Every parent wants the best for their child. And no one recognizes this better than we at Action Karate. Offering martial arts classes for kids in Chalfont, this is the place where your child will discover their true potential. Being considered one of the best martial arts schools for kids, we teach children of all ages and ability levels, catering to their unique and different learning styles.

Whether you are looking for character development programs for kids in Chalfont or extracurricular activities for kids, we’re the go-to martial arts school where your child will absolutely thrive. We foster the development of spatial skills such as balance, flexibility and coordination. We also foster self-discipline and teach self-defense techniques. All these benefits combined are achieved through our martial arts classes for kids in Chalfont. It’s time to give your child the gift of martial arts that will stay with them for a lifetime.

The immense benefits of attending a kids' martial arts school

Practicing martial arts comes with dozens of health and fitness benefits for children. In fact, just some of the benefits of our kids' martial arts school your child will enjoy include:


Improved coordination, balance, and agility

Through martial arts, your child will develop the ability to move gracefully and precisely, stay steady on their feet, and react quickly to their surroundings.


Increased strength and fitness

Martial arts training will help your child grow stronger, fitter, and more resilient.


Enhanced body awareness and spatial skills

By practicing martial arts, your child will become more aware of their body’s position and movement in space.



One-on-One Introductory Session

2 Group Classes

Free Uniform

* Money-back guarantee

Is martial arts good for kids?

When you enroll your child in Action Karate’s kids’ martial arts program, you are giving them the best in terms of physical and personal development. Watch as your child’s full potential is revealed through our kids’ self-defense lessons in Chalfont. Our martial arts classes offer:

  • Discipline and respect training for kids
  • Building self-esteem through martial arts
  • Character development and respect through combat sports

Each of these mental and physical benefits play an undeniable role in training the leaders of tomorrow. Enroll your child in Action Karate’s kids’ martial arts program today.

Choosing to enroll your child in martial arts is like giving them a gift that will last a lifetime. You’re helping them develop into physically and mentally strong individuals with important leadership skills that can help shape them for success in life, at home and in the classroom. The benefits of a kids’ martial arts school are undeniable. Get started today!

Danielle LaveryDanielle Lavery
21:03 18 Jan 24
We began here when we moved to the area and my girls have thrived. The staff is so wonderful and accommodating to all the kids needs. I’ve seen such strides in both my girls confidence levels and social skills since starting. I highly recommend!!
Jennifer HareJennifer Hare
17:01 23 Oct 23
My son Kiernan has been at Action Karate for almost 3 years and is testing for his black belt this December. He loves it here and enjoys all the different weapons. All of the instructors are very attentive and make class fun and engaging. He has grown so much from classes and is definitely more focused and disciplined. He struggled with some attentive deficiencies and Action Karate has helped him tremendously with this over the years. He looks forward to hopefully joining the demo team next year.
Tram LeTram Le
03:14 22 Oct 23
Tiago has been taking classes at Action Karate for over three years. He initially started in the ninja shark program so that he can be active and learn something new. Then he moved onto the junior class and joined black belt leadership. Since he started at Action Karate his self-confidence has grown and he has become more disciplined and focused. Doing karate has not only helped him physically but it has made him mentally stronger. He pushes himself and doesn’t let himself quit. I’m so proud of how far he’s come and would highly recommend Action Karate.
L SchwinghammerL Schwinghammer
01:25 22 Oct 23
My name is Lucy and I've been a student here since May 2021. At first, I was very confused about how to have proper form and remember names of kicks, combinations, and self defenses. I remember how shy I was on the day of my first class.As I progressed, my instructors were excellent teachers and helped me improve. I have met many friends here at Action and have made a lot of memories from events such as Trunk or Treat and movie night.Now, it is October 2023 and I am currently testing for my 1st degree senior black belt. I have improved my mindset, goal-making, confidence, strength, power, and focus. I can't wait to continue my journey as a black belt and all that awaits me.
Bijal PanwalaBijal Panwala
14:50 19 Oct 23
Zara Action Karate ReviewWe moved here in 2018 and enrolled Zara at Goddard Chalfont. During the schools summer camp, Mr. M of Action Karate came and taught the kids some basics of martial arts for a week as a special activity. Once the summer ended we asked Zara if she enjoyed it and wanted to keep doing it. We then officially enrolled her as a student and she began her journey with martial arts at the age of 4.She worked her way up the white belt ranks from Ninja Sharks to Jr Sharks where she was able to use her skills to train with weapons and later join the “Swat Program”. She has now earned two patches in the program.She is now working towards earning her black belt as well as her Swat certification. Action Karate has helped her in developing her leadership skills as well her skills to help others in need and become a positive role model for those around her.We highly recommend Action Karate for anyone looking to learn new skills, self defenses, and improve their self confidence.
Maheshwar KyadariMaheshwar Kyadari
14:01 07 Oct 23
We are the parents of Samantha Co Kyadari. She is aiming and working hard for her Jr Black Belt promotion this December. Our daughter started joining the Karate 2 years ago we can say that it has made an impact on her attitude. As she is growing she needs to be disciplined in every aspect and how to be confident and well spoken, having to know a good relationship with other people and community. Mr. M and his Teams are the best in instructing my daughter and other kids . They are really helping and encouraging to be the best. Action Karate is a good place to nourish the kids mentally and physically to prepare their journey to life. Asahhh Action Karate! Thank you for all you do! KYADARI Family.More power to you and Team!
Chad GarsonChad Garson
11:53 27 Apr 23
Action Karate Chalfont has been amazing for our family. My son started classes when he was 4. He earned his Junior Blackbelt and now at age 10 is testing for his Senior Blackbelt. My daughter has earned her Senior Blackbelt and is now working at the studio. Both are on the Demo team. Everytime a new opportunity arises both children want to take on the new challenge. I even started taking classes with my children. The 2 classes a week are quality time we get to spend together while getting stronger, both physically and mentally. Action Kararte Chalfont truly fosters a family environment while tailoring to everyone's needs and abilities. Would highly reccomend to anyone looking for an activity for their children, themselves or both!
Lisa BrassellLisa Brassell
14:34 23 Apr 23
My daughter has had a great experience at Action Karate Chalfont. Karate has really improved her confidence and strength. The instructors have been nothing but supportive and really take the time to get to know each student so they can help them succeed with karate and in their home and school life as well. Grit, responsibility, and most of all respect are just a few of the great skills my daughter has learned from Action Karate Chalfont.
Michael McCoyMichael McCoy
20:54 21 Apr 23
It feels like yesterday when Nate was taking his junior black belt test and the pride I felt then was incredible, imagine how I feel now as he is working on his Senior Black Belt....... at age 13 :)I remember Nate when he was only 7, shy and lacking confidence, not wanting to join any sports groups, there was no shot at football, no way was he joining baseball and a big no to hockey (which killed me were a Flyers family).Then we met Mrs. Sue at A Day and it all changed, Nate followed a path which built his confidence, brought him out of his shell (mostly), let him grow into a good, healthy and caring person.The pride I feel is just overwhelming and my mind races with thoughts of what his future will be with the background he is developing, all with the help of Mr. M, his staff, the instructors, junior instructors and all his Karate piers fills my life with love.Thank you to all of you!
Vicki TuzVicki Tuz
18:29 21 May 22
Love love love Action Karate Chalfont! The McCreery family and instructors turned around a focus and self-discipline struggle with our then 8 year old son. Action Karate taught us (parents and child) so many great life lessons in addition to defense and exercise. After a few years my other son and I also joined and we all worked side-by-side earning our belts. 9+ years later we continue to recommend Action Karate Chalfont for children and adults.
Mark KushnirMark Kushnir
16:48 21 May 22
Action Karate Chaldont is a great place to learn Karate. My son, wife and myself all have our black belt and it was a great experience. Action Karate Chalfont help transform my son into a more confident and focused individual.
Detweiler FamilyDetweiler Family
16:59 29 Apr 22
Our son Parker started his junior Black Belt journey at Action Karate Chalfont when he was six. He quickly became invested in karate and decided it was a sport he loved. He joined the Black Belt Leadership Program at the orange belt level. Parker has enjoyed the journey to junior Black Belt including going to tournaments. Karate has made him stronger (mentally and physically), more focused, and more confident. He is looking forward to the next steps in his journey, including joining the Demo Team. Thank you, Action Karate Chalfont team, Mr. McCreery, Mr. M, Ms. Danielle, Ms. Sue, Mr. S, and the many others who have helped Parker along the way. We would recommend Action Karate-Chalfont!
Michael McCoyMichael McCoy
14:08 03 Nov 20
Nate is my 4th child and younger by 17 years to his closest sibling. My wife and I have tried to get him involved in ice hockey, football and baseball but he never really wanted to get involved in any team sport. Although he loved the computer and the games and he does do well in school but he was never really focused on extra curricular team activity. Since being at Action Karate for the last 3 years Nate has become much more confident, focused, attentive and respectful. He still acts like a 10 year old but now a confident and a little more restrained 10 year old. :)
Helene RobertsHelene Roberts
11:36 18 Apr 18
My son Felix started his Black Belt journey at Action Karate Chalfont when he was eight. He knew quickly that karate was something he would like to stick with. He joined the Black Belt Leadership Program at the orange belt level. Felix loves karate and has enjoyed the journey to Black Belt. Karate has made him stronger, more focused, and much more confident. He has made friends in karate that he will have for many years. He is looking forward to the next steps in his journey, including joining the Junior Demo Team and earning his Senior Black Belt. Thank you, Action Karate, Mr. McCreery, Mr. M, Ms. Danielle, Ms. Sue, Ms. Shelly, and the many others who have helped Felix since he started. We are big fans of Action Karate (did I mention that I am a student as well?).
Bruce LeibowitzBruce Leibowitz
18:12 03 May 17
Black BeltAbout two and a half years ago my baseball coach recommended to me and my parents that I might want to try karate as he and his family have been involved in karate for several years and they really enjoy it. As soon as I took my first class I was hooked. The instructors are very helpful and encourage all the students to do their best. Karate takes a lot of hard work, practice and determination. I always look forward to attending classes at least twice per week and I am a member of the SWAT team (helping out the ninja sharks class). I have made a lot of new friends and have even gotten some of my school friends to join karate. It’s hard to believe that I will be testing for my junior black belt. My karate goal for the future is to become a member of the Demo team and continue my karate education.Daniel Leibowitz — Action Karate New Britain May 3, 2017 at 11:36 am

Offering kids' self-defense lessons in Chalfont for various age groups

Whether you are looking for after school activities for your child or they are still not attending school, there’s no better time than right now to enroll your child in kids' self-defense lessons in Chalfont. Apart from the self-defense skills they will learn, they will also be able to enjoy important health, fitness, and mental benefits that will help them as they develop into young adults. Our program is perfect for children of all ages, including:

Early ages (3-7 years old)

  • Focus and concentration
  • Self-discipline
  • Physical coordination
  • Teamwork
  • Decision-making

School-aged children (8-12 years old)

  • Self-defense
  • Physical fitness
  • Goal setting
  • Mental toughness
  • Leadership skills

Teenagers (13+ years old)

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Reduced risk of chronic disease
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Excellent weight management
  • Increased social interaction

Take control of your physical and emotional well-being today!

Count on our certified martial arts instructors for safety and experience

When you enroll your child in Action Karate’s martial arts program, you can rest assured that classes are led only by certified martial arts instructors who have undergone rigorous training and possess the knowledge to teach techniques safely. Whether it’s to encourage personal growth or goal-setting, they are friendly, experienced, and passionate about karate and create a safe, fun, and welcoming environment that fosters the spirit of sportsmanship. With certified martial arts instructors at your child’s side, you can rest assured and enjoy complete confidence and peace of mind that your child will be safe and always finish every class with a big smile on their face.

Are you looking for martial arts for kids near you?

If you are looking for martial arts for kids near you, Action Karate is the perfect place to sign up your child for martial arts classes. With us, your child will be thoroughly engaged in mastering techniques in a safe and welcoming environment. And with the help of our instructors, they will also learn important and valuable life skills such as ways of preventing bad habits and potential injuries. If you have recognized the need for building confidence in your kids, then Action Karate is the ideal choice. So, when you’re searching for a fully-rounded martial arts experience, look no further. Action Karate offers martial arts for kids near you and as an accessible and child-friendly environment, you can rest assured that your child will absolutely thrive.

Where can you find us?

Conveniently situated at 1000 Easton Road, Chalfont, PA 18914, USA, Action Karate Chalfont empowers children of all ages and skill levels from surrounding communities like New Britain, Doylestown, and Furlong with a dynamic and enriching martial arts experience that fosters confidence, discipline, and a lifelong love for physical activity.

How to Find Us

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