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2616 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Martial arts in Fairmount, PA with a difference

When it comes to martial arts and karate, you want the best instructors who provide the best environment for learning and practice. Action Karate Fairmount offers just that and more. With the classes for martial arts near Sharswood, PA, adults, children, and special needs students can all take advantage of the high professionalism and amazingly fun environment that Action Karate Fairmount offers.

The karate classes near Sharswood are designed for people of all ages and abilities and are taught by extremely well-trained martial artists who have been teaching karate techniques for nearly 30 years. The combination of karate drills and movements will help you get in the best shape in your life through a full-body workout that is high-energy, positive, and absolutely exhilarating.

Children’s martial arts near Sharswood, PA are also designed for physical strength, dexterity, balance, flexibility, and coordination. All this together with the ability to learn and hone their leadership skills, develop grit and confidence, and communication skills. The perfect combination of a physical workout and important life skills that will help set your child up for success and enable them to overcome challenges in life, at home, and in the classroom.

With Action Karate Fairmount’s classes for special needs, your child or loved one can also participate in exciting and fun indoor activities that are proven by doctors and therapists to help with the development of a wide range of spatial and emotional skills. Whether you choose a private, a one-on-one, or a group lesson - the caring and friendly instructors are ready to be of assistance.

Your favorite martial arts school near Francisville, PA

Action Karate’s martial arts school in Fairmount will become your favorite place to learn and develop important physical and mental skills. Adults who are looking to reenergize, regain focus, and destress will love the fun, positive, and high-energy environment as you get a full-body workout that will leave you feeling like you’re in the best shape of your life.

The kids karate school near Francisville, PA is also ideal for children’s classes where we start from as young as three years old. Help to prepare your preschooler for school by teaching them the importance of turn sharing, communication, and cooperation as they gain greater balance, flexibility, and channel their energy in productive ways.

With the martial arts near Brewerytown, PA, special needs students will also have the opportunity to thrive and exceed their own expectations about their abilities. They’ll come out smiling each and every time they attend an Action Karate Fairmount class and they’ll feel confident, strong, and sure of themselves.

Apart from karate classes near Sharswood, the Action karate kids karate school near Francisville, PA also offers incredibly fun opportunities for kids’ martial arts and karate birthday parties. A unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience that takes care of all the planning for the parents, it’s also exciting as your child and their guests learn and practice real martial arts drills while enjoying the unforgettable samurai sword cake-cutting ceremony.

When you sign up for Action Karate’s martial arts program, you will embark on a wonderful fun-filled journey towards fitness, health, and meeting your physical goals while having an absolutely great time doing so outside the gym setting. Action Karate serves all students from the areas of Brewerytown, PA, Sharswood, PA, Francisville, PA, and Fairmount, PA.


Check What Our Members Are Saying

Jamiella BrooksJamiella Brooks
03:33 01 Jun 23
We are a Karate family. The kids and I began during the pandemic and were so impressed by the ways the instructors (at Mt. Airy) were able to handle the virtual instruction needed for physical activity. Flash forward to when we moved to W. Philly and switched to the Fairmount dojo, and we continue to appreciate how our instructors care and are focused on our learning. It's not only great exercise, it's great discipline, and our classes help center us, and our bodies, towards Black belt excellence.
Ashante BrooksAshante Brooks
15:58 03 May 23
My daughter has been attending Action Karate Fairmount for about 3 months now. With her attending these classes her self confidence has sky rocketed.. She was receiving a 1 since the beginning of the school year.. She is now at a 3. They push her just enough to challenge her but not too much where she closes up. I would recommend this program to anyone. Not only for the self defense, but for the discipline it instills in the children, the self esteem and confidence, as well as the healthy environment.
Amber WayAmber Way
10:34 15 Apr 23
Action Karate Fairmount is a great place for children and adults. This karate community is a space of positivity for families no matter how big or small. My family joined 3 years ago during the pandemic, at the time there was not many activities for kids to do indoors. Action Karate Fairmount opened their doors safely and the staff always had a smile on their faces. My daughter started as a White Belt and now she is ready to earn her Junior Black Belt. Throughout this 3 year journey, my daughter has developed more self confidence, grit, and understanding of perseverance because of Action Karate. They taught her, and she experienced through the training that nothing worth wild is never easy to achieve. The Karate program is a process and some kids hardly get a chance at an early age to experience achieving a goal through process. Social Media has many kids confused by always posting the results, but never the process. The experience that my daughter received through this program has given her the hands-on knowledge to understand setting goals, realistic tasks, and creating a process for herself. Also this program allowed her to experience failure, learn how to take constructive criticism, and persevere through. We love Action Karate Fairmount Ahsa!
Amanda Cave MoranAmanda Cave Moran
16:09 03 Apr 23
Action Karate Fairmount is truly the best! My 7 year old has been going to classes here for over a year and she loves it. The teachers are amazing, always pushing her to do her best. They instill confidence and accountability in a fun environment. Highly recommend!
Jasmine BashirJasmine Bashir
17:55 22 Jan 23
Action karate Fairmount is Amazing. My 6 year daughter loves it. It is helping her with focusing but also with behavior at home. Understanding accountability, building confidence & discipline in fun & exciting way.
19:16 23 Dec 22
My son has been going here for 8 months and he just loves it. It can be very challenging for him but that’s what I love about Action Karate Fairmount, they are always challenging the kids to do the best they can. The instructors are great! I can truly say my son is slowly breaking out of his shell ! The best !!
Leila ZinniLeila Zinni
00:57 05 Nov 22
My oldest son has been practicing at Action Karate for three years now, and I have watched him grow into a confident, mature and focused young man. He set his goals to earn his black belt, and will be taking his pre test tomorrow! As is often the case, younger brother also started taking classes, and our amazing instructors have been able to keep him focused as well. I cannot say enough good things about every instructor, and leadership team members. Thank you Action Karate!
Jenna SchieberJenna Schieber
03:55 17 Aug 22
Action Karate Fairmount is amazing! My 4 year old son just loves class and he is gaining confidence. He feels so proud of himself and we are proud of his hard work. The teachers Ms. Jackie, Mr. Justin, Ms. Sandy, and student helpers are so great at balancing positive attitude, structure, support, and discipline. I can’t wait until my little one can join too. It’s definitely the best, most well run kids program we have been involved with (but don’t forget they do an amazing job with teens and adults too!). We will be here for a long time!