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Learn self-defense and boost your confidence with karate in Cinnaminson, NJ

Self-defense is a critical ability that both children and adults can benefit from. This skill boosts everyone’s ability to deal with the pervasive challenge of bullying and empowers students to deal with challenging situations in life. Whether you are looking for karate in Cinnaminson, NJ for yourself, your child, or a special needs loved one, Action Karate Cinnaminson is the perfect place where you can discover your full physical and mental potential.

Action Karate’s martial arts center in Cinnaminson offers both development of physical strength, fitness, and health alongside developing fine motor skills, spatial awareness, social-emotional learning and a lot more. Adults will be able to benefit from a high-energy and stimulating environment where they’ll be pushed to discover their real potential. If you’ve always wanted to sculpt your body, get in shape, and get stronger, the martial arts program is ideal for you. The drills and techniques that you will learn will empower you to do your best as they help you destress, regain focus, and reenergize.

If you are a parent in Cinnaminson, NJ looking for kids’ activities that are both indoors and fun, Action Karate Cinnaminson will be your child’s new favorite happy place. At the Action Karate center, your child will learn skills such as self-defense and coordination, while boosting their flexibility and coordination. All of the drills covered are aimed at helping children channel their energy productively and positively in a warm, safe, and caring environment.

For karate in Cinnaminson, NJ - whether for adults, children, or special needs students - don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

Cinnaminson, NJ martial arts that offer variety, fun, and a positive environment

Action Karate’s Cinnaminson, NJ martial arts center is a place where children from as young as 3 can start boosting their confidence and ability to enjoy greater balance and coordination as well as flexibility and strength. Give your child the gift of health and fitness alongside critical emotional skills such as leadership, communication, and cooperation.

Action Karate’s martial arts school near Riverton, NJ is also ideal for special needs students. Offering karate classes near Palmyra, NJ for students with autism, Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, ADHD, ADD, social anxiety, and more. The friendly and caring team of instructors is more than happy to offer individualized, one-on-one, or group classes to students of all ages and ability levels to help unlock every student’s potential.

With martial arts near Palmyra, NJ, parents can also give their child the memorable gift of a karate birthday party where real martial arts drills will be taught to your child and their guests. You can leave the planning and coordination to us as we look after every detail in a value-add, budget-friendly way. The Cinnaminson, NJ martial arts birthday parties also peak with the samurai sword cake-cutting ceremony, which is an experience that will not be forgotten.

With Action Karate’s school in Cinnaminson, NJ 08077, we also serve the adjacent areas of Riverton, NJ 08076, Riverton, NJ 08077, Palmyra, NJ 08065, and Maple Shade, NJ 08052. Whatever your or your child’s personal health and fitness goals may be, give them the gift that keeps on giving and equip them with skills that will set them up for success in life. Self-disciplined children become more confident and responsible individuals. The greatest gift you can offer your child.


Check What Our Members Are Saying

Rhonda JoyceRhonda Joyce
01:29 11 May 23
Our daughter, Autumn, began her Action Karate journey during the pandemic in Spring 2020. She was a very active and social child and needed an outlet for her energy after being socially isolated and confined by the lockdown. She immediately built a rapport with her instructors, Ms Frannie and Mr. McQuade, and enjoyed participating with other students via zoom. She worked on her stretches, katas, and self defense moves. She especially enjoyed Terrific Thursday events and getting valuable advice from the lesson of the week. The Action Karate instructors including Ms.Barb, Ms. Marla and Mr. Weller modeled discipline, commitment, and enjoyed learning so much that Autumn convinced her dad to join too.As parents we appreciated her commitment to her new-found self discipline, which included making her own bed, picking out her own clothes and sitting down to do her homework each afternoon upon arriving home. Through Action Karate Autumn has learned to develop a strong work ethic and realize that it is ok to struggle and not give up. Her face completely lit up when she was selected to join the Black Belt Leadership Group and got to wear the red gi.Autumn has grown stronger both physically and mentally through her journey. She still loves working with Mr. Timin on zoom and also going to the dojo and working with Mr. Gavin and Mr. Fred. We are so proud of her for building her confidence, developing core values of honesty, commitment and grit while maintaining her enthusiasm, creativity and spirit.Thank you Action Karate!Michael and Rhonda Joyce
Joseph BittngJoseph Bittng
00:23 10 May 23
Our son has grown so much in the past 3 years at action karate. It has helped his focus and his confidence. They are always so friendly and responsive.
Brittany UlrichBrittany Ulrich
20:52 04 Nov 22
My son has been going to Action for almost 3 years. He has grown so much since starting karate. He has become much more confident. He used to be very nervous to do anything in front of a group but now he volunteers to lead the student creed and katas. Our whole family has been welcomed into the Action Karate family and we all enjoy going to the community events that Action hosts like Trunk-or-Treat or parents night out.
Colleen AngeloneColleen Angelone
00:44 04 Nov 22
3 years ago my son started his journey with Action Karate Cinnaminson. He previously tried some sports, but they just weren’t his thing. He loved being out with his friends on the field, but never got into the sport itself and had difficulty focusing on the game. We gave karate a try and we found his calling. He is not the athletic type, but with the mental and physical training he has come a long way. Things I never thought possible for him, he has crushed. He brings home and applies everything he learns. He will be the first one to tell you that you can do anything with self discipline and perseverance. Let’s just say his vocabulary has expanded as well. We are grateful to be part of the Action Karate Family.
Judy PlunkettJudy Plunkett
12:58 04 Aug 22
We joined Action Karate Cinnaminson a little over a month ago and our daughter LOVES it! The environment is family oriented and very welcoming. Our daughter was very shy at the beginning and in a short period of time we have seen her confidence bloom! She has already stood in front of the class twice to recite the creed. The instructors are very positive! We are very glad that we signed her up with Action Karate Cinnaminson. They are a wonderful group!Judy PlunkettAugust 4
omar mielesomar mieles
18:18 28 Jul 22
I recently signed up my son Anthony to Action Karate and I haven't regretted one moment of my decision. My family was welcomed by Miss Kim so warmly on our initial visit as we informed her of the reasons why we were there for our son, Anthony. He needed focus, discipline and confidence and in a few weeks, thanks to the great instructors, we have seen Anthony grow, whether its taking initiative, being patient, confident to perform in front of others and perserverence. My wife and I are very happy with our time with Action Karate where you can learn self defense and have fun while you do it..5 stars.
Tanya RipleyTanya Ripley
17:14 29 Apr 22
My son has been at Action for 9 years (he is 13) and my daughter (she is 9) for 6 years now. It has been a home away from home for my kids for most of their lives. My son will be testing for his Black belt in June. He earned his junior Black belt 3 years and now is trying to accomplish the next step. My daughter will be testing for her junior Black belt in June.Action has been a great place for the kids from the beginning. The staff is very inviting and will meet you wherever you are with your interests and concerns. What I really like about Action, having a profession in Special Education, is that they are very inclusive to ALL children and go above and beyond to make it a positive experience for ALL children. I don't think there are many places that would work with some of the students/families I have seen come to Action. Action also from the being of the Pandemic allowed students to continue with karate which has made my children's opportunity to test in June still possible which I greatly appreciate.My children have grown in many ways over the years in their development and attending Action I feel has played a role in this development. I feel both kids have learned to make a commitment over years to accomplishing a goal and sticking with it which is emphasized at Action. I recommend any family considering starting karate with their children to step foot in Action because I know you will not be disappointed.
Michael LudlowMichael Ludlow
00:14 19 Mar 22
All three of our daughters have been taken Karate at Action for several months now, all three have now earned their next belt. They are building their confidence while learning self defense and a sense of achievement.It’s good to see them away from the television, computers or cell phones. They are learning to interact with other children and make friends. The instructors are excellent with the kids and constantly encourage them. The kids earn what they achieve, nothing is handed to them.I highly recommend Action Karate for anyone thinking of enrolling.
John VadsethJohn Vadseth
01:17 06 Nov 20
Update November 2020: Here we are, almost 7 years after our son started coming here. He will be testing for his senior black belt in December, and Mr McQuade and Mr Brenner can take a lot of credit for that. They encouraged my son to continue when he wanted to quit, they've been hard on him, but always fair. In a year with many restrictions, they came up with solutions so students could continue their progress toward a higher rank. As I said before, they treat you like family - always friendly and accommodating. There is no other place I would want my son to have earned his black belt. ASAH!===========================================================My son has been a part of the Action Karate family since January 2014. It's been a great journey, in a place who treats everyone walking through that door like family. For our son it's been a journey of learning respect/self respect, discipline/self discipline, building confidence and physical strength. Mr. Brenner and Mr. McQuade do an awesome job - great martial artists and human beings. In addition I want to mention all the "volunteer" instructors - they all do a great job, for us personally Ms. Mary has been a great help. Thank you all for how you have treated my son and us over the past three and a half years. ASAH!
Kimberly MatadobraKimberly Matadobra
22:40 06 Jul 20
My son (Zakk age 11) took the White Belt Challenge during his time at home because of COVID-19 stay at home. He did Zoom live classes and some pre-recorded classes. He loved it. The instructors were great. He learned some karate moves, but also self-discipline, focus and confidence. The only reason we are not continuing with Action Karate is because they are not close to us. However the staff has gotten him excited to learn more so we are enrolling him in a school close by us so he can continue. Thanks Action Karate staff! He even did the class while we were camping.