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Every parent wants their child to thrive at home, in life, and in the classroom. At Action Karate, we help your child to uncover their full potential through our fun-filled martial arts lessons. With friendly instructors, we help your child deal with challenges such as bullying through self-defense classes to foster feelings of mutual respect and self-discipline, in addition to physical prowess. At Action Karate, your child will have a safe place to practice martial arts while they engage in a fun activity to enjoy. We believe in the careful balance between fun & fitness as we go through numerous self-defense drills and activities that help your child truly thrive. What’s more, we also offer the perfect place for your child to develop lasting friendships.

How can martial arts help your child?

Wondering what benefits your child will get from attending Action Karate’s kids’ martial arts classes? The answers may surprise you.


A sense of self-respect

First and foremost, your child will start developing a healthy sense of self respect that helps them mature into confident adults.


Ease parent separation anxiety

For the younger children in your family, kids’ martial arts Action Karate offers will help ease parent separation anxiety.



Since we know that bullying can happen at any age, martial arts will build self-confidence and enable your child to stand up to bullies and defend themselves.



One-on-One Introductory Session

2 Group Classes

Free Uniform

* Money-back guarantee


Every child that walks through our door will learn:

  • The value of hard work and discipline
  • They’ll build motor skills
  • Develop hand-eye coordination
  • Improve focus

Basically, everything they need to help them thrive in school, at home, and in life.

Action Karate’s kids’ martial arts classes are also excellent for helping your child improve social skills, helping them get active in their community and communicate well with their peers and others. Enrolling for our classes means:

  • Stronger friendships and personal connections
  • Better communication
  • Active in communities

At Action Karate’s Collingswood center, your child will enjoy a whole variety of benefits through a rewarding activity that’s both physically and mentally beneficial. What makes our kids’ martial art classes stand out is the combination of a whole-body workout and a fun activity that leaves everyone feeling good.

Megan PredinaMegan Predina
18:57 03 Jul 24
20:05 25 Jun 24
Action Karate is a great place! It’s only been a week but I would recommend to anyone interested especially for their child. Sensei Tyrique and Ms. Jessica have been amazing with my daughter. She really likes it so far and showing me she can focus and work as a team!
Salvatore FrattoSalvatore Fratto
16:17 19 Jun 24
Sensei Tariq and Sensei Jaden are phenomenal instructors who do excellent work to help teach, train, and ENCOURAGE students. 100% recommend.
Tierra KingTierra King
09:57 01 May 24
I love action karate!!! From day one the staff was very patient with my son and even made me feel comfortable at put my mind at ease.The first three days i seen an improvement in my 3 year old.
Jenny LeyhJenny Leyh
13:49 23 Mar 24
Action Karate Collingswood is a wonderful martial arts school with amazing instructors! My 7 year-old daughter has been going to AKC for the last year, earning several belts in the process. She’s also had the opportunity to participate in two tournaments which were also a great experiences for her. Sensei Tariq and Sensei Jaden are fabulous instructors who do a great job connecting with their students while teaching them not only martial arts, but the importance of confidence, determination and hard work.
Tifanie PierceTifanie Pierce
02:40 27 Feb 24
This is our first karate experience and I wish we’d had the opportunity sooner! We’ve seen tremendous growth in our child’s self-control, ability to focus, and developing a concept of work and achievement. He values his time with his senseis and truly views them as mentors.
15:18 23 Feb 24
Our son loves Action Karate! The instructors are amazing! They are very professional, knowledgeably, and patient with the students. The environment is always fun and welcoming. They have taught our son focus and discipline. We have enjoyed watching our son become more confident and independent! We are glad we joined and highly recommend!
Jeffrey DoughertyJeffrey Dougherty
15:11 23 Feb 24
My son loves Action Karate. The staff is very professional and does a great job working with each kid encouraging self discipline. Would highly recommend to others looking to join.
15:08 23 Feb 24
My son attends classes here. He’s made such great progress and the instructors are always encouraging the students. Such a great place for kids AND adults! The instructors are great too. I can definitely see a change in my son’s confidence in the class from when he first started.
Kristina KrootKristina Kroot
18:15 21 Feb 24
Absolutely delighted with my daughter's experience at Action Karate in Collingswood! She has been attending classes for a few months, and I can't express enough how much the sensei's genuine care for both the children and the community has made a positive impact. My daughter thoroughly enjoys every class, and we're grateful to be part of such a supportive martial arts community.
Danny LamDanny Lam
17:17 21 Feb 24
Action karate has so much to offer and has been a superb choice for my sons to begin their martial arts journey. What makes Action Karate stand out is the customizable approach that Sensei Tariq and Mr.Jayden use to instruct and encourage each student while in a group setting. They provide strict and firm guidance but are not overbearing and make it fun. They demonstrate a great deal of empathy and students continue to learn valuable lessons on the journey towards success in both karate and life. I have seen an immense improvement in confidence, focus, and stamina in both of my boys.I would highly recommend Action Karate to any parent who is looking for a fun activity in a safe environment for their child to grow physically and mentally.We are so grateful to be apart of Action Karate !
Marisa DiazMarisa Diaz
14:35 21 Feb 24
Sensei Tariq & his crew are really wonderful with the kids. My son is in their ninja sharks program, and he often struggles with mutism and performance anxiety. It speaks volumes that less than 2 months in, he is talking in class and tries to do all the moves. I also really appreciate the diversity among the students and instructors - that’s not always easily found in this area.
Clarrisa Bolden-DunlapClarrisa Bolden-Dunlap
03:25 21 Feb 24
We love this place...our son started from a Halloween giveaway. He has now been enrolled for 3 months and is a yellow belt. His sensei is well educated and hands on with the kids. We're enjoying our journey to the black belt. We joined to learn how to deal with bullies and ended up learning so much more. This maybe the best thing for your child too! Check it out!
Shakera ParkerShakera Parker
01:12 21 Feb 24
My boys have been with Action Karate since July last year and it's been amazing. The instructors are amazing and really care about the kids. This I definitely a great place for kids.
Alicia ThompsonAlicia Thompson
16:23 20 Feb 24
We’ve been at Action Karate for almost six months now. We started when my son turned 4 and my daughter was 6 with the Ninja Sharks program. It’s a great introductory program geared perfectly for that age group. The activities are engaging and fun! Also a great confidence builder. My daughter has since moved up to the White to Red belt program. It’s been so much fun to see her progress. Again, the program is tailored to the age group with more skill based activities. If you are thinking about checking Action Karate out, I highly recommend doing a trial. We did trials at three different places and there was no contest compared to Action!
Beatriz FosterBeatriz Foster
15:11 20 Feb 24
As a parent of children with special needs it’s always difficult to find a place where there is not just understanding, but acceptance and patience. A lot of places may state they work with children with special needs but there is so many varying factors when it comes to needs/support. When a place lacks the understanding and patience, It’s easy to become frustrated because sometimes kids don’t fall right into place with their peers. After initially speaking with Sensei Jaden about the program at Action Karate, I decided to bring my boys in to give it a try. Sensei Tariq and Jaden have been amazing!! They are so patient and work with my boys to meet them at their level all while still pushing them to achieve new skills. I can’t recommend Action Karate Collingswood enough!!
Alex HarcharekAlex Harcharek
14:55 20 Feb 24
Our family loves this karate studio! After trying several others, it was clear that Action Karate was the right vibe for us. Super friendly and fun, not intimidating.The instructors are so kind, knowledgeable, engaging, and patient — especially with the littlest ninjas. You can really tell they are passionate about the craft and about teaching.It’s been amazing to see our kindergarten gain confidence and coordination each week!The classes are quick (~30ish min) but action packed, including time for stretching, practicing new skills, and goal setting. There are plenty of options throughout the week that make scheduling easy, including some Zoom classes.
Mikey IlaganMikey Ilagan
03:43 10 Nov 23
We've been taking out 5yo son here for the past several weeks and even in that short amount of time we've seen such positive changes in him. He's more confident and outgoing. The teachers are especially nice and great with young kids. We look forward to every lesson.
Tiffany ThompsonTiffany Thompson
00:16 03 Oct 23
Action Karate is hands down the best! My son enjoys every bit of learning these self defense techniques. It feels like one big family. Sensei Tarek and Sensei Jaden are great teachers!
Domonique SeagraveDomonique Seagrave
22:05 08 Sep 23
I cant say enough about how amazing and thankful I am to have my boys apart of this team this has been an amazing experience for them both they have really gained confidence and the patience Sensei Tariq and Mr Jaden are amazing teacher they are so patient with the kids as they really care its more then just teaching to them they have taught my kids lessons on life and really helped a lot I appreciate this karate family
Hercedes BlessedHercedes Blessed
22:45 21 Aug 23
Best thing is th@ the teachers r patient with the kids...My family& I luv Sensei Tariq & Sensei Jaden @ Action Katate in Collingswood NJ, They r professionals, easy to talk to, easy peasy all a round! The classes r affordable and they work with families 2 ensure everyone gets a chance 2 get involved! I luv the location, easy 2 find, & its a blessed location as well! So glad I met them!💜
Nicole TuckerNicole Tucker
03:37 12 Aug 23
These truly talented and caring instructors and the welcoming environment the created have made a huge impact in our lives. So amazing to see how much they reach their students. Absolutely a wonderful experience.
Karen SantiagoKaren Santiago
23:50 10 Aug 23
Truthfully, I do not know anything about karate. But I read about Action Karate and I really liked their approach and positive reinforcement so although I live in Philadelphia, I decided to register my grandson at the Collingswood action karate because it’s close to his mothers home. My grandson is a little unsettled due to the recent death of his father, so I was looking for something that could get him involved and active and work on his self control. Although, he’s only been to about six classes. I am already impressed at the very professional way the instructors deal with the students and the way they do so much positive reinforcement. I am glad I chose Action Karate Collingswood.
Rachel DaleyRachel Daley
02:52 25 May 23
Absolutely the best! Sensei Tariq and Mr. Jaden are amazing with students of all ages. They really care and are incredibly patient, always taking the time to focus on each student's individual needs. Everyone we have met at Action Karate has been great. Starting this program has been one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself and my children. It has made such a huge difference in our lives by building confidence, developing resilience, teaching respect and getting us in shape. I can't recommend them highly enough. You should definitely give Action Karate Collingswood a try - you won't regret it!
Jennifer RailaJennifer Raila
17:54 14 May 23
My son has been with Action Karate Collingswood since January of 2023 and he is loving it!! He has moved up two belts and been able to participate in a tournament already in these 5 months since. The instructors at Action Karate are top notch and you can really see they have a genuine passion for what they do! They also continue to learn and train and compete themselves. They are kind with the students and always push them to do their best. I also love that they have different t options for classes to fit a busy schedule. They have varying times available at each skill level and offer Zoom and On Demand options as well. Go check out a class now!!
Donna BostonDonna Boston
23:27 22 Feb 23
Sensei Tariq has a special gift. It is a combination of being a highly qualified martial arts artist and physical expertise. Tariq provides a safe non competitive program that builds character development and strong morals. I have witnessed the perseverance, love, and joy of learning reflected in the members who have joined his classes. Tariq is patient and his classes are fun!
Sara HarronSara Harron
21:09 21 Feb 23
Action Karate has been a wonderful experience for our children. Starting at a young age they are learning valuable skills in confidence, self control, discipline, and teamwork. All the instructors are wonderful and the kids always have fun! We are so glad Action Karate came to Collingswood!
Sara BergSara Berg
20:36 21 Feb 23
Action Karate is great. We signed up our son because we wanted something that would get his energy out, while teaching him confidence and self-control. This checks all the boxes. Sensei Tariq is amazing with the kids. He keeps them active, focused and having fun. My son really loves it here.
Veronica TysonVeronica Tyson
19:18 21 Feb 23
Action Karate has an amazing program. It has helped my little shark with focusing and following instructions, which is a part of being disciplined. I can tell the amazing changes in our daily lives.Thank you, Sensei Tarik
Alison SmithAlison Smith
18:31 21 Feb 23
Sensei Tariq is extremely personable and high energy which is what my teenager needs and is responding to. We have witnessed tremendous growth in our son's physical ability, including strength and he is exuding much more confidence from his positive experience at the dojo. I highly recommend Action karate to other families that are looking for their children to have a positive physical outlet while mastering their martial arts training!
Jessica DuffyJessica Duffy
18:02 21 Feb 23
Action Karate is the Best! My daughter has been enrolled since December 2022 and her confidence has been boosted. She’s a different child. Sensei Tariq has helps my daughter come out of her shell. He’s teaching her discipline and respect while having fun. I highly recommend training with action!!!! Team Action Rocks…oooo yeah!!

Exceptional children’s martial arts classes for exceptional results

It doesn’t matter what age your child is, we offer martial arts classes for children of all ages. Here’s a glimpse at how we break down different age groups and what key outcomes and benefits your child will experience.

Ninja Sharks: Ages 3-7

  • Increased self-discipline
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Increased resilience
  • Developed leadership skills
  • Greater levels of self-confidence

White to Red Belt: Ages 7-Teens

  • Enhanced emotional regulation
  • Socialization and communication
  • Improved stress management


  • Improved sleep quality
  • Reduced risk of chronic disease
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Excellent weight management

Take control of your physical and emotional well-being today!

Our team is ready to help

Action Karate has your every need covered with exceptional care and attention to your child and their unique needs. Our instructors’ experience is impressive and extensive and they’ve helped hundreds of children become the best possible version of themselves.

We take great pride in knowing that we are an important part of your child’s journey. Helping them grow into healthy and mature adults who can handle everything life throws at them, our team is here for you, ready to help at every step of the way.

Count on our certified instructors to help your child every step of the way

At Action Karate, we put your child in the safe and capable hands of our certified instructors who have years of experience in teaching kids martial arts classes. The instructors are friendly and create a fun and safe environment that helps children thrive. When it comes to choosing the best kids martial arts in Collingswood, you’ve come to the right place.

Where can you find us

How to Find Us

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