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Parents today are right to be concerned about the amount of screen time that their children engage in on an everyday basis. While it may be fun at first, it takes away from important physical activities and social interactions that shape your child’s character development. And while there may not be too many fun activities in Feasterville that teach kids both physical and mental strength, martial arts right is a great way to get them away from the screen and prepare your child for life’s challenges. When you enroll your child in martial arts, you’re not simply choosing random kids’ activities in Feasterville. Instead, you can watch your child grow and learn as they enjoy the full social and physical benefits that come with practicing martial arts

While we primarily serve Feasterville, our program’s positive impact is attracting interest from surrounding areas including Bensalem, Richboro, and Southampton.

What to expect from our kids’ martial arts program

There are multiple benefits to enrolling your child in Action Karatés martial arts program for kids. Here’s what you can expect:


Confidence & self-esteem

At Action Karate, we’re all about encouraging children to stand up for themselves instead of becoming targets of bullying. Give them the gift of self-defense and self-esteem as they build their confidence one step at a time.


Focus & discipline

Parents that are concerned about and on the lookout for constant pursuit of personal improvement for their children will be glad to know that with martial arts, your child will strengthen their focus and discipline and practice greater self-control.


Physical fitness & coordination

The dynamic movements and techniques that our instructors teach are all about strengthening muscles and improving overall physical health, meaning healthy children growing up to be healthy adults.



One-on-One Introductory Session

2 Group Classes

Free Uniform

* Money-back guarantee

Developing skills for life through martial arts

Action Karate is more than just a great physical activity that strengthens your child and improves their fitness levels. It’s also about acquiring important life skills that help them thrive in any situation. These life skills include teamwork abilities and leadership qualities that set them up for success.

When it comes to teamwork, your child will improve their communication skills with partners during training exercises and sparring sessions and/or express themselves respectfully. In addition, we are all about fostering cooperation through partner drills and group activities. We also focus on building relationships by supporting and motivating each other in order to succeed.

And regarding leadership, your child will learn the value of:

  • Goal setting: by mastering a specific technique and earning a new belt
  • Respect & responsibility: for instructors, peers, and oneself
  • Personal and mental development: techniques in karate often require maintaining focus and concentration while performing complex movements.
Action Karate
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Katie MayerKatie Mayer
20:18 18 Jun 24
We’ve been with Action Karate Feasterville for a couple of years now and have been able to watch my daughter’s confidence and skill set grow. We love our action karate family.
Valerie TomassoValerie Tomasso
18:03 05 Jun 24
My 11 year old has been on her black belt journey for 2 years. I have seen growth in her confidence and perseverance while taking her classes. All of the instructors are amazing and have my family's back when we needed extra support. I highly recommend Action Karate Feasterville! You all rock!
Amanda MyersAmanda Myers
00:52 29 May 24
My son Logan has been going there for 4 years now. He first start as private classes. Now he's doing lessons with the class. He loves going there and seeing his karate family. He likes learning the different moves. They have the best teachers. They are passionate and kind.
Olga TsyrulnikOlga Tsyrulnik
14:18 28 May 24
Action Karate in Feasterville is a great start if you want your child to learn discipline and follow instructions. It’s a fun and loving environment for children and adults. Highly recommend.
Dani PelevaDani Peleva
03:00 24 May 24
I had a great martial arts class session today. It was my first time and I loved it. The instructors were great, with a lot of attention to detail, encouraging me every step of the way.The location is easy to get to and they have parking just at the front. I also heard they do kids karate classes. Would definitely recommend!
Amy LaffertyAmy Lafferty
01:21 14 May 24
My daughter has been at Action Karate Feasterville since August 2020, and I must say, it has been an incredible experience thus far. Here's why this studio deserves all the accolades:Expert Instruction: The instructors here are truly masters of their craft. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to every class, ensuring that students not only learn the techniques, but also understand the principles behind them.Friendly Atmosphere: From day one, my daughter felt welcomed by both the instructors and fellow students. As a parent, I observe that whether you're a beginner or an advanced student, everyone is supportive and encouraging. My daughter started because of a class at her daycare. Now, she is a red belt in Black Belt Leadership.Many Class Offerings: The class structure is planned to various skill levels. Each session covers a good balance of warm-ups, technique drills, self-defense, and kata.Effective Communication: The studio's management is excellent at keeping students informed about schedules, upcoming events, and any changes. They are responsive to inquiries and strive to accommodate everyone's needs.Community Engagement: What sets Action Karate Feasterville apart is its involvement in the community. They often organize fundraisers, community and holiday events, which not only benefit the students but also contribute positively to the local area.In summary, Action Karate Feasterville is for anyone looking to learn karate seriously or even just to stay fit and have fun. The instructors' expertise, coupled with the welcoming atmosphere and well-organized classes, make it a standout choice. I highly recommend this studio to anyone interested in martial arts!Note: This review reflects my personal experience and opinion.
Liza SantiagoLiza Santiago
14:59 07 May 24
This karate school is great! My son has truly found his strength and confidence since attending here. The instructors really care about their students. My son loves Karate because of this place. I highly recommend.
Our daughter has been coming to Action Karate for about 5 months now and she absolutely loves it. The instructors going above and beyond for those kids, everyone is very friendly, so is the atmosphere during classes. In such a short time period she was even able to participate in tournament and took some first places. Would definitely recommend!
Liza Lou RosarioLiza Lou Rosario
19:48 23 Apr 24
When my family and I joined the Action Karate Family we were new to the area. We have made strong connections with the instructors. My son has learned a great deal. After a few months, I joined and began taking classes. Everyone is very friendly and always willing to help. I have felt a great deal acceptance and being apart of another family. I would highly recommend Action Karate Feasterville.
Action Karate Feasterville is one of our favorite places to be. Classes are led by incredible teachers who demonstrate understanding, patience, and the true virtue of what karate means. Our two kids participate in the Ninja program and they absolutely love it! Ms Alex and Ms Amanda are absolute gems. I also love training as an adult and would highly recommend Action Karate Feasterville as a prime start, or continuation, of your martial arts skills.
Kellen HillKellen Hill
13:58 26 Mar 24
My son has been at Action Karate for almost a year and I have seen him gain confidence and focus. He loves coming home and practicing his "Action Kata". The instructors are passionate and caring. This is his first time doing a organized activity or sport and I am glad we picked Action Karate and the team at Feasterville!
Suzanne BellSuzanne Bell
00:28 22 Feb 24
I have been shown nothing but kindness here and my daughter and me have learned so much from here. The dags and the whole action family is amazing.
Kristin LunaKristin Luna
17:47 10 Jan 24
Tristan loves Action Karate! Great instructors! Awesome lessons and such a fun group. Practicing is fun and close by! Great experience and lessons learned so pro active! Gratefully blessed to be a part of it!
Jenn GorskiJenn Gorski
15:05 09 Jan 24
Action Karate has been such a positive influence on my 6 year old. She has not only become stronger and healthier but more confident and disciplined. She chooses to do better everyday. I am so grateful for the guidance they have provided - between emails for tips for home to helping her on the mat to be her best. Action karate feasterville has been one of our best decisions. Chose them and you won’t regret it.
Seda IbrahimSeda Ibrahim
01:25 24 Feb 23
Krystle HernandezKrystle Hernandez
21:26 15 Feb 23
Since my daughter joined Action Karate a little over a year ago, I’ve noticed significant improvement in her confidence and over all well being. The instructors are friendly and fun, yet tough and stern. She learns something new with every class. Action Karate is a great place to teach responsibility, strength, courage, confidence, and so much more!
Daniel BeiselDaniel Beisel
21:26 04 Nov 22
Action Karate (Feasterville) has done wonders for Daniel's self confidence as well as his self discipline.
Kathy NayKathy Nay
01:54 04 Nov 22
Action Karate Feasterville is a family run business and they treat everyone there like family. If you want to go to a studio that treats everyone like the OG Cobra Kai, this is NOT the place for you. Fitness and fun are what they specialize in. As with all sports and activities these days, there is a cost. If it's not going to work for you, they'll work with your budget. If you're not finding class times that work for you, they'll work with your schedule and provide other options for you to make up classes. My child is going to be testing for his junior black belt soon and he's definitely learned grit and perseverance. He's never going to win martial arts competitions, but he improves on his skills every week. The self-discipline and need for adaptability when things aren't working out for him are the most important things he's learned. Plus the love and care that all instructors and most students show him are what has made us stick with it, even though it's a further drive for us than some of the other studios in the area.
20:46 03 Nov 22
Great place to build character and confidence in a child. My son AS has been going there since age 4 and we see a huge transformation in him over the years. He has learned to be patient, confident, brave and disciplined. Thanks for all what you do Mr. Dags!
09:24 28 Sep 22
We love Action Karate Feasterville! My son started taking class when he turned 3 and is about to turn 4 in a couple months. It has been nearly a year, and I am amazed at the growth I see in him already. His confidence is boosted by the lessons he learns, and his listening skills have improved significantly in such a short time. Dr. Dags and Mr. Dags run an amazing dojo and the whole instructor team is fantastic! We nearly stopped in the beginning, because as a first-time parent I was learning how to transition and work with a strong minded (barely) 3-year-old, and Mr. and Dr. Dags, being parents themselves, talked through those moments with me. I can’t tell you how much that changed the game for my son’s engagement, but also for us as a family. Action Karate Feasterville is more than Karate classes, it is a community. Many of the other instructors are parents, young adults, and kids. Truly a wonderful group of people, each of them is so welcoming and incredible with the little ones. My son responds so well to seeing older kids and young adults in class, and it helps him learn so well. Even as we grow through the infamous “terrible 3” year, my son has improved his focus, and earned a belt promotion. Today, we both love coming to class! His smile and excitement during the exercises and activities and watching him memorize movements and earn his yellow stripe, has made me so proud. Beyond class there are community events like movie nights, game nights, bring a friend, trunk or treats, board breaking and pad hitting for parents. Coming to Action Karate is one of the best choices I’ve made for me and my son. Come check it out!
Stephanie ZambelliStephanie Zambelli
18:18 20 Sep 22
My family and I love Action Karate. My family and I do classes there and love it. They treat you like family there. All the instructors are very nice. I love the discipline, respect, and confidence that they teach. My son has been more respectful towards me and my daughter got the confidence that she needed to stand up to a bully!! And they are not young kids. Karate is probably the best thing that happened to my family!!
Ruth CaroselliRuth Caroselli
22:00 13 Sep 22
My family love it here at Action Karate Feasterville. Mr. Dags and Dr. Dags are wonderful, great listeners and really care. I signed up my son in December of 2021 because he was having behavioral issues. His attitude and listening skills have improved greatly since he joined Action Karate. He is now an orange belt and is doing really well. I joined in January of 2022, then my mother joined and my brother. It has become a family affair! If you’re even considering joining, don’t think about, just join, you won’t regret it!
James ZinnJames Zinn
18:08 21 May 22
Action Karate in Feasterville is an amazing place. Super family friendly a great place to meet new friends and I am so glad that me and my family are a part of this dojo. My son Ethan is now a brown belt and we could not be more proud of having him be a part of this team.
Mel P.Mel P.
01:58 29 Apr 22
My son began his karate experience a few years ago, and is now getting ready to test for his black belt. These past few years have been great, with caring instructors and a supportive group of wonderful people. Besides teaching self-defense, they teach patience, perseverance, and self-discipline. My son struggled some along his way, and each time the instructors were there to talk it out and help him continue on his journey. We’re proud to be part of the Action Karate Feasterville family!

Highly beneficial and fun kids’ martial arts programs

When you enroll your child in Action Karate’s martial arts classes, no matter their age or ability levels, you will see incredible results. Our martial arts classes are suitable for:

Beginner class: Ages 3-6

  • Motor skill development
  • Coordination
  • Basic self-defense techniques
  • Self-awareness
  • Play-based learning

Juniors: Ages 7-12

  • Communication skills
  • Confidence building
  • Goal-setting 
  • Leadership skills
  • Anti-bullying techniques

Teens: Ages 13+

  • Advanced self-defense techniques
  • Anti-bullying 
  • Physical fitness
  • Stress relief
  • Personal development

Take control of your physical and emotional well-being today!

A team of highly experienced, certified, and passionate instructors

The instructors at Action Karate act as mentors and positive role models for kids. Your child’s Sensei will monitor students’ progress and go beyond this as they inspire children to be and do their best. Our self-defense instructors have all the right qualifications to make them stand out from the crowd. As black belt instructors, they are the perfect role model for your child, inspiring them to go further in their martial arts careers, thrive in school and in the classroom, and succeed in any venture of life they choose.

Why choose Action Karate in Feasterville?

Founded in 1994, Action Karate is known as an industry expert in offering martial arts training for kids of all ages. Since then, the Action Karate family has expanded and reached Feasterville. Now, your child can feel an important part of a community that prioritized physical and mental health and strength with every step and kick. We are all about building children’s strength from the inside first. And our proven techniques place us in an unmatched position. With Action Karate in Feasterville, you can also choose to hold your child’s birthday party with us. And we also cater to special needs students as well as adults. Get in touch with us today and enroll your child in their first class now. They’ll never look back as you give them the gift of important and valuable life skills that they’ll treasure forever.

Where can you find us?

Action Karate Feasterville, conveniently located at 1800 Bridgetown Pike, Feasterville, PA 19053, empowers children of all ages from Feasterville, Bensalem, Richboro, and Southampton to become their best selves. Our exciting martial arts program fosters confidence, discipline, and physical fitness in a fun and supportive environment, helping your child develop valuable life skills that extend far beyond the dojo.

How to Find Us

monday9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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wednesday9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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1800 Bridgetown Pike, Feasterville-Trevose, PA, 19053, USA