all of our amazing instructors. He is currently working on his senior black belt. My daughter has become strong and outspoken and can hold her own as she works towards her junior black belt. She has made friends and loves her teachers so much. Right now they're both on par to earn their next black belt at the same time and that would be an AMAZING experience. I would highly recommend Action Karate to any parent. It isn't just about defending yourself but also learning life lessons along the way and developing those young minds into wonderful and respectful people. Thank you to everyone at Action Karate Nazareth!
Lindsay ChiavaroliLindsay Chiavaroli
20:57 13 Sep 22
My daughter has been involved in Action Karate for over 2 years now and she absolutely loves the classes and instructors. She has grown and matured so much from the lessons she has learned through the instructors and also through summer camp. It is such a positive and welcoming environment that we are so proud she is a part of!
Baljeet BansalBaljeet Bansal
17:59 21 May 22
Action Karate Nazareth has undoubtedly been one of the most influential and best decisions we have ever made as Parents for our two sons. They have been going to Action Karate Nazareth for the past three years and have successfully achieved their Junior black belts. From the Grand Master Seth to all our kids instructors Mr Dylan, Ms Alicia, Ms Megan, Mr Michael, Ms Casey our kids have really enjoyed their journey to their Junior Black Belts.Along side learning defensive techniques, the school has also taught them how to be confident, self determined, disciplined and how to carry oneself in school.They make the classes fun and interactive. The instructors make sure the kids understand the moves before moving onto the next one. It is definitely not one of those schools where you are rushed to the next belt cycle. I highly recommend Action Karate Nazareth to any parent or adult who is looking for some extra curricular activities for themselves or theirs kids to learn the amazing world of martial arts. Great safe school, environment and teachers.
Samantha AdamsSamantha Adams
14:47 13 Apr 22
Action Karate Nazareth has been the best thing for my son. The staff is always amazing and so kind, and make my whole family feel like we’re all family. The extra activities are so great and I love that they even involve parents to come out to the mat with the kids, it just makes for such a great bonding experience. My sons confidence has sky rocketed, he’s lost some weight and his attitude has improved tremendously. It’s truly been an investment for our whole family.

The incredible benefits of martial arts in Nazareth for adults

Adults go through incredible stresses as part of daily life. Whether it’s at home or at work, this stress can build up and cause physical and mental discomfort. If you’re looking for ways to deal with life’s challenges and stresses, Action Karate can help. Our adult martial arts classes in Nazareth promote a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being, with you at the center of it all. Through an in-depth full-body workout and the chance to destress and re-energize, you’ll feel at your best once again, ready to tackle it all.

Physical benefits

  • Promoting cardiovascular health
  • Boosting strength, flexibility, and coordination
  • Reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases (heart disease or stroke)

Mental and emotional benefits

  • Controlled breathing techniques
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Helps manage emotional overwhelm 
  • Promoting a sense of tranquility

Lifestyle and social benefits

  • Adopting healthy habits
  • Building a supportive community
  • Adults can constantly challenge themselves, set new goals, and refine their skills

Take control of your physical and emotional well-being today!

Fun and exhilarating self-defense classes for adults

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you felt unsafe, you know the importance of the need to be able to calmly assess the situation and boost your and your family’s personal safety through martial arts self-defense empowerment classes. These classes are not the aggressive type that most people associate with when they think of martial arts. When you enroll in Action Karate’s self-defense training for adults, you will also learn and assess potentially dangerous situations by learning how to avoid or de-escalating them before physically defending yourself. So, when you are looking for ways to protect yourself for overall well-being, that’s something we at Action Karate can help with.

adult karate class with students holding karate props

Passionate and experienced instructors at your side, helping you every step of the way

You’ll be glad to know that our instructors are highly trained and vastly experienced in teaching martial arts to adults, offering all the necessary support to help you achieve your goals. These instructors are friendly and welcoming and will work with you no matter what age or skill level you may be at. They will help you progress safely and efficiently through every level as they teach principles such as discipline, focus, perseverance, self-control, and respect, which can positively impact your personal and professional life. With experienced professionals at your side, our experienced instructors guide our adult students towards personal growth, promoting self-improvement and fostering a positive self-image.

Where can you find us?

Nestled in the heart of Nazareth, Action Karate Nazareth offers your children a dynamic and enriching martial arts experience that will cultivate self-discipline, confidence, and a lifelong passion for physical activity. Conveniently located at 240 S Main St, PA 18064, USA, Action Karate is an accessible hub for families from Easton, Tatamy, Stockertown, Chapman, Glendon, and beyond.

How to Find Us

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