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690 Burmont Rd, Drexel Hill, PA, USA

Karate classes in Drexel Hill, PA for children and adults

Action Karate’s karate classes in Drexel Hill, PA are ideal for children and adults. Each session is exciting, fun-filled, and action-packed, leaving you feeling reenergized, stronger, and more confident. Serving children and adults, including students with special needs, Action Karate Drexel Hill caters to age groups ranging from 3 to 103. Take the first step to a more confident you no matter what age or ability you have. Our team of trained and caring instructors is here to help.

When you are looking for karate near Springfield, PA, choose Action Karate Drexel Hill. The classes are designed to teach children important life skills that will equip them with the right physical and mental abilities to handle life’s challenges. For adults, we understand that working out in a gym has its limitations and we guarantee that karate is a much more fun way to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Apart from this, Action Karate’s karate classes in Drexel Hill, PA foster a sense of independence, cooperation, greater balance and flexibility, coordination, and empowering life skills such as leadership. You’ll also enjoy a sense of regained focus plus have a fun time as you work out in a way that helps you destress and reenergize.

Choose Action Karate Drexel Hill irrespective of age or ability levels for a completely fun, extraordinary, and fitness-enhancing workout. You’ll get this and more during each class as the trained instructors also help you reach personal goals you didn’t think you could achieve.

Body strengthening and destressing martial arts in Drexel Hill, PA

The martial arts in Drexel Hill, PA, which is offered by Action Karate is an excellent way to strengthen your body and completely destress. The classes are perfect for children, adults, and special needs students, irrespective of age. With the help and guidance of Action Karate’s trained instructors, you’ll be much better able to deal with life’s challenges and ups and downs as you are taught skills such as self-defense, balance, flexibility, coordination, and more.

The martial arts near Lansdowne, PA are also well-suited for students with special needs. We have students with autism, Down’s syndrome, ADD, ADHD, social anxiety, and more and we help them reach their full potential as they laugh and have fun the whole way through.

Action Karate Drexel Hill’s karate classes near Westbrook Park, PA are also ideal for an out-of-the-box and extraordinary birthday party. The martial arts and karate birthday parties are memorable and extremely fun as your child and their guests will be taught real karate drills and enjoy the celebrations, which culminate in a samurai sword cake-cutting ceremony. Parents can finally relax and sit back as all the planning and preparations are taken care of for them.

If you are looking for martial arts in Drexel Hill, PA, look no further than Action Karate. Our school in Drexel Hill serves the areas of Upper Darby, Springfield, Westbrook, Lansdowne, Clifton Heights, Havertown, and Broomall. To find out more about how we can help you meet your physical goals and help you destress in a fun and energizing way, reach out to us. Action Karate’s friendly team is ready and very happy to be of service to you.


Check What Our Members Are Saying

Taffie BrownTaffie Brown
01:52 11 Jun 23
THINK TWICE!! I just want to warn potential parents who are thinking about this karate class. Please be aware that you will be signing a contract for a YEAR and will be unable to withdrawal your child despite life circumstances. Due to personal reasons including a death of a love one, heath reasons and not working currently I have not been able to take my child to karate. I did share this info with administration and it seemed like they didn’t care. Their response was “it’s a contract” no condolences or anything. No concerns for my child well being either. They don’t care if you show up as long as they get paid!! I do understand it’s a “contract” but life happens and it’s not in my control. So yes just be prepare and make sure nothing happens to you for a year while enrolled. P.S - They only told me to call when it came to billing issues due to credit information changes. However, when I shared with them the reasons to why my child was absent they never seemed concerned. They just said it’s a contract. I just don’t want anyone else to go through this kind of treatment. I guess my child will be back whenever things get better and I’m able to get my child there. For now keep enjoying the free money. Good for you. Too bad for me I guess smh
Bri GBri G
01:39 11 Jun 23
This school is the best in the area it is great for all ages young and older. Also has great instructors and they work well with all ages especially younger ones
Frank ParellFrank Parell
22:14 10 Jun 23
I want to say how impressed I am with Drexel hill AK.The environment soon as you walked in door was a positive one,the encouragement,attention,respect given to every one that walked through the door was amazing.The instructors were very knowledgeable,very detail oriented,their passion for teaching came across so much.each class offered is taught with professionalism,respect for all ages.Last but definitely not least,having met and conversed with one of the owners Andrea gronski.I completely understand why the staff is the way they are and where the environment that is created comes from.Thank you Drexel hill action karate.
Ashley WaldenAshley Walden
22:13 10 Jun 23
This business is one of the best in its area. It has awesome classes for any age, young and old. It’s run by a local and super sweet family. The instructors are so helpful, work efficiently, and are so amazing with everyone. If I could recommend something to get your kids started in, or a hobby to start as an adult yourself, it would be this.
Michael KaloudisMichael Kaloudis
19:59 21 Mar 23
We love bringing our 7 year old son here for classes. Yesterday they had a board breaking event that was awesome and in the Spring we attended a regional tournament at a nearby school.Plus hand written notes praising our son on how he's performing. Our son was so happy when he read the hand written note from. Ms Andrea he was beaming full of pride ear to ear Love it 🥋
Jessica WhitselJessica Whitsel
02:56 10 Dec 21
Both of my kids started their journey with Action Karate a little over three years ago. We originally enrolled them in karate to help one with focus and the other with discipline. Over the years Ms. Andrea and the rest of the team have worked with each kid to achieve their individual goals and needs. It's been wonderful to watch both kids achieve their goals while working on life skills that are also taught. This school is much more than just karate. They cover everything from setting/achieving goals, being kind to others and never giving up. We are so thankful that we found Ms. Andrea, Trooper and their team.
elona shabanielona shabani
21:04 12 Oct 21
My son started karate at the end of 2018. In the beginning he didn’t know what was going on and was not focused. It’s been about three years and he is a different person. His overall discipline and behavior have changed. His overall attitude in karate and the knowledge of martial arts has changed. Instructors are great and they always work with the families. When my son needed a break from karate they didn’t have a problem letting him have one. He was happily welcomed back when he finished taking one. Any questions I have they respond very quickly and always have useful tips and information. Overall is a very great place for karate. They offer adult karate as well.
LaShonda McDanielLaShonda McDaniel
17:20 16 May 21
Excellent, Excellent Karate Center for Children. Every worked is polite and very welcoming. Looking forward to seeing how much my granddaughter learns from Action Karate 🥋