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Find your happy place through Action Karate’s karate classes in Jamison, PA

Wondering if there is one activity that can help you gain a whole new perspective, sharpen your concentration, and boost your physical strength at the same time? The answer is Action Karate’s karate classes in Jamison, PA. The karate classes are perfect for beginner adults who have always wanted to learn self-defense, get a total body workout, and destress outside of the gym setting. Action Karate Jamison also offers classes for advanced students, irrespective of age. It’s never too late to embark on the journey to physical fitness, great health, and feeling destressed and reenergized.

Action Karate Jamison’s karate school near Warrington is not just for adults who are looking for a new and fun way to get in shape and sculpt their bodies. It’s also ideal for children - whether preschoolers or those in school already. Why are Action Karate’s karate classes near Hartsville, PA the perfect indoor activity for your child? There are many reasons but among the most important ones are that karate helps your child with social-emotional learning, apart from gaining physical strength and coordination, learning leadership, communication, and cooperation skills, and so much more.

Choose Action Karate Jamison for yourself, your child, your whole family, and even for special needs students of any age. We guarantee that you will walk out smiling every time. The environment is positive, high-energy, and extremely fun while the classes also impart important life skills such as self-discipline. Give your child or yourself the gift of confidence and enjoyment.

The karate classes near Jamison, PA are led by a team of highly skilled instructors who have been teaching martial arts for nearly 30 years. Their caring and warm nature combined with their skills is the perfect combination to help every student meet and exceed their expectations and challenge themselves to do what they thought was impossible.

Martial arts classes in Jamison, PA for stress relief and energy-boosting fun!

When you or your child join Action Karate’s martial arts classes in Jamison, PA, you’re in for an incredible experience. The classes are not only exciting and fun but they also teach critical life skills to help children cope in the classroom and outside of it. Whether you would like to help your child deal with bullying in a constructive way, help them improve their balance and coordination, or you’d like to help them feel more confident, the martial arts classes near Hartsville, PA are for you.

Action Karate Jamison also offers special needs martial arts classes in Jamison, PA. Students of all ages and abilities are welcome to attend one-on-one or group sessions to help them thrive and reach their full potential. The Action Karate Jamison instructors have helped numerous students in wheelchairs, those using canes, those with social anxiety, ADHD, ADD, Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, and many others to come out smiling and feeling proud of themselves.

The Action Karate Jamison martial arts birthday parties are also not to be missed. Giving parents a break from the planning and preparations, a karate birthday party is one for the memory books. Not only is it an unforgettable experience that’s extremely fun and special as it ends in a samurai sword cake-cutting ceremony, it’s also where your child and their friends will learn real karate drills in a fun and safe environment.

You can find us in Jamison as we also serve the areas of Warrington, Hartsville, and Furlong. Get in touch with us today for a truly unforgettable, fun, and unique experience. Give your child or yourself the best gift you possibly can - the chance to gain and solidify important life skills while engaging in action-packed, energy raising activities that are sheer fun.


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Jen BerariJen Berari
14:12 08 May 23
Terrible place, strictly and clearly a pyramid scheme. They don't allow you to cancel, proceed to bill you. Child gets nothing from the range of frequently changing instructors who are only there doing community service required by action karate's black belt programTo respond to their generic and, again, disappointing response - with lack of accountability -Don't waste your money here. They do not listen to your wishes. I can upload some proof of my conversations stating "I'd like to cancel and not bring my daughter in" where they respond "bring her in we'll talk here" completely disregarding and disrespecting my parenting. They are not even paying attention clearly and didn't read my 5 text messages and several emails. At this point, I'd happily settle this with litigators.You guys have people pay more for the black belt program and have them ( a range of ages and people in the black belt program ) teaching our children as it's "mandatory for them to do "community service" to obtain their belt, but it's poorly run and it would be a nice concept, if they actually learned ANYTHING. It's messy, our children became numbers, not even, and we'd be Better off letting them go to a free playground to get their yayas out. The instructors- constantly changing, there's nothing being learned, we're paying 70 dollars a class for them to sub out their work to their own clients. Clearly all a Pyramid scheme and I could tell the first day when they pitched me the full deal. I did it bc my daughter wanted to learn and we as parents wanted her to learn a sense of discipline. Can't learn discipline if they're not disciplined or morally intact themselves!
John SzuminskyJohn Szuminsky
17:05 22 Mar 23
I am from out of town and decided to try out a lesson with Sara. At first the moves didn’t seem to be that difficult, but as we progressed with the lesson, it started getting harder. As I am not the most flexible, the high kick was challenging for me. Though Sara took the time and patience to show me different ways of doing the move so I wouldn’t get hurt. Her expertise in karate is also apparent, as she is able to teach so many different people of different skill levels. I suggest if anyone comes down for a lesson, they should ask for Sara!!!
Hannah WHannah W
15:45 21 Mar 23
My daughter Abigail just recently started at Action Karate Jamison about two months ago. She absolutely loves it. At first she was very shy but all of the instructors worked with her and eventually brought her out of her shell. Every week she is so excited to go in and learn with all of her friends and I especially love seeing how passionate and dedicated the instructors are to teaching. I am so incredibly proud of her and would absolutely recommend this experience to anyone.
Sara KuntzSara Kuntz
02:02 21 Mar 23
I started at Action Karate Jamison when I was only 9 years old, and I fell in love with it immediately. For the past 12 years, karate has been the only constant factor in my life as I explored new interests in various sports and other extracurricular activities. Even today as a full time college student, I am able to train and teach and see first hand how being a part of the Action Karate family has made waves in my life and in who I am as a person today. Sensei Michael, Mr. Hodum, Mr. M and Ms Ashlee are the best mentors I could have ever asked for, and I look to them today as I navigate career opportunities and other big life changes. Action Karate Jamison has truly made me the person I am today, and I will always thank my parents for signing me up and continuously pushing me to reach my goals.
Jessica CangianiJessica Cangiani
02:08 24 Nov 22
We have been a part of the AK family since 2019, when my oldest child was a little over 3 years old. The staff at AK worked with my son at several classes before we officially joined, and at the time my son was not motivated and was reluctant to follow instructions (as many 3 year-olds are). Fast-forward to 2022, my oldest and middle (4 1/2 y.o.) sons are both at AK Jamison, and eager to participate, learn, and excel! They have both done tournaments, and it is amazing to see them reciting the kata in front of judges and an audience. AK Jamison truly is a family; not just for members, but for the whole community- they frequently have free community classes and events during holidays. Each of the staff members makes a point to assist any and every student during every class, in order to perfect their skills- whether it be a martial arts move, an exercise, or simply sitting or standing still with patience and discipline. My oldest is now frequently raising his hand to volunteer for demonstrations or to answer questions, and has led the class in the student creed. I am constantly amazed at how far he's come, and I can't wait to see my youngest (daughter, currently almost 2) perform at AK Jamison.
Jeremy LynesJeremy Lynes
19:33 18 Nov 22
They are truly devoted to the children that they teach. They are focused on teaching life lessons and discipline in a very thorough manner. Every young child seems to understand and absorb the lessons that they teach which can be very difficult when dealing with kids. Kudos to the Action Karate family and thank you for making us feel at home!!!
Paul SharpPaul Sharp
20:42 26 Oct 22
The Instructors are extremely enthusiastic , exude positivity, and are engaging with all the students My daughter is on the Autism Spectrum and attempting to earn her Black Belt. They have welcomed her, understanding her unique challenges. She is treated as any other student but if she needs a little extra assistance, they take the time to see she fully grasps the techniques involved. Her confidence and physical abilities has grown further than we could imagineHighly recommend taking a look at Action Karate at any one of their locations for your child's Martial Arts experience (ok Adults too) .