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Instructor Certification FAQ

Our Instructor Certification frequently asked questions can help you decide if Instructor Certification is right for you, which certification to choose, and what you can do with your certification one you’ve completed your Instructor Certification.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let’s talk!  215-355-5003.

What is Instructor Certification?

Action Karate offers a range of instructor certification programs designed to help you on  your martial arts journey, strengthen your own skills and learn the skills to teach martial arts and transform the lives of others.

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to continue your education, we have at raining that will fit your needs.

I’m new to martial arts, can I do Instructor Certification?

Yes!  At Action Karate, we believe that all levels of martial artists can benefit from our Instructor Certifications.  Our programs are designed to help you on your martial arts journey to Black Belt and beyond.  All is takes is an open mind and an empty cup.

I’m not sure I want to teach martial arts; is Instructor Certification right for me?

Absolutely!  Instructor Certification is an amazing way to transform your own skills and deepen your knowledge of martial arts.  The desire to teach is not essential to the experience.

How old do I need to be to participate in Instructor Certification?

For most of our certifications you need to be 16 years or older.  Our Jr. Certification is designed for students as young as 8.

How often do you hold Instructor Certification?

A variety of our certifications are on a rolling schedule throughout the year, however each individual class only comes up once every 12 months.

Who leads Instructor Certifications?

Our lead instructors for our certifications are all Action Karate school owners and developers.

What is the time commitment outside of the scheduled certification?

Outside of the scheduled certification, we recommend at least one class a week to put your training into practice.

I have a full time job; can I still fit this into my schedule?

Yes.  We understand enrolling in Instructor Certification is a commitment and you are not alone.  We’ll work with you and your schedule to ensure you feel set up for success during your training.