Have you always wanted to work out in a fun and high-energy environment where you feel positive and great about yourself? Action Karate Huntingdon Valley understands that doing this in a gym setting can be far from fun or stimulating, and this is why we invite you to try Action Karate’s martial arts near Abington. It’s ideal for adults who live high-stress lives and who want a new and exciting way to unwind after a long day at work.

Action Karate Huntingdon Valley karate classes near Abington are also ideal for children. During the engaging sessions, children are taught and encouraged to develop and strengthen their leadership skills while emphasis is placed on cooperation, turn sharing, communication, and more. Creating a balanced approach to martial arts where focus is both on the physical and mental aspects, these are all the essential ingredients that will set up your child for success.

How to Find Us

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One-on-One Introductory Session

2 Group Classes

Free Uniform

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Sculpt your body, get fit and healthy, and enjoy excellent stress relief


Adult Martial Arts Classes

Dynamic, positive, and action-packed karate classes for adults that will help you re-energize and de-stress while sculpting your body.


Kids Martial Arts Classes

Give your child the gift of perseverance, leadership skills, grit, and determination while at the same time helping them achieve their health and fitness goals.


Ninja Sharks Ages 3 to 6 Classes

Let your young kids thrive in a positive and friendly environment where they will learn balance, flexibility, coordination, and so much more.

Special needs martial class

Special Needs Martial Arts Classes

Students of varying abilities are welcome to join our special needs martial arts classes where we help you discover your true potential.


Birthday Party Classes

Looking for a different way to celebrate a birthday? Topped by our samurai sword cake cutting ceremony, our karate birthday pirates are not to be missed.


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Got a question or a query? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Our friendly team is ready and more than happy to help.

Check What Our Members Are Saying

Yousra Es-SadenyYousra Es-Sadeny
16:42 03 Apr 24
My son with autism had the opportunity to try Karate with love and acceptance especially from mr. Clark. He was welcomed despite of his behavior challenges. We cannot wait to come back!
01:03 09 Dec 23
Maulana MuhammadMaulana Muhammad
12:25 02 Dec 23
My Black Belt Journey: Askia Muhammad, My black belt journey began at Action Karate HV back in 2020. My love for karate movies was my inspiration to learn. Since joining Action Karate, I have gained strength, self-discipline, and confidence. Black belt training has been difficult. My instructors are tough, but they push me to believe in myself. My goal is to one day be a black belt instructor! I hope to continue to be a member of the Action Karate community for as long as I can.
Kevin DerrKevin Derr
16:06 18 Nov 23
I've been training at Action Karate HV for over four years now. To say that I have enjoyed it is a bit of an understatement. The instructors have provided opportunities for me to do things I never thought that I would do. Not only is it fun, but I've developed new friendships and look forward to going to class. I started training at Action HV because I saw they way that Mr. Clark, Mr. Atkins and Mr. Mat worked with my son who was 3 at the time. I not only recommend the school, but continue to train after earning my first degree black belt.
Anthony CesariniAnthony Cesarini
01:44 10 Jun 23
If you're looking for a karate school for your child to learn self-discipline, focus, and concentration then you've come to the right place. The instructors here are fantastic at cultivating young minds, using karate as the art to improve results. Our daughter has had self-control and self-discipline issues and we've noticed a huge improvement from her training. Our entire family now trains at the school, including my wife and I. We love training here, and love the respectfulness that training in the martial arts has brought to our family.
Nicole HollenbeckNicole Hollenbeck
17:21 02 Oct 22
I never imagined that when we had my son's 6th birthday party (3 years ago) that I would find myself training as well. The community of Huntingdon Valley AC, is welcoming and after mom's free in May, I was hooked. Family class is my favorite time! I get to work with my kids and the many other families to keep getting stronger together.
DadECool JarrDadECool Jarr
01:23 22 May 22
Our journey with Action Katate HV startedwith our youngest son who started at 4 years old. I started training shortly after him. 16 years later we are still at AKHV and it's best investment we could have ever made for our family. The instructors genuinely care for their students and want them to succeed in all facets. I can attest that they build not only strong martial artists, but also individuals of strong character, resilient minds, and inspiring confidence. I count myself proud to be part of the Action HV family.
21:39 21 May 22
The instructors are very caring and enthusiastic about the success of there students.
Tamika RogersTamika Rogers
18:10 21 May 22
Wonderful karate school!! My son has been apart of this school since 2014! The instructors are personal and truly care about the students and families!!
Ben SanchezBen Sanchez
16:51 21 May 22
Since starting last year, my daughter Cynthia has learned self confidence, self control, and self awareness. The staff are always helpful & supportive. Always keeping her focused on the goal in front of her. We love coming every week and learning new techniques as well as socializing with the other students. Don't forget about the family events. I absolutely love this place and the people.Also.....we have the legendary Sensei Atkins!
Jennifer ThorpeJennifer Thorpe
16:49 21 May 22
I can’t say enough about how much the Action Karate Huntingdon Valley school has helped my children with their confidence, perseverance and respect. We trained at the school for 7 years and it becomes a family. Everyone is there to support each other and help each other improve. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a karate school in the area.
Christina McAChristina McA
16:45 21 May 22
Action Karate Huntingdon Valley has become a HUGE part of our family! Through the past 9 years we have been able to watch our son grow more confident and focused. I honestly don’t know where we would be without them!
Stephen GranatoStephen Granato
22:26 02 Nov 18
My name is Stephen G and next month on December 4th will be 8 years since I started at Action Karate Huntingdon Valley as a 4 year old. It has been very challenging but my instructors have always met my needs to make me successful. They have been great mentors and have instilled in me a valuable sense of self worth and confidence that has carried over into my social interactions and success with my schoolwork. I feel my physical, mental and emotional development has benefitted from my karate instruction and I want to strive for many degrees beyond my Adult Black Belt next month. I am nervous but also happy and excited to be challenged because I know I am prepared.


At our classes, you will be able to learn traditional karate and its techniques, which include some fitness-based exercises.
Although each of our locations offers a different schedule, you can join us for your training sessions six days a week during our flexible time slots. This means we can accommodate your time schedule as and when you need it.
When you join us for your first karate training session, you should simply wear loose and comfortable clothing that you can move around in. What’s more is that once you join, you will receive a uniform that is included in the $49 introductory special.
Our karate classes are perfect for all individuals of varying skill levels and who fall into practically any age group. We have students from as young as three and as old as 103, making this one of the most versatile ways to help you achieve your health and fitness goals as well as learning important life skills that will benefit you immensely in all areas of your life.

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A young martial arts student with his instruction during a class in Action Karate.

Enjoy high-quality and reenergizing karate in Huntingdon Valley, PA

adult karate class with students holding karate props

With Action Karate’s karate classes near Abington for special needs, we also cater to a wide range of students who have special requirements. Your child or loved one can participate in fun and stimulating activities that will leave them feeling positive and happy after every session. These classes are also a great way to help children with cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, ADHD, ADD, social anxiety, and more overcome barriers and achieve what they thought was impossible.

The karate instructors at Action Karate Huntingdon Valley are extremely well-trained and experienced to cater to every age and ability level. Whether you’re a beginner adult or a parent with a special needs child, the comprehensive program is perfectly designed by experts so that every student gets the most out of it.


Abington martial arts with extensive instructor expertise and a positive environment

When you sign up for martial arts near Abington, PA with Action Karate, you get more than just a full-body workout that leaves you reenergized and destressed. You’ll feel noticeable improvements in your physical strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. But you’ll also strengthen aspects such as increased focus and concentration, more self-awareness and confidence, a greater sense of accomplishment, and the drive to achieve everything on your to-do list with assurance and positivity.

For children, the Action Karate school for martial arts near Abington also offers children’s karate birthday parties. This is a unique opportunity to give your child the most memorable birthday party as you leave the planning and all the details to our capable team. Everyone who attends the martial arts birthday party will learn real karate drills, skills, and techniques that help with self-defense, self-discipline, awareness, confidence, and leadership. Parents can rest assured that no detail will be untouched and you can ensure your child and their friends have a truly fun, exciting and memorable experience. The party will culminate with a samurai sword cake-cutting ceremony, which is out of this world and completely astonishing.

Whether you are looking for karate in Huntingdon Valley, PA for yourself, your child, or a special needs student irrespective of age or ability, Action Karate is your best choice. With professional and friendly instructors teaching martial arts near Abington, PA and Hollywood, PA, every student will get the most out of their experience as they work towards reaching their full potential and strengthening their ability to overcome challenges in the classroom, at home, or in life.