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Are you on the lookout for a physical activity that gives you a whole lot more than a pure physical workout? At Action Karate, we understand that men and women of all ages are tired of the boring routines at the gym. That’s why we offer an unmatched karate program that gives your fitness levels and strength an incredible boost while ensuring you also get a boost In confidence and learn or rediscover important life skills that will help set you up for success. Action Karate’s adult martial arts program is for men and women looking to add fun, fitness, excitement, and inner growth to their lives. So, if you are looking for the best adult martial arts schools that teach high-energy classes, you’ve come to the right place.

Certified martial arts instructors: Experience expert guidance

One of the things we take great pride in at Action Karate is the passion and experience of our certified Hamilton instructors. They’re like your very own life coach that seamlessly helps you with goal setting and positive reinforcement. The way in which they teach is done with reduced injury risk and with maximized effectiveness. And if group classes just aren’t for you, then you can enjoy personalized instruction. Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured that our martial arts classes are great for confidence building, stress management, and community building. All this is delivered to you by our expert instructors who prioritize:


Safety and technique:

They’ll make sure you are safe and comfortable in a welcoming environment while pushing your mind and body to fulfill its potential.


Motivation and progress:

They’ll motivate you to give your best and more each time you attend a class and you can enjoy the progress you make with each kick and punch.


Beyond physical benefits:

Our instructors will not only help you rediscover your true physical potential but also open up a world where you feel confidence, have stronger self-esteem, and feel ready to face all of life’s challenges.



One-on-One Introductory Session

2 Group Classes

Free Uniform

* Money-back guarantee


You may have watched some karate films and thought “Hey! I’d love to be able to do that!” Well, now you can with our martial arts classes for adults. It’s never too late to start and you can feel free to join our beginner martial arts classes, which means you need absolutely no experience to get started.
You can now realize your dreams and learn martial arts as an adult and we guarantee you’ll never look back on your journey to physical strength, health and fitness, and a strong mindset that enables you to overcome anything life throws your way. Whether you are interested in group or private martial arts lessons, rest assured that we can help.
Martina AndradeMartina Andrade
17:16 03 Jul 24
I very much enjoy putting my kids here it has helped my children with their behavior, discipline, self confidence. The instructor knows how to handle children that don’t like to follow instructions nicely. My children have built self confidence in a new way. They really focus on the best interest of the children. Thank you to the instructors for all that they do.
16:41 02 Jul 24
My family and I have been coming to Action Karate Hamilton for over a year and I cannot say enough good things. You feel like family when you are here and everyone takes the upmost care of each other. Mrs. Rose, Mr. Julien and all of the leaders are fantastic people that I have complete trust in. Between the training, the environment and the staff, I highly recommend AK Hamilton.
21:54 25 Jun 24
Great experience Friendly and teaches good morals
Anthony SupoyAnthony Supoy
16:01 22 Jun 24
We found our tribe at Action Karate! Their vibrant community focuses on martial arts training as a way to build strength, confidence, and connections in a supportive environment where everyone feels valued and respected. We are so blessed to be part of this amazing family.
Swati BanerjeeSwati Banerjee
19:00 04 Jun 24
Similar to the experiences of others, I have nothing but great things to say about Action Karate Hamilton. The Juliens and the rest of the team create an extremely positive, caring, and encouraging environment. All of the instructors are not only highly skilled, but really take pride in what they do. Most importantly, they are fantastic with children and take the time to really get to know each and every individual who walks in the door.In the 9 months since joining I noticed changes in my children, 8 year old son and 6 year old twin daughters. They all have become stronger, are more confident, and are able to listen and focus more, amongst changes within individual strengths and improvements.Watching my children, enticed me to train as well. Similar to my children's experiences, I have also benefited from not only participating in the classes, but by having the Action Karate family as part of my life.We are very grateful to be members of this extremely loving and supportive community!
Kim RayaKim Raya
21:34 23 May 24
Action Karate is the absolute best! There’s no question that Ms. Rose is such a wonderful human, I am beyond grateful that I found Action Karate and joined the family they have created! The entire staff has such a passion not just for karate but to genuinely care and help the students of all ages. My daughter (6) started with this school, and before I knew it I too was taking classes and have zero regrets! 1000/10 will highly recommend Action Karate, Hamilton! 5 stars and beyond!
Chris ScottChris Scott
23:24 22 May 24
Our daughter has been coming here now for a few months. It’s so awesome to see her learn new moves each week and build her confidence. The staff here is amazing and make you feel like family. I would highly recommend this place!
Jennifer GasinskiJennifer Gasinski
23:23 22 May 24
Mrs. Rose and her team has been a blessing for my daughter Victoria. She came to action karate with such low self confidence and low self esteem. She now is showing so much confidence in herself. My daughter has been to other karate places and action karate is 100 percent better. Our first visit felt like we’ve been there for ever. We knew right there and then that this was our home. My daughter has already learned cross punches, round off kick and self defense moves. They are always showing Victoria proper moves.The staff are always encouraging Victoria. They give her confidence. I can’t say enough about them.
destiny morrisdestiny morris
22:33 22 May 24
The best place I’ve found for an after school activity for my daughter. Amazing instructors!!
Emmanuel HillEmmanuel Hill
14:49 19 Apr 24
I love the family environment and the workout that i get here at AKH.
Lucio CardosoLucio Cardoso
21:51 18 Apr 24
My girl is in this dojo. Good physical and mental training. Children follow directions early. They also speak Spanish.My daughter trains in this dojo. Very good physical and mental training. Students follow instructions at young age.
15:03 09 Apr 24
I have nothing but great things to say about this place. The foundation of this dojo is built on kindness and respect. All of the instructors are skilled professionals who truly take pride in what they do. My 7 year old loves it here and has benefited from this program in so many ways. He is more confident, has better self control, and is stronger mentally and physically. Action Karate has become our extended family and we are so grateful to be members!!!
Autumn FerraraAutumn Ferrara
13:02 16 Mar 24
Mea DavMea Dav
13:17 12 Mar 24
10/10 recommend. My children love it here at Action Karate Hamilton. I started coming just for my children but in no time joined myself.
Andy GriebAndy Grieb
00:25 02 Feb 24
Great place
Stephen GazzilloStephen Gazzillo
22:37 18 Jan 24
The instructors are amazing with the kids. I’ve seen major improvement on my child’s stamina and sprint on doing his best. He listens to instructions and enjoying going every time. He’s has been a member for over a year now.
Jorge NunezJorge Nunez
22:57 11 Jan 24
Very good, excellent for children, helping them focus 😊 I love it
Jessica SJessica S
22:56 11 Jan 24
Wonderful instructors, very family-oriented, and positive reinforcement for the kids. We are so happy and thankful that we picked Action Karate for our child to attend in the Hamilton area!
Emmanuel HillEmmanuel Hill
19:02 03 Jan 24
I love how all the instructors was holding and making sure that I was doing what I said I wanted to do gets done
manny hillmanny hill
17:47 27 Dec 23
Amanda CarrollAmanda Carroll
22:40 21 Dec 23
We absolutely love it here!
Thomas SmithThomas Smith
03:18 15 Dec 23
Olga KulinaOlga Kulina
22:54 01 Dec 23
Colin OkeeffeColin Okeeffe
17:54 03 Nov 23
At first I thought just another karate school. But that quickly changed as my kids loved it, the instructors welcomed us all with open arms as one of their family. Always there for you. Our kids have learned so much and we love the way they answer yes sir, yes mam at home as well. They look forward to class everyday and are upset when they miss a class. Action karate Hamilton is much more then any other karate school with all the extra interactions, and events they hold. If your thinking of joining a karate school pls . Try action karate Hamilton you won't be disappointed.
Nicole & Grey TuckerNicole & Grey Tucker
12:15 10 Aug 23
We have had such an incredible experience with Action Karate Hamilton! Their instructors are phenomenal. They care truly about helping their students grow and become better martial artists and human beings. Gaining more strength and confidence through their training had been incredible and we cannot thank them enough!!
Michael SudeMichael Sude
13:43 09 Aug 23
The Juliens are kind, patient, and thoughtful. They are excellent at engaging children and getting everyone excited about martial arts. This is a great place to bring your kids and for families to train together.
Lauren GosciniakLauren Gosciniak
13:43 09 Aug 23
Fabulous instructors who really care about their martial artists and families. They always make their sessions fun and interesting. Highly recommend this amazing studio!
Shannon GilmourShannon Gilmour
13:37 09 Aug 23
Amazing and passionate instructors! Truly love what they do!!
Rochelle LippolisRochelle Lippolis
13:36 09 Aug 23
Action Karate has become such an important part of our lives and has taught us many valuable things like self discipline, courage, and a never give up attitude. Very highly recommend starting your journey here and seeing what martial arts with these fantastic, caring leaders is like.
This is an incredible school out of all the schools that I have been looking for in the area I was looking for a school where there really is a family atmosphere and here it is I want everyone to know that if you're looking for a school where the teachers and all of the students act as if one big family this is it detail is very important and precision is also very important that is what you get when you train at this school I love this place You're going to get a very good feeling just when you come in and meet everyone
lewis harveylewis harvey
20:36 23 Mar 23
The instructors are the most reliable, helpful, and fun people I've met. This Action Karate Hamilton team is like family to one another and I'm happy I can be part of this family. I love it here and it is amazing every time I come to class.
Summer JorgensenSummer Jorgensen
18:03 26 Nov 22
Love Action Karate of Hamilton! Team Julien is awesome. They're great with my shy and sometimes sassy 3 year old daughter. Highly recommend if you're looking to get your child into a great activity that will teach them confidence and make them stronger.
Amanda DicksonAmanda Dickson
21:26 25 Oct 22
Everyone here is super friendly and it's super fun to be here.
Christina DicksonChristina Dickson
14:50 13 Sep 22
It is the best experience my children and I have found. The karate instructors are so great with the kids and with me. Ot truely is like having another family.
Casey HeimbachCasey Heimbach
21:36 25 May 22

Unveiling the benefits of martial arts in Hamilton: Transformative insights Await

For over two decades, Action Karate has been offering adult martial arts classes throughout multiple states in the US. One thing that we’ve recognized over the years is that karate goes beyond a physical workout. It offers a broad range of benefits that make for both a fun and enjoyable experience that empowers you to rediscover your full potential. With us, you will experience:

Improved physical health:

  • Karate is a great way to burn calories and lose weight because it comprises a full-body workout that takes your stability and power to a whole new level.

Improved mental focus:

  • With our martial arts classes, you can enjoy improved concentration and focus that help you achieve discipline and goal setting to help you handle life’s ups and downs.

A fun and enjoyable environment:

  • With increased self-confidence as you continuously challenge yourself and learn self-defense skills while developing good balance, you do all this in a fun, safe, and welcoming environment.

Take control of your physical and emotional well-being today!

Elevate your confidence: Self-defense classes for adults in Hamilton

Being in a tricky situation where your physical wellbeing was threatened or challenged is a scary thought. However, you no longer have to feel defenseless or afraid. With Action Karate’s self-defense classes for adults in Hamilton, you will learn the right skills and approaches to protect yourself and your family from potential threats. With our experienced instructors at your side, who can support your goals, you will quickly improve your coordination and agility. They are there to help you build your body, mind, and soul one step at a time. Whether you are just looking for stress relief or a way to empower yourself in a threatening situation, Action Karate’s martial arts classes are the unmatched choice.
adult karate class with students holding karate props

Find karate classes for adults near you: Unleash your potential today

In our family-oriented environment, you can take the first steps to mastering martial arts as our instructors teach you the top techniques for learning karate. Our high-quality training benefits people of all ages and physical health levels, meaning it is never too late to start and rediscover your full potential. Choosing Action Karate’s adult martial arts classes in Hamilton is your ticket to lifelong success because we focus on a holistic approach to building your body and mindset in a healthy and proactive way that benefits you in all areas of your life. Enroll for your first class with us today and reap all the benefits!

Where can you find us?

Action Karate Hamilton, conveniently located at 1970 NJ-33, Hamilton Township, NJ 08690, empowers adults and children from Hamilton, Robbinsville, and Princeton to transform their lives through dynamic karate classes. Our program fosters self-defense skills, boosts confidence, and ignites a lifelong passion for physical fitness in a supportive and welcoming environment.

How to Find Us

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wednesday9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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1970 NJ-33, Hamilton Township, NJ, 08690, USA