One thing you should know about Action Karate’s karate classes in Lebanon, NJ is that they offer an incredibly fun and immersive experience. Perfect for both kids and adults, this is the perfect opportunity for learning coordination and discipline.

Our classes are ideal for any age. In fact, we cater to students aged 3 and up, and the sessions are perfect for every ability level. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student, our fun and safe environment means you and/or your children will enjoy great stress relief and exhilaration through karate activities that aim to boost self-discipline, flexibility, and balance.

It doesn’t matter what challenges you’re facing on the school, home, or work front. With every Action Karate class, you’ll come out feeling your absolute best. Of course, we also offer classes for special needs students, empowering them to discover their full potential with caring and friendly instructors in an environment designed to bring out the best in everyone.

Every student that walks through our doors comes out smiling each and every time they have a class with us. That’s because our classes are the perfect way to destress and re-energize, getting ready to tackle life’s challenges head-on. So, when you’re looking for karate near you and you’re looking for either lessons for adults or for children, know that we have you covered.

With a longstanding reputation for quality classes that bring out the best in you, you’ll never go wrong when you choose Action Karate’s karate classes in Lebanon, NJ. Ready to get started? Simply get in touch with us to book your first class with us! Our friendly and experienced instructors are at your side, ready to take you on an unforgettable journey.

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One-on-One Introductory Session

2 Group Classes

Free Uniform

* Money-back guarantee


Sculpt your body, get fit and healthy, and enjoy excellent stress relief


Adult Martial Arts Classes

Dynamic, positive, and action-packed karate classes for adults that will help you re-energize and de-stress while sculpting your body.


Kids Martial Arts Classes

Give your child the gift of perseverance, leadership skills, grit, and determination while at the same time helping them achieve their health and fitness goals.


Ninja Sharks Ages 3 to 6 Classes

Let your young kids thrive in a positive and friendly environment where they will learn balance, flexibility, coordination, and so much more.

Special needs martial class

Special Needs Martial Arts Classes

Students of varying abilities are welcome to join our special needs martial arts classes where we help you discover your true potential.


Birthday Party Classes

Looking for a different way to celebrate a birthday? Topped by our samurai sword cake cutting ceremony, our karate birthday pirates are not to be missed.


Need more information?

Got a question or a query? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Our friendly team is ready and more than happy to help.

Check What Our Members Are Saying

Cassandra DavisCassandra Davis
01:54 30 Jan 24
We won 3 free classes to give karate a try. I was unsure how my daughter would like it. But after the 2nd class she told me she loved it. Miss Lisa and Mr. Manny made her feel comfortable and was patient with her from the beginning. For the past couple years Gemma has struggled in school with her confidence, attention, and education. We have had help from her teachers but we felt something was missing. After only a couple months of doing karate her teachers told me they saw a difference in her. She was more confident in herself and kept trying at the hard problems. Her attention in class was more under control. And they told me they honestly believed the karate has helped her. She even tried her first tournament and won 2nd place from all her hard work. Seeing her face light up with happiness and Mr. Manny and Miss Lisa cheering her on, she came over to me and finally said the words I prayed for her to say one day, “mom I am proud of myself”. This place has helped our daughter in many ways. The instructors are amazing and even the families that attend have been great with her. She has made new friends and continues to believe in herself. A parent can’t ask for anything better than that!
Blake MarsellaBlake Marsella
23:48 29 Jan 24
Action Karate has become a big part of my life. It has become like another family for me. It makes me want to be better for my parents and in school. I have much more motivation, and have Action Karate is a big part of my life now.
Jasmin BrownJasmin Brown
00:07 23 Jan 24
We entered a raffle won 2 free weeks worth of classes for our daughter. We didn’t think she would like it but thought we would try it because Karate is all about self discipline, structure, and self confidence and that’s what we want for our child. Boy was i wrong! Mr Manny and Miss Lisa make class fun! It’s all she could (and still does) talk about! She loves coming to class and meeting new friends and she even invited her friends to come and they also joined class with her. Both instructors are amazing and are always there to help with anything. Both instructors care about every child that steps on the mat. Always available to talk about progress and to help wherever they are needed. Not to mention, they are all about getting the parents involved. Anytime someone asks me what activities my child does i recommend Action Karate!
Frankie BottiniFrankie Bottini
00:18 22 Jan 24
Our son Frankie is very shy. Since September he has come such a long way breaking out of his shell. He is always ready for the next move. He is starting to volunteer in class. We couldn’t thank Mr. Manny and Miss Lisa enough for not just in the dojo but it shows when he is in school also. Also I cannot thank them enough with myself starting classes as I break out of my comfort zone and hit the mat with 100% every time. They are truly incredible people. Thank you!
Sara FetzkoSara Fetzko
17:21 17 Jan 24
Miss Kelly and Mr. Keane are amazing! The classes were engaging and fun and both instructors offered encouragement to our daughter throughout her classes. We loved that a positive attitude, respect, and team building skills were emphasized. This is a great place for kids due to the excellent instructors and the values they convey.
Laura GendelmanLaura Gendelman
16:55 30 Dec 23
I don't write reviews often, but I felt that this one needed to be shared. My story begins over at once upon a child in Moorestown, NJ. My son and I were going to purchase some clothes and saw a man standing outside the store with a spinning wheel. We stopped and he introduced himself and said he was from Action Karate. My son has never shown an interesting karate but he has experience in several other sports and activities.The gentleman asked us to spin the wheel and my son won 2 weeks free of karate class. We went home that day and I completely forgot about it. About a week and a half later I was speaking to my mom, and mentioned that I'd like to get him in to try the class.Our first visit, was not a good one. My son was belligerent to Miss Lisa, he was not respectful, he was unwilling to try and participate, and truthfully I was utterly embarrassed. Miss Lisa took me aside and said he needs to be here. She said sometimes it's very tough but you need to be the one to make him come to class and not allow him to quit.I agreed that I would push him and bring him for at least the first 2 weeks. It was tough. My son did not want to go, he would cry and tell me if he just never spun that wheel his life would be better and going on and on and on. Keep in mind this child is seven lol.After the first 2 weeks, even though he was still a little resistant, I decided to sign him up and make the commitment. After a few more weeks, he started to fall into line, became much more respectful, increased his focus, increase his attentiveness, increasing his grit and perseverance, and his overall mental and physical health.We started his classes at the end of August, and by November he was promoted to yellow belt. Just recently, he was invited to be a part of the Black belt leadership program to assist other students with their form during combinations and exercises. This added responsibility has brought great joy and excitement to my son.We have also seen huge positive changes in him at home and in school. He's been participating more, listening and focusing better, persevering through problems that he has difficulty with and also even helping his peers in areas that they struggle.For me and my son, this is been a life-changing experience. This is not just a sport or an activity. This is a lifestyle. I can't wait to see my son continue to progress at this wonderful facility.Miss Lisa and Mr. Manny are absolutely phenomenal with the children, the classes are thorough and challenging for everyone. They are open to feedback constantly, and are always willing to make changes as needed to improve the program for the children.I think this will be one of the best decisions I've ever made for my son. I also think this will end up being one of his largest accomplishments in life. He is committed to getting his black belt. He is committed to karate. He is committed to this lifestyle.I couldn't imagine anything better!Thank you, MISS LISA, MR. MANNY AND ACTION KARATE FOR CHANGING OUR LIVES IN SUCH A POSITIVE WAY!GIVE IT A TRY, YOU WONT REGRET IT!ACTION KARATE VOORHEES, NJ
Erin SzczurekErin Szczurek
23:32 15 Sep 23
Such a great environment. My kids love it!
Patrick AdamsPatrick Adams
13:31 15 Aug 23
Great instructors, amazing and positive environment!
Rosalina JulienRosalina Julien
13:30 15 Aug 23
We love Mr. Manny & Ms. Lisa at Action Karate Voorhees!!! They are not just amazing martial artist, they are some of the most wonderful human beings I’ve ever met. 😁
Alminda D'AgostinoAlminda D'Agostino
13:27 15 Aug 23
Ms Lisa is caring and Mr Manning a great instructor. If you are looking for a karate school with instructors who genuinely want the best training for your family and who want to install life skills that build success, Action Karate Vorhees is the right training center.
Stefanie DarnleyStefanie Darnley
17:22 16 Jul 23
I was not very familiar with martial arts, but the teachers at action karate came to my daughter’s preschool and she loved the experience and asked to try it. From the very beginning, Miss Lisa and Mr Manny have been so patient, kind, and supportive. Not only are they wonderful teachers, but it’s very obvious that they are also fantastic people who truly care. My daughter can be rather unsure of herself when in unfamiliar situations, but she leaves karate every time telling me how proud that she is of herself for going out of her comfort zone. Action Karate has really helped my daughter hone in on her grit, listening skills, and ability to follow rules and I am so grateful that we gave it a chance!
Annie SiegelAnnie Siegel
20:09 06 Jul 23
Miss Lisa and Mr. Manny came to Early Childhood camp today! They are AMAZING with the little ones and the kiddos learned SO SO much from their program! I highly recommend Action Karate Voorhees !!


At our classes, you will be able to learn traditional karate and its techniques, which include some fitness-based exercises.

Although each of our locations offers a different schedule, you can join us for your training sessions six days a week during our flexible time slots. This means we can accommodate your time schedule as and when you need it.

When you join us for your first karate training session, you should simply wear loose and comfortable clothing that you can move around in. What’s more is that once you join, you will receive a uniform that is included in the $49 introductory special.

Our karate classes are perfect for all individuals of varying skill levels and who fall into practically any age group. We have students from as young as three and as old as 103, making this one of the most versatile ways to help you achieve your health and fitness goals as well as learning important life skills that will benefit you immensely in all areas of your life.

Have more questions? REACH OUT


Action-packed karate classes in Lebanon, NJ in a fun and safe environment

When it comes to finding the perfect place for martial arts in Lebanon, NJ, Action Karate has you covered! With experienced and friendly instructors who are ready to help you at every step of your journey, you’re in excellent hands with us.

At the Action Karate school, you can enjoy adult martial arts classes and classes for children. We cater to all ages and skill levels. With our younger students, we have seen first-hand how martial arts can teach children self-respect. Meanwhile, our adult self-defense classes are the perfect way to destress and re-energize as you get ready to tackle life’s challenges.

But that’s not all! At the Action Karate group training venue, we not only offer group classes and individualized instruction. We also cater to students with special needs, helping them rediscover their true potential through developing important skills such as balance, flexibility, coordination, and more.


Enjoy martial arts in Lebanon, NJ for stress relief, balance, coordination, and more

Our venue also makes for the ideal location to hold your child’s next martial arts birthday party. This fun-filled and exciting adventure that the star of the party and their guests will enjoy culminates in a samurai sword cake-cutting ceremony, which really is the cherry on the cake when it comes to creating unforgettable birthday experiences.

Make your next birthday party the most memorable one yet and get in touch with us. Our friendly team will help set up and organize the event so that parents can sit back, relax, and enjoy the festivities.

Whether you’re planning a birthday party or you’re looking for action-packed and fun-filled martial arts in Lebanon, NJ, Action Karate has you covered. We serve the following areas and neighboring locations, meaning we’re super close to reach and a convenient location to get the perfect physical and mental workout: Lebanon, Tewksbury, High Bridge, Clinton, Dreahook, Lamington, Clinton Township, and Potterstown.


Sounds fun and exciting, doesn’t it? It’s time to sign up for your first class today!